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15-05-2007, 23:35
My local GW has decided to start a Mordheim campaign in the upcoming weeks, soooo Ive decided that I want to be apart of it >.>

I been looking through the ancient scrolls and decided to go for an undead army, more notablly::::

1 Vampire
-Heavy Armour, Helmet, Shield, Bow, 2x Swords

1 Necromancer
-Helmet, Bow, Spear

5 Ghouls

2 Zombies

The question Im basically trying to ask is::: Be this an ok list to start of with or should I go back to the drawing board???

16-05-2007, 01:15
Vampires ignore the Stunned result so a Helmet is pointless. Shields are just a waste as is pretty much any armour. Drop the Heavy Armour and Shield, you have T4 and W2, that's survivable enough.

Necromancers can't wear armour and cast spells so ditch the Helmet.

That should be enough to buy 3 Dregs. You need as many Heroes as possible in Mordheim to bring in cash. Give them Clubs as far as weapons are concerned. Cheap and effective.

16-05-2007, 19:02
Thanks for the info

Ive amended my list abit and this is what Ive got now::

Vampy - 130
-Sword, Axe, Shield

Necro - 48

3 Dregs (35 a piece = 105)
-Sword, Axe

5 Ghouls - 200

Total - 400

We've had a few practice games to get used to the rules and so far this army has worked brilliantly well --- though any more critiques will always be welcome

Oh and this is another warband Im thinking of using (because theres only a few of us were thinking of using a couple of warbands each:::


1 Captian - 80
-Sword, Bow

2 Champions - (55 a piece = 110)
-Sword, Bow

2 Young Bloods - (35 a piece = 70)
-Sword, Bow

3 Marksman - (50 a piece = 150)
-Sword, Longbow

2 Marksmen - (45 a piece = 90)
-Sword, Bow


16-05-2007, 23:20
Axes are pointless, since good players will not buy any form of armour. Go for maces or hammers as they are cheap and effective. Swords are not as good as they may sound. Certainly not on high WS Characters, who need to beat at least a roll of 4 to parry successful attacks made on them. So only a roll of 5 on their part will actually parry a blow, a roll of 6 being impossible to parry.

For the Reiklanders: Equip Marksmen with Crossbows and put them on rooftops to maximise their good shooting skills. Kit out the Captain with a brace of pistols, a sword and a mace. Do not buy swords.