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Slaaneshi Slave
16-05-2007, 16:00
I have always loved the idea of Epic Orks. 40k Orks, whilst fun have never done the race justice (why overrun the base with 100 Orks when you can have a thousand?), so I thought it was time I started a small Epic Ork army (small because I don't know anybody who plays). To this end I have bought a Space Marine Ork Invasion set from ebay, which should be winging its way to me as we speak. I know these are very old models, but they are the era which first attracted me to Epic Orks, so I thought it was worth getting.

Does anybody have any clue what is in the box? All I know is there are 300 figures in the box (which is about 60 stands, I believe, although some will undoubtably be vehicles), and its all plastic. Where can I find pictures of those figures? I have searched and searched, and can only find pictures on more recent models (Armageddon).

16-05-2007, 18:29
The best info that I could find was this


16-05-2007, 19:17
I have a few of those, hold on...

{sound of Gilbear getting up and walking to the cupboard}


Ah, there they are!

{Sound of Gilbear returning}

Each box had (has?) the following:

10 Ork Standard Bearers
10 Ork Boarboyz
10 Ork Warbosses
20 Stormboys (these are armoured Orks, not ones with jetpacks!)
20 Wildboys
20 Ork Madboyz
160 Ork Boyz
20 Gretchin (these have blunderbusses, not the new ones with autoguns)
20 Ork Nobs
40 Orks with Heavy Plasma Guns
10 War Buggies
10 Warbikes
10 Ork Traktor Beams (cannon mounted on a wheeled chassis, looks like a Big Gun)

Slaaneshi Slave
16-05-2007, 21:38
Thanks a lot guys! I have just one more question though. Are the figures very good? I know a lot of the older models are not particularly good, but what of these?

16-05-2007, 23:19
All the Invasion box's models are identical to the new ones with the following exceptions:

> Wildboys
These have new metal versions based on the original Ork Boyz. The Wildboys in the Invasion box have an axe and a shield. Personally, I think they work fine/better as Feral Orks, and you can mix them in with regular boys if you need to make your Feral Ork Boyz stands go a bit further.

> Ork Madboyz
These are not available at all anymore, and have no place in the new lists (AFAIK). However, they are just a running Ork waving two bolt pistols, so you can either mix them into your Boyz stands for variety, use them as unarmoured Nobz, or halve them and use them as vehicle crew. they are very useful for conversions though (yes, epic conversions!).

> Stormboys
These are the old "German WW1/WW2" style Orks which have no jump packs. They can be easily added with a couple of small lengths of dowelled sprue if you like. If not, they make great 'Ardboyz or can again be distributed throughout your Boyz stands for that rabble-look.

> Gretchin
The new ones come in three flavours; two with autoguns and one with an autopistol and knife. The one in the Invasion box are all one pose and have a shotgun/blunderbuss. TBH, if you have any of the newer Gretchin, mix them up as they benefit from looking untidy. You can probably get away with a decent paintjob if not. Otherwise, you can use them as-is or as Gunz/Gargant/vehicle crew.

> War Buggies
These are old and really quite small. I like them myself, but trimmed the gunner and gun off each one, replacing it with a new gun and gunner from the newer metal versions. I dare say if you fancied such a conversion without the metal parts you could easily put a heavy weapon trooper on the back instead. Either way, they aren't terrible models and it is clear what they represent.

> Ork Traktor Beams
These have changed a bit, and the newest version is more like a cannon on a two-wheeled chassis. The Invasion box's version is mounted on a sturdier carriage of four (?) wheels (hard to tell, but more than two!).

So there you are. Most of the models are identical to the new ones, and the older ones actually add charcter (gasp!) to your army or can be used for conversions quite easily. :)

17-05-2007, 16:52
Just how much Ork infantry do you experienced Epic players use?

I've recently began collecting an Ork army myself, and simultaneously an Imperial Guard army, and I find I really enjoy painting infantry, particularly Orks and Grots. Right now I have eight bases of Ork Boyz, four Grotz and four Nobz.

I'm planning to make it a 'Big Warband' by including four more Boyz, two Nobz (one with Ork Warlord+Standard recently purchased through Ebay), four Stormboyz (two more left to do) and four Kommandos. With the plastic troopers all done with, I'll move on to metal.

Slaaneshi Slave
17-05-2007, 16:59
I don't play Epic, and likely never will (lack of players), but my plan was the best part of a thousand foot troops, supported by a hundred or so vehicles, and several gargants.

17-05-2007, 18:24
You can see some lists that were used in tournament with orks from my page (click on results, it will have links to lists as well)


17-05-2007, 20:07
my epic orks are huge! Someday I hope to field all of them in a titantic slaughterfest!!! here's some of the list....

Da Red Hedz (freeboota warband) 680 pts
2 stands nobz 2 stands nobz 2 stands stormboyz 2 killa kans
6 stands boyz 4 stands boyz 5 stands kommandos dread
2 stands grots 3 stands grots 2 big gunz
Bone Choppaz (goff big warband) 875 pts
4 stands nobz 2 stands nobz 3 gunwagon tanks
12 stands boyz 4 stands stormboyz
4 stands grots 2 battle fortress war engines

Moon Killaz (bad moon big warband) 715 pts
4 stands nobz 2 stands nobz 2 stompas
12 stands boyz 3 killa kans 2 dreads
4 stands grots

Dargluk’s Looterz (deathskull warband) 400 pts
2 stands nobz 5 big gunz
6 stands boyz stompa
2 stands grots

Big Dag’s Devils (evil sunz warband) 530 pts
2 stands nobz 1 stand nobz 5 battlewagon transports
6 stands boyz 2 stands stormboyz 2 gunwagon tanks
2 stands grots

Fire Skarz (big kult of speed) 520 pts
8 stands bikes gunwagon w/big mek
7 buggies/traks gunwagon w/big mek

Mijjit Mork and Da Big Runtz ( stompa mob) 625 pts
5 stompas super stompa

Boss ‘Ardnutz (great Gargant) 850 pts

Da Devil of Croggoth VI (gargant) 650 pts