View Full Version : AAHHH!!!! 50 sq ft. of foam core and no floor plan!!!

17-05-2007, 21:42
ok, so i acquired 50 sq feet of foam core, i have exacto's, glue, composite board to base with, and plenty of inspiration, but im trying to make sure that it doesnt go to waste as my previous projects did (the wrong scale ruinned everything). does any one have any ideas on a good way to make blue prints for terrian buildings. BTW, i am of the heretic legion that plays 28mm, so please advise accordingly.

17-05-2007, 22:10
Get a hot wire cutter and carve yourself some 54mm figures.

17-05-2007, 23:04
Get yourself a big sheet of paper - A3 or so - and use it to draw walls on. This is your template. Do many of these. Place on top of the foamcore, and cut out with a very sharp knife. Glue together, and paint. Voila!

Don't forget to make rooves removable, doors and windows are optional. I would leave the windows open so that you can shoot out, and doors should be in place so that they can be open or closed.

Boxlike structures with flat rooves are good for desert worlds, and it's probably a bad idea to try and do anything too Gothic in architectural style unless you're really good at scenery making. :) Check the M&P section's terrain bit for extra insight.

18-05-2007, 04:22
ok, i know all of that, any tips on how to make the templates? does any one have experience in making buildings to 28mm scale?

18-05-2007, 10:14
I've given up having the awesome post-count of "666" to reply to this, so you'd better do something with all this foam core, now:



18-05-2007, 12:26
any tips on how to make the templates?

Um... get a ruler, and a pencil, and draw the shapes of walls onto the paper in a scale which you are comfortable with... :p It's not hard.

18-05-2007, 19:04
ok, so you dont seem to be understanding my dilemma. Thank you General Obvious, you have been a tremendous help, so much in fact, that i dont think i need your assistance any more.

our group uses the scale 1/2 in = 1 yard with 28mm minis. how tall should doors and windows be? how tall should walls be so that people dont look like midgets, but dont have to duck to get inside? how long should the wall sections be? does it matter? i want them to be long so we aren't fighting over shacks and coffee shops, but not so big that we only get two or three on a table.

can anyone bestow upon me the wisdom of making a decent scaled blueprint for 28mm INQ?

18-05-2007, 19:32
Scale-wise, 1/2":1 yard would equal 1:72 which is a bit on the small side to go with 28mm miniatures (especially heroically proportioned GW ones).

What sort of buildings you are looking forward to making? If you are going for the classical super-gothic look of 40K environment, then truely epic proportions would be the way to go - however, this could be rather unpractical.

I could try theoretising about the scales, but perhaps more practical way would be to start by defining what looks good for the doors and windows. Quick instructions:

1.) Take one of you 28mm models (mounted on a base) to use for comparative purposes.
2.) Take a piece of scrap cardboard (say from corn flakes box), and cut a 27x34 mm sized, door-shaped opening on one of the edges, to represent a small door.
3.) Now place the cardboard piece standing on the table like a house wall (with the previously made opening touching the table surface). Prop up the cardboard with books or something so that you do not need to hold it by hand.
4.) Take the model you have and place it on the doorway. Try sliding it back and forth through it. It should be just and just able to get through.
5.) Think if the door that you made was suitable - if not, try with a bit bigger one and see if it is suitable.
6.) Once you are done with the small door, repeat the same for big doors (like double doors), starting with a doorway twice the size of the small door.
7.) Then try with windows - start with same width as small door, but only half the height.

Then think about what size of buildings make for interesting game play: how many turns should it take to move across a room, or around a building?

Edit: alternatively, you could try to go an architectural library, borrow up some blueprints of real buildings, go to a photocopier and make suitably scaled photocopies (say to a final scale of 1:50 or so, to look suitably epic) and try these as a basis, but it might just not look right with the aesthetics of 28mm heroically proportioned models.

18-05-2007, 21:20
If you make a building to scale with 28mm figures, it will be massive. A single room is about, ooh, 12" long and 4" wide. Now multiply that by enough for a hab-block. Very quickly your entire table becomes three buildings and a corridor...!

In short, the only way to draw up the templates is to do it by eye - what looks right. Have a figure with you, and place it next to the templates to see if it looks OK, or too big, or too small.

21-05-2007, 04:56
thank you grief bringer for your help, your ideas worked wonderfully. i'll try to post the pics when i get a chance.

on your idea of architechural, i've taken pictures of almost all the fire-escape plans on any building ive been in and made them into floor plan templates that we play on for interiors