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18-05-2007, 14:58
Well Ive played a few proxy games and so far there are 3 warbands that I really like, though Im not too sure which one I should use for the campaign so I need your help

I need to decide between a main Warband, and a secondary (secondary are only used if we dont get enough players for the campaign style we want)

First List::

1 Vampire - 113

1 Necromancer - 55
-Sword, Bow

3x Dreggs - 90

2x 3x Ghouls - 240

Total - 500

After a few games I plan to get some Wolves to accompany the faster than most Vampy, as well as getting him some nice weaponry and maybe a Shield for some arrow protection

List 2: (Reiklanders)

1 Captain
-Crossbow, Mace

2x Champion - 140
-Sword, Crossbow

2x Youngblood - 70
-Sword, Bow

2x Marksman - 100
-Sword, Crossbow

1x Marksman - 50
-Sword, Crossbow

- 455

Intentions of getting another Marksman after the intial battle (hence the points left open - or should I just get another Marksman with Crossbow and get the Sword after?)

This warband is basically going for intial stand and shoot at anything that moves, and will hopefully grow to include a few Swordsman for added CC comfort and an Elven Ranger (what ever he is >.<) for extra income gain

List 3:
1 Assassin - 64
-Extra Dagger, Sling

2 Black Skaven - 88
-Extra Dagger, Sling

2 Night Runners - 48
-Extra Dagger, Sling

1 Eshin - 49
-Extra Dagger, Sling

5 Vermkin - 125
-Mace, Sling

5 Vermkin - 125
-Mace, Sling


Will grow to include 4more Vermkin with the same setup as above, and eventually grow to get the Heros some Weeping Blades, and/or Warplock Pistols

Radical Inquisitor
20-05-2007, 05:27
Well if you go with either of the later lists you will not be making any friends, they are pretty much typical cheese lists (espec. the Skaven). The Undead list is the only one that I would go for, only I would take lots of zombies and only four ghouls (no real reason, I just like zombies:p )

21-05-2007, 00:10
set it up 3x2 ghouls, better chance of LGT.

and if you want to cheese it out? Ghouls are more combaty and bashy heroes than dregs if you have the chance.

(Strength and speed FTW on them.)