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18-05-2007, 21:38
Hi fellow Necromundians,

I've recently got back into gaming and whilst I'm busy painting my Bretonnian WFB army my gaming buddies and I have decided to play a few games of Necromunda.

I originally intended to play Ratskins however I'm not keen on the new models. After scanning the various miniatures I've opted for GW's Tallarn Desert raiders and I intend to use the 'Unknown Warriors' rules for their house skills & weapons list.

All good so far. However, as part of the UW rule set I need to make background for my gang and their house. Now, before I unleash this on my gaming buddies I wanted to recieve feedback on my first attempt at background. So, without further ado, meet the latest house of Necromunda Ahl al-Bayt.

House name: Ahl al-Bayt -- Translation; People of the House

Background :

House Ahl al-Bayt is a minor house of the Hive Primus, Necromunda. Members of the house believe that the Emperor is the one true God, however the house also gives equal praise to the ‘Prophet’; the founding member of the house. The current Imam can trace his origins back to the Prophet himself and leads his people in religious activities. These beliefs have lead in the past to mass genocide of Ahl al-Bayt people by the hands of fanatical members of Cawdor, who see their beliefs as heresy.

House Ahl al-Bayt is situated in the disputed border region of two major Necromundan houses; Cawdor and Delaque. Over the course of the previous centuries Ahl al-Bayt’s territory has exchanged hands many times. During this time members of Ahl al-Bayt have fought a guerrilla war against both larger houses in a bid to earn their independence, which was achieved a dozen years ago. Despite a documented truce, border skirmishes between the houses are commonplace.

The constant strife within the border regions has led to the numerically smaller Ahl al-Bayt house making use of ambushes and surprise attacks in order to defeat the larger houses that threaten the house’s borders. These tactics employ the use of short range fire fights before the party quickly withdraws.

The territory of house Ahl al-Bayt is located near to large fans that regulate airflow into and out of the Hive. These fans when in operation disturb loose material that is whipped up into vicious dust storms. Members of the house have taken to wearing distinctive shemaghs that can quickly be wrapped about their faces in order to provide protection. These shemaghs have become symbolic of Ahl al-Bayt members. Centuries of fighting over the region have led to the destruction and ruin of large swathes of the area and only a few major settlements remain. These well fortified settlements are the main industrial centres of Ahl al-Bayt and all manner of goods are produced in the many small bazaars.

House Skill List :

Fundamental Skill – Stealth

Major Core Skill – Shooting

Minor Core Skill – Agility

Peripheral Skill - Muscle

Juve : Stealth & Shooting
Ganger : Stealth, Shooting & Agility
Heavy : Techno, Muscle, Shooting & Stealth
Leader : Stealth, Shooting, Agility, Combat, Ferocity & Techno

House Weapon List :

Hand to Hand :
Knife [Free]
Sword [10]*

Pistols :
Autopistol [15]
Laspistol [15]
Stubgun [10]

Basic :
Autogun [20]
Lasgun [25]
Shotgun [20]

Special Weapons :
Flamer [70]
Plasma Gun [70]*

Heavy Weapons :
Heavy Stubber [120]
Heavy Bolter [180]*

Leader Only :
Chainsaw [25]
Plasma Pistol [25]*
Bolt Pistol [20]*

Note : * denotes weapons specific to the House.
[Number] denotes the cost of the weapon.


Any feedback; good or bad, would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your time,