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19-05-2007, 21:13
Now, having been looking about the GW Online Store, I found these:


Now, I was previously drawn away from enforcers because the newer models don't appeal to me. But these look cool.

So, I'm curious.

Are the Enforcers a viable warband?

20-05-2007, 01:48
Yes, but you cannot recruit, trade or basically do anything in the post-battle sequence. So whilst they are a viable gang, they are better suited to the Campaign Arbitrator (if you have one) or to somebody who doesn't get to play as often as the others in your campaign. I suppose they are a lot like Spyrers in that way...

29-05-2007, 17:21
They are very good models although the poses are limited, I'm using them for my gang although you will need a couple of the newer models (heavy stubber and possibly the riot shields if you don't want to convert).

As mentioned the Enforcers are pretty good (although not as good as you would think and you do get ganged up on a lot (no one likes the law)).

I'm using them because I'm practicing for when I GM our club campaign but I would not recomend them as a regular gang.

30-05-2007, 01:25
That Arbites Champion model still looks awesome after all these years. It was released right at the beginning of 2nd Ed 40k. It's definitely worth using him over the new Judge models. Just add a Shock Maul hanging from his belt or something.

It also makes for a really cool gang leader for Delaque with a simple head swap.

30-05-2007, 16:15
I was thinking of doing an enforcers gang, as they look really cool, and have all the weapons and equipment a player could want. The problem is, they are a bit dull from a campaign point of view (no trading, teritories [sp?] etc). Maybe if you are going to be running the campaign, but otherwise it can get abit boring.

5 for a seargent?! they've put up the guard classic officers too-madness. 5 for a single 28mm lead model. And the sad thing is, I'll still buy them...

Grimgor Ironhide
30-05-2007, 18:16
I played as them in one campaign, as I didn't have enough time to play as many games. As such, I found myself always ganged up on.

From a modelling point of view, they are pretty difficult to stick together (The new models), and more than a few of my soldiers literally fell to pieces during the scenarios.

Mostley I just like them because they're cool, and I like being the cop. I have added a Fusio dreadnought to them as defence should some silly gang be unlucky enough for me to take captive one of their gang members.

31-05-2007, 13:59
[...] I have added a Fusio dreadnought to them [...]


What rules do you use for the dreadnought?

31-05-2007, 16:53
Basically we used it as a huge deterrent to stop the gangs from trying to raid the courthouse. That way anyone who wanted to do it "for kicks" would be facing a Furioso Dreadnought (who incidently has an underslung Assault Cannon under his left arm). He never got fielded though. I suppose we'd just use Eldar Wraithlord Stats so that there's a better chance of hurting him, or make him AV 10 or 11.