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20-05-2007, 13:21
Its currently going on in fumbbl. I have a suspicion that if and when LRB 5.0 does come in it will be run separate group so players can still use their LRB 4.0 teams, but I don't know. So start checking out the LRB 5.0 the link provided by someone else on the in the thread below (someone).

20-05-2007, 13:38
Yeah Christer's confirmed that LRB 4 will continue separately.

Regen on werewolves is great. +Av on skills is odd.

20-05-2007, 13:41
I am having a chaos team for LRB5. or Maybe start of with Skaven team and reintroduce some old stars. Who wants to run Warseer LRB 5?

Niggles are now reduced in LRb5 which is good and there are no ageing injuries yay!

20-05-2007, 19:40
Yeah i think we should move with lrb5, its more interesting as the teams are varied a bit more and as stated above aging and niggles aren't as brutal.

20-05-2007, 20:04
Looking into it a bit more the client is still the same as ski junkie has not developed the java program for lrb5. What is happening is Christer is trying to make modification on the site side to use LRB 5. By the looks of it still a long way off.

20-05-2007, 22:01
It seems it could still be a while till it is full LRB5 rules,

Should be interesting though, just flicking through the book I see a fair few changes.

Deng Ham
20-05-2007, 22:20
the LR5 is way better IMO. Just hope that FUMBBL can make the change. AS I think that it will be for the better of the game

20-05-2007, 22:50
I've only played 1 match so far in LRB5 conditions but on paper imo they are better rules than LRB 4 (Which were great! But the game needs to progress). Although most of the relevant rules to LRB5 won't be implemented in the FUMBBL testing so I see no point to it :/ I mean, if you take away Inducements, niggling injuries have the same effect and no journeymen then you're pretty much playing LRB4 with modified income rules :/

21-05-2007, 09:54
This is the start of a long process to make FUMBBL LRB5 compatible. The major work needs to be done on the client to introduce the new skills, fouling rules, kick off table etc. As well as the Skijunkie client there appears to be an Italian client that tp actually be going somewhere. The major problem appears to be working out how to implement handicaps - the web site end would appear to be the easiest way but that would meant that the client would not be stand alone.

It will be a long while yet before we have to decide whether to take the Warseer league LRB5.

21-05-2007, 16:35
Yes it may be a long way before LRB5 but when it is complete and only slightly buggy then we should move over, at least I will if only for no more ageing rolls.

23-05-2007, 08:53
Its is the latest lrb4 skijunkie prog... christer has recreated divx, or experimental division for lrb5. i reckon Ski asked christer to do it so that they can map out the probs, to make coding a lot easier and straight-forward...

expect ur d5 teams to be deleted as soon as a lrb5 client is released... if not sooner

Autobot HQ
23-05-2007, 19:01
Personally, I'm looking that if the site goes LRB5 active, the League should go with it. We're about being up to date and keeping with the times I feel, so we should go LRB5


24-05-2007, 07:52
Personally, I'm looking that if the site goes LRB5 active, the League should go with it. We're about being up to date and keeping with the times I feel, so we should go LRB5

StuI agree, use whatever the FUMBBL standard is.

24-05-2007, 12:24
Yes update but it does mean fresh teams. You cant use your old team probably.

24-05-2007, 14:22
nods, when lrb5 comes they will preserve a lrb4 league, but lrb5 will be the main thing. we will retire our teams and start afresh most probably...

or Chrster might give us the option of 'upgrading our teams', meaning that they are converted to lrb5 and then they have to adapt, meaning DEs cant buy throwers anymore etc, its what he did with a couple of races in the past...

in the meantime, i have an lrb5 team for fun, so if u wanna experiment, just give me a hollar...

When Skijunkie makes the first lrb5 java client, all out lrb5 teams will be deleted i reckon, so dont get too attached to ur teams

25-05-2007, 22:34
Just on mutation skills

Big hand - is weaker just ignores modifiers for tackle zones and pouring rain. Before you would only fail on a roll of 1.

Claws - Is tamed down. Now it is less harsh on the weaker armour. If you roll to break an AC of 8 you automatically break the armour. So now it only effects those who have ac9 (chaos warriors, trolls and dwarfs) as you would have broken the armour of most races anyway. So not a powerful choice anymore.

Disturbing presence - the old foul appearance has been split into two. Distubing presence and the new foul appearance. The disturbing presence modifies catch, pass or intercept within three squares.

Extra arms - has got better. Before it only gave you +1 catch. Now you get +1 catch, +1 pick up, +1 throw so it is a good skill now

Foul appearance - now crap. It just means the enemy fail their block on a roll of 1, the other side of foul appearance is now the distubing presence.

Horns - still the same. might be popular with gutter runners now the rest are rubbish

Prehensile Tail - Still the same -1 dodge

Tentacles - weakened by -1, which might not be such a bad thing when dealing with nurgle beasts

Two Heads - the same+1 dodge

Very long Legs - rubbish now. No more +1MA. Just gives you bonus if you have the leap skill and a +1 with interceptions.


Changed. Now if you are injured you are injured. The medic allows you to reroll the result on the injury table and you pick which one to receive.

26-05-2007, 18:34
Well they mucked up Foul Appearance (I thought it worked well in LRB4) by splitting it leaving it as one of those "I got the rest I might aswell take Foul Appearance"-skill. Disturbing presence works but without the added block safety it diminishes in worth.

Tentacles worked also fine (abit overpowered in stunty but OK in regular games) but now they're just an annoyance that you really can't depend too much upon. Very Long Legs got destroyed which sucks(!).

In general I thought the skills for LRB5 were crappy. the old skills work well enough but with all the added counter skills (fend, juggernaught etc.) the skills get watered down. I think most players will opt to use the classic skills over the newer less useful ones.

26-05-2007, 21:19
General Skills New

Is that sane that now you can pick frenzy as a general skill, not only frenzy but dauntless.
Jump up is a normal agility skill.

Basically the traits have disappeared so now players have access to a great range of skills.