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21-05-2007, 09:23
Ok guys,

So my mat is going to be running a Mordheim campaign in the near future, and i want to play Undead, almost finished my vamp.


I've already finished some zombies


So this is the list:
Vamp - light armour, dagger, sword = 140
Necromancer - Dagger, bow, mace = 48
3x dregs - Dagger, bow mace = 99
3x ghouls = 120
6x Zombies = 90
Total = 497

Is it good, mediocre or craptactular, thanks for your help.



21-05-2007, 12:07
Ok, so i thought i'd finish my vamp and bombard you with pictures in the hope of getting a response.







21-05-2007, 12:54
That's about like the army I played against last night. Overall, I think it would have performed better if he'd understood the game better, but it looked like it could work in the hands of a good player. He lost two games out of two, but the second was very close (Occupy, against an orc & goblin player), and due mainly to his forgetting to shoot. The first was a lot less close, but was also the first game he'd ever played.

So, while I can't speak from an undead player's point of view, it looks relatively decent to me!

22-05-2007, 09:42
Thanks mate, another forum suggested the inclusion of at least one dire wolf.

Any comments for or against?



22-05-2007, 12:49
Abandon the Light Armour. It's pretty pointless. If that can get you more Henchmen then go for it. Direwolves are pretty reasonable. About as fast as Undead can be.

22-05-2007, 19:18
I didn't see any dire wolves, but my warhounds (I was playing Witch Hunters) did reasonably well, at least against low end troops. They did sort of run into trouble when they ran up against a vampire, but, well, so would everything else in my army. Since I think wolves are better than warhounds, they're probably worthwhile... I haven't checked the rules for them recently, though.

I'd also agree with Catferret: light armour on its own is worthless. The undead player had given his vampire light armour and a shield, which did end up saving one attack, but I think he ended up deciding to ditch the armour.

09-06-2007, 03:08
Vamps are pretty survivable on their own... 2 wounds and all. most ppl who play dont use armour any way ( well atleast good players.) they would rather go more troops better weapons.

09-06-2007, 07:16
I played in a pretty long campagin my list started something like.

vamp: heavy armor, sword, dagger
Necro: bow, Dagger
Dreg#1: Light armor, sheild, sword
Dreg#2: dagger, axe
Dreg#3: Dagger, Bow
zombies.....till I ran out of points.

every time I feilded a direwolf or ghoul they would get killed and waste me gold.

09-06-2007, 08:38
Here's a good website with some decent suggestions for composition and tacticas for all the warbands in the rulebook - the link to the Undead warband is here:


Etienne de Beaugard
09-06-2007, 15:32
OK, I haven't played with undead that often, but from the experience I have, I'd try something like this.

Vampire (free dagger, hammer) - 115
Necromancer (short bow) - 40
3 Dregs (short Bow) - 75
2 Ghoul - 80
2 Dire Wolves - 100
6 Zombies - 90

In general, fancy weapons and armor are expensive and not worth it for starting warbands. Max out on starting members, especially heroes.

The undead are ultimately a close combat warband that moves at two speeds. The vampire, your main killing engine, is very fast and very tough, but he needs support. Always take a couple of dire wolves to keep up with their master and draw some fire from him.

The slower segment of your warband includes the requisite necromancer and dregs. I gave this group short bows so they have some change of getting ranged attacks. You might consider all getting hammers instead. These slow living warriors would travel with the mass of undead flesh. I took two ghouls for the chance to get lad's got talent. Of course, never group your henchmen, to increase the chance of LGT.

11-06-2007, 13:09
My war band started something like this:

Vampire - Light armour, 2 hand axes and a helmet.
Necromancer - spear.
Dreg 1, 2 and 3 - Spears and light armour.
2 dire wolves
3 ghouls

Very fast (for the dead) and the enemy doesn't expect your war band to advance.
Keep tha armour. It may seem useless now but when it saves your butt in the middle of a battle it will seem a whole lot better ;) .