View Full Version : AD paints a LR episode 2 - Curse of the Double Bed

21-05-2007, 18:50
Evening all *hangs head in shame*

As the money worries vanished on loan day, so my new land lord rubbed his mits together, and my new double bed was ordered (people with a partner will know sleeping in a single bed will hurt your back a lot - especially since I'm too gentlemanly to complain while shes sleeping).

With the first raider finished I was comissioned a few weeks back now to start on a second - this time the standard kit (thank Crom) but with forgeworld doors. This kit would be done in deathwing colors...

So with my last bit of cash I did the sensible thing and prepared for storm ahead...


And before anyone asks, that cakes for the missus as are the taters - knowing how bad this weeks going to be shes coming down on Wednesday to help me with my course work, as well as a bit of picnic.

I did start the interior of the raider a week or so ago but it went bad. Very bad. In fact it was embaressing. So its been stripped and re-sprayed and awaits the first licks of paint.

Oh and if anyones interested in 20 kasrkin, 4 IG Snipers and 2 Sanctioned Psykers give me a PM. If things arent going well by tomorrow night there off to another happy home sadly - I got some internet bills to pay

21-05-2007, 19:16
ahhh taste sensation. ;)

so, what about the LR? :p


Wolf Scout Ewan
21-05-2007, 19:16
So let me get this right you bought food before resources?

We really need to have words about ur dedication!

Awaiting updates!

21-05-2007, 19:18
Best of luck AD; hope this project comes together better than the last one.

21-05-2007, 19:18
Good luck with this one :) Im looking forward to see how the paint scheme turns out ,I can then steal your ideas for my DW LR :)

Penguin of Death
21-05-2007, 19:27
1 sponge cake, the way to lady's heart
Double bed, the way to get some duvet

Land Raider.....um..I'll be back when there's pics :)

21-05-2007, 20:54
Dont worry there will be in the next 7 days. As soon as this damn course is finished, I can start on it. And it has to be said I'm more then looking forward to it.

Also noticed I have regulars..

Wolfscoutewan - resources? What resources?

SC - I'm hoping it'll be quicker to paint as I already know my way around the kit now, so the interior might be done by friday...

Arhalien - Yeh the last one was really odd, it just didnt seem to slot together, but this time it should do as I'm going to take the lot into games workshop and have one of the staffers teach me like a Noob.

PoD - Hey dude. Yeh my missus is great. Been together 6 months and been out once. Although she has demanded to be taken dancing, which sounds like its going to be expensive.

21-05-2007, 23:58
Although she has demanded to be taken dancing, which sounds like its going to be expensive.

Doesn't have to be. Pick a nice outdoors place where it is possible to dance, bring with a picknick basket and some portable romantic music. 'Cause she doesn't really need to dance with anyone else than you does she? ;)

Oh, and leave the painting equipment at home then make up for lost time when she sleeps. :p

I do know a little about dancing but nothing about girls so you may think whatever you want about my piece of advice.

22-05-2007, 06:31
im looking foward to seeing this LR painted
also are the IG stuff you mentioned painted or unpainted

22-05-2007, 06:40
There unpainted - I bought them all awhile back and then havent had time to do them sadly. Theres also a special weapons blister for the kasrkins too. Actually I might have primed the back packs at most.

22-05-2007, 07:07
well ive sent you a pm about it
now on topic
thats a lot of food you got there
for me to survive all i need is 2 minute noodles, water and weetbix (ohh and vegemite, ya gotta love your vegemite)


22-05-2007, 07:57
I tried the pure noodle diet but it has several draw backs.

The first is a practical one - theres nothing there. Spending that bit extra on pasta will do at least four meals (just had bolognase breakfast - very nice), with enough left over for plain pasta lunch, which is two days of good eating.

The second is the critical one - the missus. See I could blag a pasta dinner with clever use of peppers, onion, and shrooms. If I give her noodles Ill be in the dog house big time.

And third and finally - I can cook it all and leave it till its needed. At the moment thats crucial as I have little to no time at all. If I'm lucky Ill sleep on Thursday night. More likely its a sprint to the weekend now.

See last time I did that I remember going mental, and then hanging around for student elections to see the result. Crazy days.

Right I have a film to finish *grim face*

22-05-2007, 08:41
yes im looking foward to seeing this film
when youve got it up on youtube can you post a link

as for no.3 2 minute nooodles take just that, 2 minutes to cook lol

well maybe some updates in a little while?

edit:WOOT 400 post count WOOT

22-05-2007, 09:39
I missed this thread! nice to see you back, and fed! Your fault my kids are now into Warhammer as well (Codex's ;) ).

Will be watching closely old boy!

22-05-2007, 09:48
What kind of film... Bow chicka bow wow... (I was trying to joke that it was a dirty film :P)
Looking forward to see another Landraider.

22-05-2007, 10:51
Awesome more maddness, hope this one goes well.
btw are you accepting commissions from the other side of the world???
cant wait for pics

22-05-2007, 11:30
Aye more then happy - this ones off to australia if memory serves me correctly - although please, send me some infantry. I nearly cried with joy when someone offered half a dozen marines.

Just negotiated a bit of a respite, plus I have the missus coming tonight so I currently have three options -
1) Work through till everythings done, then relax
2) Sleep tonight, work till the weekend
3) Paint some of the land raider whilst the missus helps with the philosophy.


Where did I leave my spray paint.

Oh and the film will probably go on daily motion as it accepts bigger files, although it is seriously unfinished so dont be suprised to see a trailer on youtube and little else..

25-05-2007, 17:45
I live in Aus so i guess you do....(will remember that)

Very selfish but i say work work work so we can see more cool photos from you, then steal the ideas and use them our selves....
off topic: what philosophy are you working on?

25-05-2007, 19:13
Its film philosophy, in particular the films of Werner Herzog - which I simply ran out of time to watch and so have only 'actually' watched grizzly man... hmmmm ah well, I can blame it on the stress and hopefully re-do it next year off the back of a finished disertation...

Yeh this Land Raiders for a guy in Aus so its all good really :) Although I'm itching for some rank and file at the moment it has to be said (so if you see a squad of marines popping up done in some weird colors done be suprised)

Apart from that (as I've literally jsut posted to last_chancer on the older thread) I've been swamped this week. I've got the missus round tonight then two more hard days until I've free till september - suffice to say I'm looking forward to Monday with glee. So mondays fun is going to be the interior of this, and then something a little grayer... with a kinda.. wolf motif...

*Looks over to Bodhi*

Penguin of Death
25-05-2007, 21:27
So mondays fun is going to be the interior of this, and then something a little grayer... with a kinda.. wolf motif...

*Looks over to Bodhi*

Oooh, wolfs! Yay!

I'm away from all forms of technology until Thursday, there better be some progress when I gat back :D

29-05-2007, 11:07
Thursday you say?

Right then!

Course officially ends today and after a brief rest (I wrote 4000 words in under 12 hours and my eyes are officially fried) I can get back at it.

I've been itching to get at this tank now for so long its untrue


(Oh and the comissioner of my other tank shouldnt be alarmed - its on its way I'd just been stupidly busy)

And you know what the best part of all this is? No not going home on friday to my mams cooking. Nor the money. Nope its that the missus has offered to buy me a death rider for my birthday.

Shes said to wait till I make my order though, and also has her eye on the heavy flammer team... yes I am the luckiest man alive. No she isnt for sale

*Eyes warseer members warrily lest they steal the krieg-giver*

29-05-2007, 11:55
Good luck mate, hope this one goes to plan for you.

29-05-2007, 11:58
4000 words in 12hrs sounds like my normal night before essay is due...

dont we all wish we had women who would buy us FW stuff....the stuff dreams are made of.....
waiting for pics.....

29-05-2007, 13:41
Nice, another landraider blog from AD. This is going to be fun to watch bro.:)

I'll be here with encouragement before I leave

cheers, can't wait for some pics:)

29-05-2007, 14:33
Good luck AD, I feel sure you won't go as hungry this time.
I gave my gf a list of general stuff I want for b'days etc and she laughed at the bit that said 40k lol. Though you never know I might talk her round one day....

30-05-2007, 01:59
Cheers fellas.

Right bit of an odd update. Theres some painting done (which is quite good as I am exhausted) but I decided it was time to bust out an idea I've had since my immolator...


Thos big flat panels need some attention and on the first raider I was only able to do some inscription (which ill leave for the customers eyes only). Now I'm going to put pictures there. The pictures are roughly 100x150 pixels although thats by no means acurate and its a case of doing a bit of guess work and hoping for the best. Now one panels done and I'm happy with it, but finding a picture for the second has proven a swine - as the picture has to be shrunk down which then screws with the picture (I was quite lucky with the first I think).

Here are a selection of the candiates so far...


1) Asmodai - I think it'd be appropriate but then again I'm uncomfortable about whacking my name on someone elses vehicle.

2) I like this one but its clearly part of the army standard collection.

3) Is better, although color wise I dont think its going to fit.

4) This is the deathwing army standard, but again it seems to clear as to what it is.

5) Included for comparison

6) A cropped version of the company standard. This is my personal favorite at the moment as it'll reflect the external colors quite well and is part of there whole iconography.

Thoughts and opinions?

Probably no updates tomorrow though as the missus wants me.

30-05-2007, 07:50
well i reckon the 3 one is pretty sweet but i agree colour wise it might not work

30-05-2007, 10:58
I've updated the posting so it now shows what I was rambling on about. I know the outer panel of the raider hasnt been sprayed on the inside but dont worry, it will be.

I was also thinking of adding a few other bits and pieces in paper now, maybe a proclomation for the COD signs set (which are somewhere on the GW site).

I should also point out that the pictures wont be shown completely - if you take 5 as the example, the others have bigger/wider middle pictures, and do tend to have parts of it sliced off in favor of the main picture (sp in 6 you dont see the thunderbolt because I wanted to get more of the angel in shot, and with 3 you loose a fair bit of the robes to get the scythe in)

30-05-2007, 13:13
Hmmm, I like IV the best, it's very ummmm, cool:)


30-05-2007, 13:40
i like III and VI :)


Penguin of Death
01-06-2007, 13:09
Liking the painting/mural ideas. Could you make them almost like shrines? Put a plasticard shelf below them with a candlestick each end, kneeler on the floor?

PS somethings gone wonky with the links in your sig, "The Lion and the Wolf" goes to your Penal Legion Log

01-06-2007, 13:16
Great idea w/ the interior mural.

I have to suggest #4. That way you'll have a nice green border around the image to act like matting. Again, great idea.

01-06-2007, 16:46
Okay the fellas left it upto me so its going to be four but but that idea from penguin has gotten me stroking my evil beard big time...

The kneelers out of the question - my conversion skills are amazing at times, but on marines there seriously poor (I tried to make a marine with his foot on a body, looked like the fella was doing the limbo...)

The candles though would make 4 look like 6 if I did the whole smoke thing and stuff.

The thing is I dont really want to do that to Azreals picture as its fairly dark already. I'm thinking about adding maybe a censor or something but I dont have the parts - so if anyone out there fancies sending me one or two bits they think might work in that space and wouldnt mind donating them feel free to PM me.

Oh and the sig works its just a bit too close the penal legion one :D

Back to work

01-06-2007, 17:32
You should paint the Asmodai image covertly on every mini you do! lol

Penguin of Death
01-06-2007, 21:28
My mistake on the links, poor mouse control!

How about the down on one knee, not that it's any easier. Hmmmmm. The AMrine would actualy block the work on the walls so it may be better without. How about suggesting that they kneel by putting in a padded, pattererned something for them to knee on?

01-06-2007, 22:21
I see what your saying but this is a deathwing transport afterall, and anything thats on the floor is going to get splatted pretty quick - if the vehicle had been a lil widder or say, an inquisitors transport, id have no qualms.

Damn you giving me ideas!

02-06-2007, 03:13
Love the shrine idea, although i think that a kneeling marine is going to get in the way.

and yeah you should "sign" all your work, lol

04-06-2007, 16:16
I think 5 all the way.

04-06-2007, 22:43
Weel as I told Dave today three bad things happened:

Hayfever kicked in
Missus split up with me
Realises that she'd no longer be getting me a death rider (yes, that was my first thought, and I nearly did ask)

Now the first is easily solved with asda piriton (because Im a manchester lad and refuse to go to the doctor with the sniffles), and the second is easily solved with some Oasis (because Im a manchester lad and anything that makes me a sad panda can be solves with a manc band) but that last one. That last ones enough to bring a man to tears!

In theory I should have five ordered as soon as this other comission comes in (thankfully for something other then a land raider), and Daves offered to get me one in exchange for a bit of comission work but still..

If things get much worse I might have to put James Brown and Barry White on - because im a manchester lad and sure like to get my funky thing on



As you can see, not finished (I want it too match more closely with the other panel) but its a lot less busy then the other tank mainly because I wanted a sombre look to it


The candles arent great but thats the first thing ive ever sculpted by hand (and those fething fire bits were a pain in the rear). I am thinking of switching the pictures around, but meh I knew Id be thinking that once I got the candles in. I was thinking of doing the surround of the picture (thats the bit thats black) in a lighter brown to bring the picture out a bit, but meh.

The corner bits are going to be in a very very dark brown (pratically black) and then inked and varnished so it looks like that weird black wood that I cant think of the name of that you usually see japaneese tables done in.

Anyway, thoughts, comments

04-06-2007, 22:57
Are you going to paint over the picture to make the lines better, it's very very "pixilated" right now..

cheers, keep up the good work:)

04-06-2007, 23:03
The land raiders coming on nice ,The candles look spot on :) AS for the GF ,Oasis will work aways does with me when my and the GF have a fall out ,I normaly blast out Married with children ,What tracks you listening to ?

04-06-2007, 23:04
Wow, that image came out... jaggy... might be worth touching up with paints. Item #2 sucks, man - I'm married and so hopefully past that, but utterly out of the model part of the hobby thanks to money issues right now. Your issue is a bit more serious, methinks.

Aaaaaaaanyway, I approve of your methodology (from the other side of the Pennines, see...), and of the model! As an idea kind of thing, leave a Chaplain's book on one of the sets of seats, prerably in front of an artwork or the little shrine, for that extra little touch.

04-06-2007, 23:29
Listening to 'whats the story morning glory' album - listened to it so much as a kid and now when ever im feeling a lil low it reminds me of that time I went 'Wow, music is cool, and I get it now!'. Although I feel an iniment switch to 'stop the clocks' as I head down stairs to finish painting this fella.

Sanctusmortis - I would but all my bits are back at my flat and Im in manchester for a fortnight so unless I stop work on the tank..
As for the image I'll touch up the writting but nowt else. Your barely going to be able to see this bit anyway unless you really get in the door and look (which no one bar the owner will as its his kit...), plus they have been resize a fair bit - there was always going to be some loss of detail sadly.

05-06-2007, 02:14
hmm like the candles but as you said you prob wont be able to see all the little bits and pieces due to the cramped interior.

Sorry to hear about the break up mate, no death rider that bites... Oasis is very good, stop the clocks is their best album.

keep up the good work mate!

05-06-2007, 06:25
ohh that sucks no death riders
i was looking foward to seeing some that that youd painted
maybe i could pay you in deathriders
well nice candles i cant believe thats your first bit of sculpting work


Penguin of Death
05-06-2007, 08:09
Commiserations on the rlationship, but hurrah on the candles - looking great!

05-06-2007, 13:57
Seeing as though its my 21st next week and my mums been wanting to take me somewhere nice for a change, I'm wondering if I can subtly persuade her into taking me upto nottingham and then subtly going 'oh look, Death Riders, just what I wanted...'

Hoping to get some more work done today - just need to head up to one of the local stores as Im short on bleached bone

06-06-2007, 01:03
I've found my mojo again - must be the fact Ive got work coming at me left right and centre although sadly no huge project I can use as an excuse not to get a real job


Still needs some work, and I need to do some tidying up where I got a little too carried away but its getting there slowly

06-06-2007, 01:35
Interior is looking really nice, I think some black linging will really give it that extra pop :) Keep it up!

06-06-2007, 02:30
The painting is much cleaner than anything I've ever done. It really looks great. One thing, though, if someone has made a habit of burning candles in that little corner, soot would have built up on the wall after a while... I guess if lighting Land Raider candles is a new thing, the walls and ceiling would still be squeaky clean.

06-06-2007, 07:13
nice work
loving the candles

06-06-2007, 11:54
looks fantastic mate *warning, what follows is painting advice from a complete tool*
when you wash things, you just carefully brush it over the whole area or you get tide marks where it's dried. the only place where it's really visible is the middle seat on the right, just thought you'd like to know.
if you get some glaze medium it does all the work for you, i use it for everything :)


06-06-2007, 12:58
Tank is coming on nicely there.

I notice in your post of things that have gone wrond, you mentiond your a Manchester lad quite a lot, and was wondering if maybe someone had tried to dispute that fact with you and you felt like mentioning where your from as much as possible lol.

Good luck with the project.

06-06-2007, 13:38
Cygnusmaximus - Hold your horses :D I need to get everything in there painted first and go buy another mig pigment or two. Dont worry, theres gona be some soot in there

SC - Yeh I noticed it had happened and then repainted it, I didnt noticed it had happened again till I put the pictures up. Its Vajellos dark green (which smells lovely) but I think the reason why it looks a little dodgy has more to do with the heat and not being mixed properly.
I'll have another crack at all the green tonight though cheers fella

Kayvaanshrike - Nah I just thought it'd give people a chuckle. Plus I am back in manchester and its giving me funky vibes, always does actually.
Where as Preston... well lets just say the fact that the welcome to preston sign is right next to a huge cemetary shows that the only bit of excitement to be found in preston happens at a funeral

06-06-2007, 14:06
HAh cool, the adeptus mechanus symbol is really done nicely with the silver and the gold. they balance each other out real well:)

cheers, the spam man

06-06-2007, 19:51
Very nice looking interior Asmodai :)

06-06-2007, 19:59
That is a great interior. Good work!

Good to see there are people on here that listen to real music too - not just that noisy metal stuff ;)

06-06-2007, 20:28
well I am tempted to make a switch while I get the bulk of my other comissions done...

Gah I need to go and do some work

08-06-2007, 15:28
Well finally someones mailed me wanting a good chunk of work doing (sadly not a space marine army... or an imperial guard army... man I wana paint a guard army - having said that, the grey knight grand master should do :D).

Not much to report on the raider front. I've begun assembly (and realised why things when so wrong on the first one), and I should be getting more bleached bone sometime today

08-06-2007, 15:58
My mate is from Preston, well sort of, anywho I laugh at him for that!

I forget, is this a standard LR, or a LR Crusader?

08-06-2007, 19:18
Just a standard one kayvaan.

Okay just got my hands on a few foundation paints and to be honest I'm blown away. I mean I've just done what would have taken me at least an hour in a few seconds.

08-06-2007, 23:35
yer i know, the new paints are awesome
especially mechrite red and necron abyss
so any chance of a update soon?


09-06-2007, 00:57
Note to self - don't start crazy warhammer project when girlfriend is around :(

Penguin of Death
11-06-2007, 12:40
Back to the kneeling marine thing the plastic Dev box has a set of legs down on one knee and a redshirt said he thought there might be another set in the command squad box.

Hurry up and update one of your threads or I'll have to resort to working on my own minis

17-06-2007, 18:18
I'm not deaded! Woo

I've basically been having a week to celebrate my 21st - and I bought rome total war.. which has so far took up the last three days of my life.

POD aye there is but I'm far away from my bits kit so no chance of getting one let alone two, plus I am 90% certain that this is going to be a terminator transport.

I will update sometime in the next 24 hours as I've got a few other bits to sort out (yellow bretonnians to finish). I reckon that I should be on to the outer shell by tomorrow as the insides nearly finished.

17-06-2007, 19:02
hey i see(or more correctly DONT SEE) any more pics, waits for update...

happy 21st btw, and yeah rome does that too you, its an awesome game but leads to insomnia and other terrible things.

(btw if you havent tried it for fun yet take a unit of Spartans in a custom game upgrade them fully, put them in a corner against a whole army and see how long they last and how many kills they get, its insane. do it to my mates on a regular basis and its awesome to see one unit take on a whole army and win!)

17-06-2007, 20:27
I did try them out for kicks although I buggered it up - Ill give it a bash later, but I remember some guy had 300 spartans against shed loads of milita. Spartans won.

18-06-2007, 11:53
trying not to take this OT, but four units of fully upgraded Spartans in a square will take down an entire army of anything, rather fun to watch on triple game speed. btw updates?

18-06-2007, 17:26
I'm not deaded! Woo

I've basically been having a week to celebrate my 21st - and I bought rome total war.. which has so far took up the last three days of my life.

Rome Total War is a great game. Agreed on the Spartan front; it's quite funny having several units of them defending a town; put them at the entrances to the central square and let the enemy come to you. Then watch as the enemies are (literally) minced.

And in a pointless attempt to get this on topic...
How;s the LR going? ;)

01-07-2007, 06:33
hey AD
hows the LR coming along?