View Full Version : Dark Seers Leaving and Returning

24-05-2007, 15:17
Lo Guys,

My Warseer DEs have done far worse than any other DE team i had before, so i decided to remove them from the group... Their current record is: 1/1/8 :cries:

So, i have created a new DE team, with a build that i came up with while experimenting with LRB5. Hope this team plays better, and becomes a greater challenge for the whole league... :evilgrin:

Looking forward to some matches in the near future...

Oh, and for the record, i'm changing job on the 1st of June, and expect to be on frequent business trips. When on business trips i will have limited net access, so please get a tourney filler for the group so that i can easily be replaced. as for business trip notice, i get around 24hrs from the company, so i can't predict anything, sorry...

Oh, and im not retiring the original Dark Seers of Truth, i'll keep them around for the future...

24-05-2007, 20:29
So you will also not be playing in the stunty tournament then?

26-05-2007, 11:37
well, id love to but i have no idea when i'll leave, ill get 24hrs warning... annoying but fun as well... then again, i'll most probably get net access wherever im sent, but as i'll be working 6 days a week, i reckon that ill be free only on sundays...

anyway, by september i'll know how things r going n we'll know whether its worth my staying in the group or not...


29-05-2007, 16:25
Mmmmm, my new DEs are kicking *r$e, in 2 matches i got a 1/1/0 record... this means that they have already equalled my previous team! lol!

just having fun

29-05-2007, 17:27
Come play the pain then...Woo!