View Full Version : Blood Bowl 5th edition tourney.

25-05-2007, 07:45
Hi Guys.

I'm going to play in a 5th edition BB tournament this weekend but I am undecided whether to take my humans or the dark elves.
The tournament is a swiss style with a start of 1000 000 gp.

Now does anybody have any advice on starting rosters for the 2 teams?
It might help to ease my choise but I did not play with the new dark elves in 5th yet.

Any advice is welcome.


25-05-2007, 22:33
For humans, I'd advise:

3 x Blitzers - 270gc
2 x Catchers - 140gc
1 x Thrower - 70gc
4 x Linemen - 200gc
Ogre - 140gc
3 x rerolls - 150gc
3 fan factor

Not sure what to advise on the Dark Elves - decent players are expensive so you have to rely on them winning the game for you and fielding a whole team of Linemen, albeit AG4 linemen, is kinda dull even with a Witch Elf to help spice them up. Dark Elves seem to be better when in a leagu format as they're hard to beat once they start to progress. In a tourney, I'd take a human team over a DE team as they're adaptable.