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Deng Ham
26-05-2007, 15:42
Hi all.

If I have understood it corect. The next event in the Stunty league. Is a KO cup. If that is the case. I'd like to run another cup for all the teams that is knocked out in the first round.

My idea is as folows:
*All teams that is knocked out in the first round of the Stunty cup. Is invited to join the BBDI.
* All the rules that aply to the original cup, goes in the BBDI
* No team may add any player to his team after they have player there first game. But is still free to do so after the cup is over.

does this sound as a good idea?
I woud also like to get a confirmation of every player joining the Original cup. If they like to be invited to the BBDI.

26-05-2007, 15:44
Thats kinda cool, not adding any players once the tournament starts...see who really is the best coach as my full gnome team plays 2-3 gobbos :D

26-05-2007, 16:34
Daft idea, as thor says his gnomes are rock hard, mind you who says thor is going to get knocked out first round. I expect the KO cup to go quickly. I wont have delays waiting for anyone. For the KO cup I will ask a week to get games played and then move the games on so all is complete within the month. I can still set up a losers tournament though but you need to re think about no buying any more players. Because of the structure of this tournament in waiting for players to join I will be suggesting that this losers tournament is an open tournament. No points will be awarded for the winner.

Work out the rules and fluff Deng and send them to me and I will put it up once the KO started. Also need to arrange points for the KO cup. Points for winner, runner up and then some novelty points.

Deng Ham
26-05-2007, 17:16
Soud good about the no point bit, they lost out in the original cup after all. I figured it only to be fun. And not any prestije. And a way that some teams coud get more than one official game done. While the others play the KO Cup. Second that it only shoud be one week to play the game.

The reason that I wanted a no new player part. Is that after having played 2 games today that resulted in very few players left on the pitch. I saw a change in the way the game was played. And figured that it coud be fun to get more of that style of play. More often than not, the teams wil recover from a bad loss. And since it's only the wining team that need wory about not getting new players. I think it coud work. Even if the gnomes are at an advantige. We're talking maximum of 3 games. Remember that the team is alowed to get players right after they are knocked out of the original cup.

As I said in the original post. I want coaches to agree to joining. Becouse of the "no new players" rule. But they must do so before entering the original cup. So I know if some teams are left out at the start of the BBDI. And that players can't speculate on there own and other teams strenghts.

The fluff is more or less done. I though that there shoud be no points. As I figured the BBID shoud be another KO cup.

26-05-2007, 18:23
It's an interesting proposition, though some teams may be favoured over others, but hey who said Stunty Leeg should be fair? Why not give it a go, just to test it out. Anyone who doesn't want to be in it are ofcourse not forced to do so.

26-05-2007, 21:13
Fair enough, I will leave it to the coaches to decide what they want.