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27-05-2007, 12:01
his game was done to test out Scout drop + 4 Warhounds army as was requested by TRC. To play something regular against it I chose to loan the Orks from Nicodemus and field them again. My own marines would have made a boring game and Guards are not in shape for a battle really.

Rules used

All experimental rules
Relevant Marine changes from (no leader remove 2BM)

Dark Angels Drop Force

Terminator Detachment (in Thunderhawk)
+ Chaplain
Terminator Detachment BTS
+ Supreme Commander
4 x Warhounds
Strike Cruiser
5 x Scout Detachment


Orc Waaargh

2 x Landa
2 x Warband
+ Boyz, Grot
- 3 Fighta-Bommers
- 3 Fighta-Bommers
Stompa Mob
- 2 x Big Guns, Kombat 'Ammer
Supa Stompa
- 2 x Soopaguns, Mega Choppa
Big Blitz Brigade
- 6 x Gunwagons, 2 x Flakwagonz
+ 2 x Supa-Zzap-Gun
Big Kult of Speed
- 6 x Buggy, 6 x Scorcha, 4 x Warbike
Big Warband BTS
+ 2 x Soopagun
- Warlord
Big Gunz
- Supa-Zzap-Gun


27-05-2007, 12:03

Marines put the blitz near centre in an open area behind a hill. Orks put the blitz a bit more to the west, but also behind a hill. Second objective on marine end was between two hills south and a bit east of blitz, while the other went between forests in west. In Ork end one objective was almost directly north of the blitz right next to a hill. And the second in the east right next to a hill as well.

Marines didn't have any garrisonable forces as all scouts were in drop pods. Orks decided to garrison Big guns and Big Warband in overwatch. Big guns went into forest near the objective on west. Big warband had tough time on deciding where to go and eventually went for the hill in east. I was certain that one of the hills would get blasted and hoped that it was the other one.

Deployment on Marines put the Warhounds in a line with two hounds near each other in east and other two distinctly alone in centre and west.

Orks put the Stompas to the centre of deployment zone. While Big Blitz Brigade was deployed behind the hill and Kult around it to protect it from possible falling pods as much as possible.

27-05-2007, 12:04
Turn 1 "The Drop"

The attack starts by Commander of the Marines teleporting with Terminators behind the Big Warband right on the edge of the cliffs. The teleportation is very accurate and they receive no BMs.

Initiative: Marines

Strike Cruiser moves over the battlefield in low orbit and fires the Drop Pods as well as mass drivers to the battlefield. The target of the heavy bombardment weapons is the objective next to the hill with the Big Warband! With two templates of the Cruiser almost all the Orks are beneath the templates.

With supernatural accuracy of Marines, the effect is completely odd. As kills are 2 Oddboyz, Warlord, Boyz and Grot units. I've heard sniping with barrages, but this is ridiculous.

Then come the Drop Pods which are controlled a bit to hit little nearer of the Orks.

First pods hit in west and deviate north of the Big Gunz. Forest protects the Orks and only one unit is killed by the deathwind pods, Scouts pour out to the both sides of the forest. Next is the Pods near the Stompas and they hit twice. And to suprise of both one Stompa is wrecked and Scouts take up positions. Then is the third which lands on the Kult of Speed and is directed between the Kult and Big Warband. Deathwind hits the Kult which saves, while two units of Boyz aren't that lucky. Fourth goes north of the Warband and kills a unit of grots. Last goes northeast of the Big Warband and all the deathwind attacks miss. The effect was quite huge. Only thing that protected all the units was that Overwatch gives the -1 to-hit in open areas and that made a world of difference.

Then comes the retain and the Terminators yell charge as they engage the remnants of the big Warband. Orks don't want to left to second first fire the overwatch only to produce BM and then counter charge bringing all that they can into close combat. Orks manage to kill two units from the Terminators, but are no match for the Imperiums finest. Power fists rip the green skins apart and with the support of 12 Scout units none of the Orks survive the slaughter. BTS is scored by the Marines in the first two activations.

The Orks are now ready for revenge of their Warlord and the Stompa mob starts. They double to fall back from the Scouts ZoC and fire at the scouts which have ZoC on Kult of Speed. The Soopaguns track the targets and first template cover the Scouts completely, while the second hits the Terminators. The blast obliterates the scouts killing all while the Terminators survive unscathed. However the blasts are too much and they are forced to retreat behind the forest in the east, broken. The Orks then retain with the Kult of Speed. Successful activation causes them to rev their engines and engage the two intermingled Scout formations (4 and 5). Warbikes all reach their targets while the Warbuggies and Skorchas take the positions behind them to support the bikes. Scouts counter charge bringing 4 units into base-to-base and thus the battle is joined again. Scouts hit 3 times and Orks fail all the saves, causing three bike units to be lost. In return the Marines lose 5 Scout units wiping the detachment 5 completely. The resolution is on the side of Orks but they only win by 1 and Scouts are broken and forced to retreat to the forested hills.

In east the Scouts decide to show that they can fight in close combat as well and they engage the Big Guns near them. As the Orks see the Scouts coming they open fire and to surprise of both kill 2 stands. The battle continues odd as well as both scouts miss while Orks score two more hits and all the Marines are wiped out. The Dark Angel commander comments on the poor quality of the recruits this year. But the Imperium retains and the Warhound 1 is ordered to advance ahead. The weapons track the Big Guns and then the weapons fire. But with snake-eyes for the plasma blastgun the Big Guns survive with only two units killed from the vulcan and they fall back behind the hill broken but alive.

The Orks then decide to call in the airsupport in form of Fighta Bommaz. They come in from west and target the Warhound 2. Rockets are fired and both shields are stripped from the warmachine. Retaining the Landa is called in and it follows the route of the Fighta Bommaz. Landing near the Warhound 2 the warband inside pours out and engages the Warhound into close combat. The Warhound manages to kill one Grot unit by stomping on it, but it's nowhere enough as the Orks swarm over it like ants and the Imperial warengine is destroyed.

Marines not wanted to be outdone in air assaults call in the Thunderhawk. It comes in from west as well and engages the Stompas into a fire fight with it's cargo of Terminators. The two flak wagons are too far to reach the Thunderhawk as it doesn't try to being the Terminators into close combat. Stompas move somewhat closer just in case there would be a second round so that they can engage the Terminators. Fire fight is rather ineffectual on both sides, but the Stompas manage to kill one units of the Marines. However they lose the assault with 1 and one of the Stompas is lost as the last two break and withdraw to west. Orks response is similar as the second Landa comes in from the east and targets the Warhound 4. Again the Orks pour out and the battle is joined once more. This time there is less hits, but it's sufficient to still wreck the machine. But Warhound manages to kill Boyz and Grots units before it's destroyed.

Back in the Ork end the last remaining Scout detachment sustain at the Kult of Speeds members on the hill. They hit once, but buggy saves and only BM is given. The Orks respond by trying to sustain with Blitz Brigade, but fail and fire on hold at the Thunderhawk. One supa zzap hits and the Marine aircraft ends up with a hole size of a rhino through it.

The last activation of Marines is advance of the Warhound 3 who fires the Kult. But it manages to destroy only a single Buggy and Bike unit. The last activation of Orks is ground attack from second group of Fighta Bommaz, who target the Warhound 3. they manage to hit once dropping shield and generating one BM.

End Phase

All Aircraft leave the table without any problems.

Marines rally all formation with Supreme helping his own formation. Orks fail to rally Big Guns, Stompa mob and Kult of Speed.

27-05-2007, 12:06
Turn 2 "Side Swap"

Initiative: Marines

Turn starts with Scout 2 advancing towards the Blitz Brigade and firing at the Kult. No damage is done. Then with retain the Terminators engage the Blitz into a fire fight. blitz counter charges towards the Scouts which are pulled into the fray. The dices are rolled and Blitz hits once which the scouts save! In retaliation there is 4 members blown up. Resolution is heavily on the side of Marines and the Ork vehicles are moved down with assault cannons as they try to flee from the Marines.

Orks respond by doubling the nearly broken Kult to the Warhound 3 and firing causing BM. Then the Ork warband 2 engages the Warhound into long range fire fight. Orks manage to knock down shields, while the Warhound kills a unit of Grots and Nobs. Then support fire and the Kult opens up managing to do 1 damage. The engage leads to Ork victory, but the Warhound is not destroyed but breaks and it moves towards Ork end.

Next is Scouts 4 which advance through the forest to fire at the Kult of Speed. They don't manage to do any damage, but just cause a BM. Orks respond by calling in one of the Landas to strafe at the Terminators with Supreme Commander. Landa manages to score several hits and the Supreme Commanders stand is killed, breaking the formation once more. In east the Warhound 1 advances ahead to bring it's weapons within range of the Ork Warband 1. The vulcan mega bolter fires slaughtering 3 units of Boyz.

Then there is only Ork activations left. First the second Landa is called in to make an attack run at the broken Terminators. Again it scores several hits and the last unit of the formation is gunned down by the Ork aircraft. The BTS is secured for Orks as well. Marine player grumbles about not moving the Terminator unit within the forest. Then Fighta Bommaz 1 make an attack run against the broken Warhound 3. The missiles are fired and they manage to do second point of damage to the Warhound. Then the last formation from Orks, the second Fighta Bommaz. Their target is the Warhound 3 as well, but they are unable to do any damage to the Imperial warmachine.

End Phase

All aircraft leave the table in good order.

Marines rally all formations. Orks fail to rally Big Guns, Stompa mob and Kult of Speed again. There is an angry grumbling coming the Ork commander to his forces to be unable to rally Stompas twice with 4+ and Kult twice with 2+.

Ork deployment centre, the air force tries to break the Imperials.

27-05-2007, 12:07
Turn 3 "Last Battles"

Initiative: Marines

Against the turn starts with the Scouts. This time it's Scout 4 which sustain at the Kult of Speed next to them. The heavy bolters firing they manage to wreck one Buggy and break the formation at last. They broken Kult zooms behind the hill in Marine end. The Orks respond by attacking the Warhound 3 with one Fighta Bomma formation, but they are unable to damage the machine again only strip the last shield. Marines react by marshalling the Warhound and bringing all shields on-line in addition to moving it east and taking firm control of the objective there.

After a brief consideration the Orks form a cunning plan and order first Landa to air assault the Scouts. Coming in the Landa lands ~8cm away from Scouts, which counter charge towards it. Then dices are thrown and no hits is caused to Marines. In return Landa suffers 1 damage and loses the fight. So the Ork craft is destroyed. Terminators seize the situation and march to the blitz objective.

First formation of Fighta Bommaz in next and they attack the Scouts, killing one unit with their shootas. Scouts respond by marching to the Blitz as well.

This causes problems for Orks as the ability to dislodge both is almost nonexistent. So another cunning plan is formulated. This time the Warband 2 marches as fast as they can towards the objective in centre. They move into a circle formation to prevent the Warhound 1 from contesting it. Retaining the Warband 1 is ordered to double, but they squabble on what to do and hold. The move is sufficient to control the blitz, but not to prevent it from being contested. So much for that plan. And just to drive the point home, the Warhound 1 doubles around the hill to contest the blitz and fires into the Warband. It manages to kill Grot, Boy and Nob stands and break the formation.

As last activation the Landa comes in to fire at the Terminators, but it's unable to do any damage.

End Phase

The situation is clear. 1 - 3 for Marines. Orks have 'Break Their Spirit', while Marines have 'Break Their Spirit', 'Blitzkrieg' and 'Take and Hold'.

27-05-2007, 13:34
Hena, thanks for posting BRs these last few weeks; I've had a blast reading them!
Reminds me that I should prolly get my Epic stuff out again and head on over to TC! :)

30-05-2007, 10:45
Excellant battle report, very clear what was going on and nice photos. Interesting seeing the drop marine army in use as have been planning to try them against the imperial gurad with much the same army list.

30-05-2007, 16:18
Glad you like 'em. Certainly gives me a reason to make 'em :).

And for the Marine list. That's the boosted list which would be considered too good. And most likely as the rules review process advances to list, will be toned down a bit. For example cost upgrade to Warhound or removal of drop pods from Scouts. I would probably support removal of drop pod scouts myself :).

01-06-2007, 09:55
I agree with what you say about scouts and drop pods, it can be devestateing at times and really finish a game on the first turn which is not much fun. Fluff wise they could say that scouts are dropped beyond enemy lines in a drop pod assualt.
Also increaseing the warhound pts unless they are taken in pairs would help.

As I said before very impressive battle report, cant wait to see the next one.