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28-05-2007, 21:08
Hi all
Another one of my projects is to build a modular industrial plant, I figured it could be an Imperial Terraforming station. I wanted the look to be industrial, yet ramshackle, something that's set to do 50 years of work, and is a fair way through that.

Here are some WIP shots of the start of the project:
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer01_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer01_big.jpg)
Overhead View
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer02_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer02_big.jpg)
Marks and spencer's chocolate mousse :)
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer03_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer03_big.jpg)
The seeding tower

Clicky for Big

28-05-2007, 21:12
And there's more:

http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer04_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer04_big.jpg)
This is the extraction channel, some crates
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer05_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer05_big.jpg)
Whoops, that's sideways - the filtration beds
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer06_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer06_big.jpg)
Control station shack

Clocky for Bug

28-05-2007, 21:15
yet more

http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer07_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer07_big.jpg)
toothpaste riser and platform of plasticard
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer08_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer08_big.jpg)
second level access
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer09_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer09_big.jpg)
a right way round one of those filtration beds

"The Click of my life is strewn with cowpats from the devil's own satanic Big"

28-05-2007, 21:18

http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer10_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer10_big.jpg)
side view
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer11_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer11_big.jpg)
looking down from the seeding tower
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer12_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer12_big.jpg)
End on view showing seeding tower and channel

"Click quietly, or there will be...Big"

28-05-2007, 21:21
last for now

http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer13_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer13_big.jpg)
Control station and feeder tank
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer14_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer14_big.jpg)
Aerial view

"That's one small Click for Man, one giant Big for Mankind"

28-05-2007, 22:33
This is a very unique look, something I like to see. Very well thought out also. I can't wait to see what it looks like painted.

Wolf Scout Ewan
28-05-2007, 22:54
MMMmmmm Chocolate Mouse!

A great excuse to eat dessert!

Watching this!

29-05-2007, 11:57
Lovely use of house hold (re. fridge) parts. Looks good so far, is it finished awaiting a paint job or will there be more gubbinz added?

29-05-2007, 12:46
More gubbinz added, will post more tonight if I get time...

bram kuijpers
29-05-2007, 12:58
could you make a picture with a gaurd model for the size thingie

29-05-2007, 13:21
I'm actually quite far through this project already in real life, so you'll have to wait for your comparison guard picture until I get to the 'mostly painted' pictures...

29-05-2007, 13:39
Looking good ... excelent use of random bits of plastic.:)
I was thinking perhaps a walkway around the mouse containers
on the seccond and third levels? :confused: :D

29-05-2007, 18:20
OK, second stage as promised - pipes and ladders. Raided a local model railway store for the ladders and plasticard pipes etc, some other scavenged bits you'll see...

http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer15_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer15_big.jpg)
Plasticard piping adds a bit of industriality to the whole thing, Ladder from railway shop, struts made of skewers and Balsa wood...
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer16_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer16_big.jpg)
Pipe assembly leading to control room with perspex roof
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer17_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer17_big.jpg)
Extra pipe added to seeding tower

"We will Click them on the Beaches, We will Click them in the Big..."

29-05-2007, 18:25
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer18_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer18_big.jpg)
Skewer scaffold
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer19_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer19_big.jpg)
40mm Square bases fit nicely on top, Corrugated Plasticard roof
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer20_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer20_big.jpg)
Detail of corner of filtration bed cover

"Click Gordon approaching. On a Hawkmen rocket cycle!"

29-05-2007, 18:31
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer21_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer21_big.jpg)
A side view of the rickety looking scaffold and roof
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer22_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer22_big.jpg)
More of that scaffold
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer23_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer23_big.jpg)
Close up on the access ladders

"You will Click mah Autharitahhh! Oh my God! They Bigged Kenny!"

29-05-2007, 18:34
last lot for now...
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer24_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer24_big.jpg)
more of those ladders
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer25_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer25_big.jpg)
The control shack got a rickety fence...

"A click in the Force. The last time I felt it was in the presence of my big master"

29-05-2007, 22:34
Starting to look good, all of the little details make a big difference!!

Going to have power cables going everywhere?

Bugbait out

29-05-2007, 22:39
I'm trying to make this as realistic as possible - after examining plenty of industrial complexes, there don't seem to be that many visible power cables tbh...
As I said earlier, the project is already advanced on what you see here, so much as I appreciate suggestions, it's already been built...

30-05-2007, 02:47
Guardrails, these places always have lots of Guardrails.
Trust me. :chrome:
I know. :skull:

30-05-2007, 09:02
N810, I believe you, but it IS already built and painted :)

30-05-2007, 09:32
Show us the pics then ...... don't make me do a poll :) :)

30-05-2007, 10:49
I have one more set of photos from the undercoating and texturing session, then I have to take some more of the project as it stands. There is still some minor detailing and the water effects to do on the model itself before it's finished.

Here are some of those shots:
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer26_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer26_big.jpg)
View of seeding tower end. Sprayed first with bronze car spray, then grey car spray, and then spattered with a rusty brown...
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer27_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer27_big.jpg)
Texture on the ground is the contents of a used Brita water filter
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer28_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer28_big.jpg)
ladde4rs and stuff (but no guard rails... yet)

Click click click click clickyyyyyy, click a little Big for meeeee...

30-05-2007, 10:53
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer29_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer29_big.jpg)
Aerial view.
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer30_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer30_big.jpg)
View from the seeding tower. The array is made from a needle holder.
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer31_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer31_big.jpg)
Top view

"I feel the click, the click for Big"

30-05-2007, 10:57
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer32_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer32_big.jpg)
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer33_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer33_big.jpg)
Top level walkway
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer34_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer34_big.jpg)
View down from access steps

"Oh my click I don't believe it, I've never been this big away from home"

30-05-2007, 11:03
nearly there
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer35_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer35_big.jpg)
the view through
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer36_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer36_big.jpg)
the 'front'
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer37_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer37_big.jpg)
I spray mounted a forgeworld brass eagle on to the corrugated part when undercoating, after the first coat, when I took it off, this is what was left...

Clocky for Beg

30-05-2007, 11:05
and the last of the current set:
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer38_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer38_big.jpg)
Another view of that roof

"I'm Click"
"I'm Click!"
"I'm Click, and so's my Big!"

30-05-2007, 11:54
The water effect you've done on the filter bed has come off well. Great pics, waiting with baited breath on the final detailed ones :)

30-05-2007, 12:01
Heh, the water effects aren't even in there yet :)

30-05-2007, 13:42
Serious!?!?!?! In post 22 pic 2 it looks wet!? Doh!

30-05-2007, 18:26
This is great, really inspired use of various junk, nice painting too. Very well done! :) :cool:

de Selby
30-05-2007, 19:20
N810, I believe you, but it IS already built and painted :)

This being the case, I nearly skipped to the end to look at the painted pictures, but I was enjoying the adventures of Clicky and Big.

I really like how much thought you've put in to your 'terraforming plant'. How many of these would it take to 'form your average planet, do you think? I'm getting flashbacks to Magrathea.

31-05-2007, 13:23
I'm thinking there would be hundreds of these things spaced around a planet - perhaps one per 100 miles or so...

monkey child
31-05-2007, 13:51
Thats uber cool mate, are you planning on sticking notices around it or is it more of an un-manned station type thing? Some little bits of tools, hard hats strewn around might look good and indeed little bits of workers.
Very professional looking even without them though.

31-05-2007, 14:09
Notices are a good idea, I think the workers will all have scarpered by the time there's fighting around it though :)

31-05-2007, 19:10
The effect of the brass etch "stencil" turned out really cool. I'll have to "borrow" that one once I get my hands on the aquila's.

Ozymandias, King of Kings

31-05-2007, 20:56
Unfortunately, when it came to painting, the aquila got obscured, so back on went the brass etch...
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer39_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer39_big.jpg)

and here are some 'in situ' pics from a game - check out the quality white playing field!
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer40_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer40_big.jpg)
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer41_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer41_big.jpg)

Is this the real click? Is this just fantasy? Big in a landslide No Escape from Reality

31-05-2007, 20:58
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer42_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer42_big.jpg)

I'll take some close up shots for you before I finish this thing...

Who is that masked clicker? Sarge? Nope. Rosemary the telephone operator? Nope. Henry, the mild mannered Bigger? Could Be!

01-06-2007, 15:05
is that a rogue trader marine dreadnought i see?
on topic: the station looks great!

01-06-2007, 15:16
Aye, it is. Old skool gamers keep on gaming :)

02-06-2007, 03:44
Still recon that it should have power cables around the place . . . .;)
Gives it the modular assembly look or maybe emergency repair look, like this -> Armourcast pipes and cables linky (http://armorcast.com/terraform/OverheadPipelines.html)

Still looks good!!

Bugbait out

02-06-2007, 11:56
They're nice, haven't seen them before. I'm planning to do several modules though, using standard sheets of plasticard as the bases. I have the platformer industrial box and various other bits that will be getting used.

Thanks :)

11-06-2007, 10:39
So, another update, with some close-ups as promised.
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer43_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer43_big.jpg)
End of the canopy and feeder pipe
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer44_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer44_big.jpg)
control room and rickety fence
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer45_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer45_big.jpg)
filtration beds - whoops hadn't noticed how wonky they were until this pic :/

What an incredible click you've bigged

11-06-2007, 10:44
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer46_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer46_big.jpg)
ladder and riser tower. The transfers need a bit of a touch up - they're from the original land raider kit. I thought the mantis was quite striking - perhaps this is 'mantis station' or something
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer47_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer47_big.jpg)
Top of control room and ladders aerial view
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer48_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer48_big.jpg)
the top of the seeder array, the mantis transfer worked a lot better here

Aren't you a little click for a big trooper?

11-06-2007, 10:48
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer49_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer49_big.jpg)
upper walkway - you can fit 3 models in the spaces between the tanks and on the end...
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer50_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer50_big.jpg)
The canopy with the brass etch eagle reattached
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer51_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer51_big.jpg)
Aerial view

Keep your clicks to yourself kid, you'll find yourself bigging home

11-06-2007, 10:52
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer52_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer52_big.jpg)
the channel - I want to have a water effects flow running down this before I finish
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer53_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer53_big.jpg)
pipe detail - nice and rusty
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer54_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer54_big.jpg)
I used some old broken dry rub transfers for the two '74' markings...

We'll click you at the rendezvous big on tattooine

11-06-2007, 10:56
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer55_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer55_big.jpg)
rear of control room and pipes
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer56_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer56_big.jpg)
view through
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer57_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer57_big.jpg)
riser tower and those transfers that need touching up

"Clicky-wan never told you who your Big was"
"He told me enough. He told me you killed my Big!"
No, Luke - I am your Big"

11-06-2007, 10:59
Last for now - the next lot will be the finished article
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer58_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer58_big.jpg)
Front top view

"Click order Big66"

Desert thunder
15-06-2007, 06:05
That looks great

15-06-2007, 15:26
No, Luke - I am your Big"

Looking Fantastic. I do have to point out, though... In that scene, Vader doesn't say Luke. It's simply "No. I am your father."

16-09-2007, 12:25
Love it! great piece of scenery!

16-09-2007, 13:10
Very cool. It's great to see people putting efford into terrain which most gamers (like me) just can not be arsed to do enough. I especially like the pipes structure. The only slight critique I have is the spraycan...maybe it's because we've seen the WIP pictures but I think it's still identifyable as a spraycan.

01-10-2007, 10:04
for later on reference where you mentioned not seeing power cables everywhere in industrial settings is because power lines or wiring is typically done in 1 of 3 ways in chemical plants and the power plants i have worked in and around.

"Overhead" typically just at power plants coming out of the place.

"Underground" most of your high power lines are buiried as to be out of the way for the safety to use cranes and ect around them to perform maintenance and addons.

"Cable Trays" and "Metal Conduit" for your smaller cables, usually quarter sized and less are in cable trays to run throughout or closely around (sometimes exposed conduit) the the building, alot of times they dont have a lid on them, so you can model a tray with some "C channell" and lay wires in the top of the channell

As for your larger pipes carring water, chemicals, air and so on, if you cant get a small pipe fitting, a 2 piece 90 degree ell is not typical either, usually a 3 or 4 piece 90. The 2 piece 90 that you used. is usually used on a vent or something to that extent where it doesnt matter to the restriction of flow much.

im not nit-picking by any means, the project looks pretty good, its just you mentioned the parts about trying to be realistic on power cables and not seeing many pics, I thought i'd give a lil info.

oh and that hedge stuff i see, i just bought some and mounted it to some 6"X2" boards for WHFB. i like it alot, i drybrushed mine and the only gripe i got about it is trying to straighten it once out of the packaging. but good stuff none the less.

for the white cloth just mist some grey and black spray paints over the sheet, even a little black dye at the laundromat since you dont want the wife or mom killing you for using her washing machine and dye XD


19-10-2007, 22:24
Fantastic, I love all the detailing. I especially like your use of mundane items, junk becomes art. Brilliant. I do a lot of the same myself.

19-10-2007, 23:40
When I first looked at this thread I thought "hmmm, I don't know...looks kinda meh." But I gotta say, once I got to the last picture my respect for your terrain building skills shot way up! Great job man!!!

Anyone who can take what is essentially a pile of rubbish and turn it into frelling awesome wargame scenery deserves a cookie....or in your case, another chocolate mousse. :D

Just one suggestion, add a little more contrast. Maybe darken up the corrugated roofing or add a horizontal stripe or two to the seeding tower. It needs just a little something to break up the greyness.

And what's with this Clicky Big stuff? Your *******' me out man. :p

Mr Kibbles
20-10-2007, 05:30
Flippin nice! The whole thing looks very thunderbirdsy.

29-10-2007, 18:57
I really like it.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Might try something similar myself someday.

Would adding solar panels on the roof be to Tauish??

01-11-2007, 14:57
Would adding solar panels on the roof be to Tauish??

Solar panels?! Heresy! This is the Imperium - we need massive, inefficient, smoke-belching power plants that burn fossil fuels, trees and whole species of animals and turn idyllic (heretical) havens into polluted, diseased, catalogued deathworlds!

*slap* Stupid boy, Pike! :D

01-11-2007, 17:45
Thanks for your kind comments, people. I got it back out today, to compare with the rubble section just built... I'll try to get the water sorted tonight, and take some of the new rubble board.

03-11-2007, 00:54
So as promised, finally the finished water-effected article...

The finished model
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer59_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer59_big.jpg)

the water chute with hardly noticeable water flowing down it
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer60_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer60_big.jpg)

The hydration beds
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer61_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer61_big.jpg)

Clinky for Brig

03-11-2007, 00:57

Close up of hydration beds
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer62_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer62_big.jpg)

Close up of water chute
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer63_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer63_big.jpg)

Close up of water chute feed
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer64_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer64_big.jpg)

"Who's that Clickin' at my door/Somebody ringin' my Big"

03-11-2007, 01:00
and more

Hydration beds
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer65_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer65_big.jpg)

Aerial view
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer66_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer66_big.jpg)

Top view of Hydration beds
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer67_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer67_big.jpg)

"Oh my Click I can't believe it/I've never been this far away from Big"

03-11-2007, 01:05
yet more

Here's the Station with the new rubble board in front of it
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer68_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer68_big.jpg)

A Bunker, The Terraformer and the rubble board
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer69_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/terraformer69_big.jpg)

The new rubble board - I've only put a base coat on this so far
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/rubble01_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/rubble01_big.jpg)

"To Click, perchance to Big"

03-11-2007, 01:09
and finally, Esther

Rubble board
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/rubble02_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/rubble02_big.jpg)

I should be finishing the rubble board painting soon, so I'll post for you. It also has an unfortunate warp at the moment (cleverly cut out of photos :)) so I'll let you know how I fix that too.

Cheers for now

"To seek the sacred River Click/To walk the caves of Big"