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08-04-2005, 19:57
Well, there has always been some extremely stupid and painful games played among the teens, and after the jackass and other stupid-ass shows, the popularity of self-mutilating games has grown among those stupid enough to play them. Now, as it is always fun to hear about other people's suffering because of stupidity, I thought I'll make a little thread about it.

I'll put the ball rolling by presenting one of the most stupidest game I've ever played: The Blood Coin.

The blood coin is a very simple game, and you'll need atleast 2 players (although it gets better with larger group of players), a table and a coin. There are many different schools about what kind of coin to use, but I remember that we usually played it with 20 euro cent and 5 euro cent coins.

Now, somebody is named as a starter. You can use your imagination in naming the starter. Players gather around the table. The starter puts the coin on the table so that the coin stands on its side, and sends it spinning on its vertical axle on the table by snapping it with his finger. Then the player next to him must snap the coin with his finger before it stops to acclerate the spinning. If he succeeds without toppling the coin over, the turn goes to the player next to him and so on. But if a player botches the snap and the coin falls over to its side, he must face the punishment. The botcher presses his fist against the table so that his knuckles are against the table. The guy who was in turn before the botcher sets the coin on the table, puts his thumb on it, and sends the coin speeding along the table surface towards the botcher's knuckes. If all goes well, the coin slams against the knuckles and usually nicks a small piece of skin off from them. If he misses, well, there are two things that can be done, and it is up to the players to decide what to do: you can either say that the botcher is a lucky git and go on, or you can try it again and again until it hits. After this, the botcher starts a new round by being the starter.

Now, it is extremely hard to snap the spinning coin without toppling it over, so punishments happen often. The first few times it doesnt hut much, but after a few cuts the knuckles start bleeding and let me tell you: it hurts like hell to have a coin to slam against bleeding wound. And these coins aren't washed or anything pansy like that, so there always is the possibility of having blood poisoning from the dirty coins. I haven't played this game in few years, but it was great fun back then. Don't ask why, I'm the first to admit is is just plain stupid.

Now, it is your turn. Tell us about the stupid-**** games and competitions you have participated. I know that you have done it, just admit it! ;)

08-04-2005, 20:12

You'll need 5-15 players, a tennis ball and a large wall.

The starter throws the ball against the wall.

Someone else then catches it when it rebounds.

If it is caught, BEFORE it bounces on the ground after hitting the wall, or if it bounces BEFORE hitting the wall, the thrower must stand against the wall for 10seconds. If someone attempts to catch it, but fumbles it, the would-be catcher must go against the wall for 10seconds. You cannot move with the ball (so if it goes a long way away, it's damn hard to throw properly).

While on the wall, the same rules apply, just you got a tennis ball hurtling at you from 5 or so yards. If you catch it while on the wall (catch is unlikely, unless it's a long throw... hitting you somewhere soft, you collapsing but keeping the ball so that it doesn't hit the ground is more likely) then the thrower goes on the wall for 10seconds and you go off it.

When playing with cricketers it hurts. Hitting you in the balls is rare, as no-one aims there. Your head though is a great target...

Then there's another one called: rugby. Go figure.;)


Festering Chantor
08-04-2005, 20:12
A few local favourites:
Knuckle Poker: Poker where the looser get his knuckles mutilated by the winner...
Water Poker: Pansy game where you bet glasses of water... (someone usually pukes though, after a couple op hours).
Classic: Game involving a hand, a knife and hopefully five fingers...

Allways prefered bare knuckle fighting...

08-04-2005, 20:22
Good old fashioned no rules football.

08-04-2005, 20:27
Ah, remembered another one. I haven't personally played this, but heard this from a teacher who had played this when he was young. I don't know the name of this, but it surely is stupid.

There are two players, standing in front of eachother The other one puts his hand in front of him, palm pointing downwards. A comb (tough guys use metal combs, sissies plastic combs) is put on top of the fist, so that the comb is pointing at the other player. The idea of the game is that the other player tries to snatch the comb and hit the other player's knuckles with the spikes of the comb. The guy who's knuckles are on the line of fire, so to say, isn't allowed to pull his fist away before the comb is snatched.

This game needs very good reflexes, and is really stupid, as many knuckles have broken from a hit with a sharpened metal comb.

08-04-2005, 21:01

Players: 4+

Play a regular game of Black Jack, the loser ie. the one with the lowest hand or the one who goes bust by the most (bust taking president over lowness of hand), then names a card. The pack of cards is then shuffled and the loser puts his hand pam down on the table. Cards are drawn from the top of the pile, each suit has a corresponding torture (see below) and these are inflicted on the loser until his card is drawn.

Hearts: The gentle one, you "stroke" the loser's hand although stra=oke as hard as you want, very painful once they have cuts.
Spades: "Viper", put your fingersand thumb together, should look a bit like a snake head. Then lash out with your finger and thumb tips at the loser's hand as hard as you can. If you get it right your fingersnails will make contacts first. This is surprisingly painful, and I have actually dislodge bones in my hand from being hit by this!
Clubs: "Twist", clutch up the skin on the back of their hand and twist is until you feel it it appropriate to let go. Digging in finger nails is fair game.
Diamonds: "Slam", lock your hand back and slam the bopny part of your wrist down on the loser's hand.

The pain builds up over a whole deck of cards and the hand will be a bloody mess at the end, especially if they go through 40+ cards.

My pld form tutor mentiioned having played a version of this game with a metal pair of compasses :eek:

08-04-2005, 21:19
thump murder.. sit in a circle with one person designated a murdeder in secret.. then dim the lights and put on some loud music to dim the screams. now the murder punches the guy next to him a random number of times and then the guy he punched punches th guy next to him 1 time less.. the guy who gets hit once is murdered.. he generally gets punched once by everyone.. adding intrest as you go around the circle is fair game so even if the murderer only punched the guy next6 to him 4 tims he can be hit 10 times next time around.. generally goes on for a long time and you get killed by the end

09-04-2005, 04:35
Ok, so this one isn't so much painful as it is disgusting...

What you'll need to play is a bag of marshmellows, a few good friends, and a lot of really strong booze. Select the first player at random and hope that it is you. The first player take off his pants and places a marshmellow in between his butt cheeks. He must then walk across the room and back without dropping it. If he is unfortunate enough to drop it, he must then EAT the lost gamepiece. However, if he is succesful the next person must repeat the task utilizing the same marshmellow.

Of course, it is tactically wise to have a very large ass for this as the marshmellow can be gripped more fully and placed much deeper. It also makes the stress on your successor much more great, as a marshmellow which has been in a fat mans ass is somehow worse than one from just a regular ass. :eek:

grizzly ruin
09-04-2005, 04:44
When I was little, we used to play a home-made version of "Tron".

It was usually just two people winging frisbees at each other as hard as they could, but the most fun was always a 3 or 4 way free for all with each person starting with half a dozen frisbees.

There were no rules, you just threw frisbees at each other and played til someone's mother caught you or until someone was bleeding and quit.

My other childhood favorite was

"Kill the man with the ball"

More fun with atleast 8 to 10 players, 20 is insane.

Everyone gets into a pack, and a ball of some kind (amercian football size is good) is thrown into othe air.

Who ever catches it has to run as fast as he can as everyone else tries to tackle and crush him to take the ball away, so they can then have the chance to flee for their life.

Usually, getting caught with the ball resulted in a savage pile up and injuries.

These aren't as brutal as some of the other games mentioned, but god they were fun.

09-04-2005, 05:21
We just used to beat the crap out of each other, and didn't need pansy games to do it. Then we discovered rugby. Our team was the worst in the league, but people hated playing us, because they thought all we wanted to do was hurt the other team.

And they were right. ;)

Festering Chantor
09-04-2005, 11:30
@Beefstick: That is not as discusting as it is disturbing... I just lost my luch!

09-04-2005, 11:59
@Beefstick: That is not as discusting as it is disturbing... I just lost my luch!


I remember another stupid game. One person gets a rubber and rubs the other person's arm 99 times as hard as they want. Then it swaps over. Until one person's arm is bleeding.

Festering Chantor
09-04-2005, 12:17
Ok, as this is no longer a thread about stupid games and more of a freak show on sadism and maschosism, here is a few survival tips:
1.Avoid friend armed with a glue stick (used as ammo in a hot glue pistols)...
2.Avoid the same friend armed with a skateboard...
3.Avoid exactly the same friend armed with Snowboard boots...
4.Avoid people armed with everything from sharp pens to rubber bands (yes, it's the same guy)...
5. Get new friends...

10-04-2005, 03:51

Get 4 people

3 people place both their hands on the table out right, palms down, fingers spread, touching one anothers finger tips.

The 4th person is called the Excruciator. His/her job is simple. Find a bunch of keys, stand above the people's hands and thrown the keys down as hard as possible upon the victim's hands :D .

Anyone who withdraws their hands in pain or fright may not use that hand again in the game. As soon as both hands are withdrawn they lose the game.

The winner is the person with at least one hand still left on the table.

WARNING:- Bring bandaids.



Take 24 people
12 people a team
teams stand opposite one another on a football field
Place football in the center.
The team that manages to get the footy to their opponents side gets a point. first to 10 wins.

Rules: There are none apart from no groin shots. Sticks are seen as perfectly legal, they are there to help give the game a prodding. Types of attacks with stick allowed

clipping shins

10-04-2005, 04:02
Ive played blood coin
and the classic rock paper siccors where rock is punch paper is slap and siccsiors is scratch

i hate the rock paper siccors as it gets to the the point where people have cuts from scratchs bruised arms, and people slapping sed bruised arms,

the most discusting game is ofcourse "what can you lick?" basicly it was me and some dude in my class licking stuff and whoever licked the grosses thing wins, i lost, but i didnt know how to top licking the bottom of a shoe coverd in crap.

i will try the thump murder though i like the sound of it, is there a cap on how many times u can hit somone?

10-04-2005, 04:18
[FONT=Times New Roman]

the most discusting game is ofcourse "what can you lick?" basicly it was me and some dude in my class licking stuff and whoever licked the grosses thing wins, i lost, but i didnt know how to top licking the bottom of a shoe coverd in crap.


Lick 2 shoes covered in crap?

10-04-2005, 09:59
AOL style

you need:
- About 50+ AOL CD's
- 5 to 10 good buddies 15 is insane

space you selves out an arm each person with 10 AOL CD's, andgame starts run around throwing CD's at each other, if some one manages to catch a CD that you threw then you are out of the game, but other than that no other rules. ganging up on some one is allowed it's fair :P

This game usually results in cuts LOTS of them, ud be surprised how much damage a CD can do to you when thrown at you.....

Also allways the olddies:
Knuckles ( playing slapes but with knuckels)

P.S this thread is turning in to "How best can you beat up you friend and get away with it"

10-04-2005, 10:11
Join the crew:

Basically British Bulldog but with the added kill factor, in that you need a field, lots of players, and 'catchers'. The catchers name someone, they run alone, or shout stampede, then the catchers try and catch someone. However to catch someone in this game you must fight them and hurt them until they submit by shouting 'Join the crew'.

The original Fight Club, I was playing this at the age of 9 :D

The boyz
10-04-2005, 10:42
Yeah you cant beat a good old game of British Bulldog.

10-04-2005, 11:04

A game for two player. best played in a tournament

Two people face each other and use one of their fists to smack as hard as they can on the other persons knuckles. the players take turns in doing this until one gives up. coins in between knuckles is allowed as long as they are hidden.


you will need:-
A large circle on the grass (or concrete for had boyz)
20 boys, or 30+ for the insane people

Get all players and charge into the ring. every man for himself. weapons allowed. Last man standing wins.

I played wrestlemania at school and I got chokeslammed! OW!

10-04-2005, 15:16
Er...lemme think. I've played a few.
I remember good 'ole Blood Coins. Man, that was fun.
I once did an arm wrestle with drawing pins (or tacks) were laid where you're arm would would fall if you lost. Believe me, a slow descent is much more painful than a smack down.
There's another one where you and a friend are on a swing and you have to get really high. Then you jump off. Whoever lands the furthest away wins.
And then there's the classic 'Running into things while sprinting as hard as you can'. Speaks for itself really.

Festering Chantor
10-04-2005, 15:20
LotR, that's a stupid game... no, it's not... yes it is...

Ass Goblin
11-04-2005, 04:43
And then there's the classic 'Running into things while sprinting as hard as you can'. Speaks for itself really.

I love that game :D I play it when i'm drunk!

11-04-2005, 05:37

Yeah, how could I forget the classic "running into things." :D

11-04-2005, 16:19
Knuckles is pure evil, I was playing it against the hardest person I knew... we both ended up with red hands, bloodied knuckles and were unable to write properly for two days...

Nuts is fun too, especially if you're drunk. You take it in turn to headbutt each other on the forehead until one person submits/is knocked unconcsious (this HAS happened on occasion, though whether it was alcohol or the vicious headbutt that caused it I'll never know...)

Salty :)

19-04-2005, 22:25

Wet Tennis ball
7+ players in shorts (Bikini's if girls play. I advise against!!!)

Throw at each other whilst runnin around like ******, if hit you get a nice red mark which takes a few days to heal. No special rules, if you get the ball hurt someone and run. Easy... But fun.

The pestilent 1
19-04-2005, 23:23
the good old "wrestling"
as many guys as your man/mad enough to fight at once.
get atleast slightly drunk.
then beat the crap out of eachother.
rules are thusly.

no purposeful head injuries.
thats it.

one on one between me and the boyfriend of a girl im attracted to...
i did well, getting in several good punches and kicks (it may of helpd that he had, had more drink than i) a drop kick to my ribs later and i resign my belt :p
(it still hurts three days later)

20-04-2005, 02:49
How about flinging youself down stairs in a Box? Me and my sister used to do that every Christmas. Oh happy days.

The pestilent 1
20-04-2005, 19:18
How about flinging youself down stairs in a Box? Me and my sister used to do that every Christmas. Oh happy days.
i do that daily, not purposly i'll admit.
nice old adrenaline rush from falling down a flight of stairs because you were running down them two or three at a time.

20-04-2005, 20:31
Take one skate bowl (empty)
As many blindfolds as players
A Large Car or tractor tyre

one player stands on the top of the ramp BEHIND the other blindfolded players and rolls the tyre at their legs, last one standing is the winner and gets to bowl

21-04-2005, 16:22
Chair Jousting (http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/news/news_item.php?pkid_news=65)

Math Mathonwy
21-04-2005, 17:34
AS-Huikka. It's a card game for many players and has rather complicated rules that I'm not going to write down here, but you can easily come up with an alternate rule set. The catch is that everyone needs to have something to drink along and pretty much everything you do in the game ends with you having to take a drink (or three) from the bottle or pour a drink into a central container. Now, the games goes on and on and the central container gets filled up with a vicious coctail of all sorts of alcohol.

The loser (there are no winners in AS-huikka, only a loser), naturally, has to drink the contents of the container. Let me tell you that Bayleys doesn't mix with red wine :p

Then there's the game of getting a big metal pot and placing it on someone's head (how it's picked who shall have the honour of being someone is a place to use some of the other games described here). Then all the other players gather round and keep slapping the pot with open hands until the someone passes out or the others get bored because their hands hurt too much.

(I can't believe I just wrote that - it helps to be very, very drunk)

21-04-2005, 18:20
Let me tell you that Bayleys doesn't mix with red wine :p

Does it mix as badly as it does with lime?

Note: Baieys and lime, droped in a pint of Guiness is just cruel - some poor sod is going to have to chew their way through that pint!

21-04-2005, 19:14
Let me tell you that Bayleys doesn't mix with red wine :p

Does it mix as badly as it does with lime?

Note: Baieys and lime, droped in a pint of Guiness is just cruel - some poor sod is going to have to chew their way through that pint!