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30-05-2007, 19:45
Hey all

Since my last two project logs became neglected and extinct, I've decided to open up a new one wheer I can showcase all of my work, instead of having my random display peices tossed aside and never seen.

So, in this log, you should find -

Blood Angel Space Marines, currently at about 200pts (yes, i was playing before the new 'dex came out! :p )

Orcs and Goblins, which will be a mixed force with two special characters

Imperial Guard, in random doses. I havent painted them in about a year, as they became neglected.

And finally, my random display peices, minis painted for showing off and that only.

30-05-2007, 19:52

First up, Ive attached the pics and scaled them for ease, but shout up if they're not small enough still, or anything like that.

Theres a group picture of the blood angels as they stand, along with one or two of the centrepeices for the force - the techmarine, the dreadnought (WIP) and land raider.The full log can be seen in slightly more detail via the link in my sig. compliments now go here, thanks :D

Then theres a group shot of the guard,which I'll soon get to work on (hopefully) but they will come second to the BA's.

Finally, the random peices are thrown in , but just the recent ones.

Pics of the O&G will be up soon, I hope :p

30-05-2007, 20:05
Good start on the guard. That psyker looks particularly well painted. Love the blue.

Brush your teeth
30-05-2007, 20:07
some really promising stuff there marko, skin on the servitors looks really nice, as does the battle damage on the dred, and the coat on the psyker, your painting has quite definately improved from your early BA mini's

ill be keeping an eye on this :)

BYT - off to subscribe :D

30-05-2007, 20:12
First up, Ive attached the pics and scaled them for ease, but shout up if they're not small enough still, or anything like that.

They're too small.:p

Well, some of them. Anyway looking very promising, I like the dread in particular.

I'll be watching...:)

30-05-2007, 20:28
wow, people like me! :p

Im hoping to have to dread finished by the end of the week, and then Im moving to the death company rhino. they deserve a good ride, especially now they're rending :D


30-05-2007, 20:37
especially now they're rending


That actually made me put my BA in storage.

Good luck on the Dread...one of my fav. models.

30-05-2007, 20:55
why put them in storgae? I thought that'd be good? who doenst like to rend?


30-05-2007, 21:05
I'm a bit old fashion when it comes to Marines and rending. I just don't think they need it. It's a cool rule for armies like tyranids. I just feel the Marines are strong even w/o it. Don't get me wrong, when it was first made available I abused the hell out of it. But, I quickly got tired of it. Especially when I started Speed Freeks and IG- but only out of bitterness...LOL.

31-05-2007, 08:37
I'd just like to point out something that I'd forgotten to mention in the initial post, the marine on the left of the last picture is a WIP test for a combat patrol Im going to make sooner or later. I'll include two squads of 5 marines, all with true grit and infiltrate, along with some sniper scouts and a LS.


31-05-2007, 20:28
Ok, so I went into town today, played a few games and picked up an apothecary mini on impulse. A little bit of cutting, filing, and glueing later, and a raid of the growing bitz box, I had me a proxy corbulo mini :D

I plan to exchange the plasma pistol for a bolt pistol when I come to paint him, but I dont have one as yet. The servo skull represents something generating his 4+ invulnerable, as well as looking cool.

In terms of gaming, the list is probably about to get turned on its head and shaken about a bit to iron out any flaws, as Ive noticed a few since I began building it. plus, I have the basic stuff to do it, plaus a bit more :p I'll post it up when I get the new list from WD...


31-05-2007, 20:51
I think that model would work out great for a Corbulo model, just might wanna let them know its him before the game in case of confusion, the conversion looks pretty sounds, neat idea for the servo skull. Cant wait to see some paint on him :)

31-05-2007, 21:44
theres someone who already has the whole list on here, if i remember who it is, i'll let you know :)

the 'corbulo' is very cool, i like the skull a lot, a nice proxy if you ask me, the skull could dive in front of corbulo as he gets shot, then corbulo could hold the skull in his arms and the music will go "aaand IIIIIII will always loooove youoo!!"

as much as the WHFB elemnt of this log sickens me to my imperial core, the 40k stuff more than makes up for it!

EDIT - Cpt_ninjapants or somthing....:D

31-05-2007, 21:53
Thanks SC, Ill track him down and hold him to hostage until he tells me about that list :p

I'll hope to have some more painted stuff and possibly some O&G's up soon, but first, I'll finish off the dread and paint the DC rhino.

keep the C&C coming, always welcome.


01-06-2007, 16:18
Nice work on that Corbulo...thingey. I'm guessing he's an Apothecary special character?
Btw I think the plastic servo-skulls are one of the nicest additional parts of the space marine range. They're very useful for conversions like these.

Keep up the good work.:)

15-06-2007, 17:38
Hey guys, justa post to let you all know ive not abandoned you all, and am still working away.

Ive finished up the dreadnought (including base) and Crom the conqueror, so now Im working on some of the striking spectre marines to tide me over till my WD 30th birthday model and GDUK mini arrive in the post :p

Im also thinking of reviving some of my old LOTR armies... well, Ive already started work on giving a new lease of life to some old gondor dudes, to be honest... so expect pics of all this lot soon!