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31-05-2007, 20:44
Battle Report Tau Air Cadre vs Ork Flyboyz


4 Tau Barracuda fighters

5 Ork Fighta w/rokkits

Turn 1

The orks won the initiative and the majority flew forwards making a gentle turn to the left, the flight leader however had his controls wired incorrectly, cursing the mekboyz and their grots he headed to the right leaving him without a wingman, as they were out of range their turn ended.

The Tau flew straight forwards their sensors locking onto one of the fights however their Ion cannon shots missed their target ending turn one.

Turn 2

The orks again won the initiative thanks to their superior numbers, the Ork flight leader executed a wingover bringing him behind one of the Barracudas and in short range however while his shots missed the burst cannons return fire locked onto the heat from the gunz and caused a point of damage on the leader.

Three of the other fightas with some fancy manoeuvres managed to get in range but missed all of their targets making thirty two Ork shots fired for no effect. However passing shots from the burst cannons of two of the Tau fighters succeeded in shooting down a fighta, first blood to the Tau!


Turn 3

The Tau won the initiative now that the orks no longer had superior numbers however two fightas shot first with trailing fire and had their revenge for their fallen comrade.


The Tau scattered and one of the Barracuda with a passing Ion cannon shot destroyed a second fighta. The Orks also broke and one of Flyboyz racked up his second kill of the day taking the Tau below half strength winning the game for the Orks!

Turn 4 Final Turn

Before breaking off and returning to base the remaining air caste pilots executed an immelmann seeking revenge for their fallen comrades, however the Orks were out of range and so they disengaged leaving the Sky in control of the greenskins.


I really enjoyed myself Aeronautica Imperialis is an excellent game rewarding tactics and planning rather than the amount of dice rolled.
The Tau as you would expect excel in firepower and their manoeuvrability and acceleration are not bad either, only their top speed lets them down and this is not a serious issue.

The Orks are everything you would expect, numerous fast and vicious but while the number of shots they put out is great they have trouble hitting a barn door with a large shoot me sign pinned to it

Next week we are planning to expand to both air to ground and AA with both fighta bommers and Tiger Sharks making an appearance.

I really must get my Manta finished.

31-05-2007, 23:20
Will be interesting to see how things go with the Tigershark against the Orks, having been playing against them with my Thunderbolts (today played 7 Thunderbolts vs 6 Barracuda's, 2 Tigersharks and 2 AX1's in a ground attack scenario), they're hard as nails but so unmanouverable, though that slow speed is tricky to deal with, I'd imagine the Orks will be all over em fairly easily though.

01-06-2007, 01:48
Sweet :)

The way to hit tau is from fast and high, those lowly burst cannons can really give you a bad day!!
Cool ork models by the way, what are they converted from? look like p-47's

01-06-2007, 06:10
The models are converted from a variety of 1/350th scale trumpeter plastic model kits, for more information I suggest checking out Harkon Greywolf's thread here (http://swchq.co.uk/swcforum/viewtopic.php?t=1500) on the Space Wolves site.




01-06-2007, 23:05
Hi Brim and everybody!
It was a great game and of course a fair result! ;)
Actually as it was my first game, Brim, being the experienced 2nd game player!, let me off a real Rookie mistake whereby I assumed that the Dive and Climb manoevre's were on the same Manoevre card! D'oh!
It would have meant me taking a Climb instead of a Dive with the subsequent loss of speed and my Boss would have ploughed into the ground!!
Brim was kind enough to let me use the correct manoevre and save my Boss!
As it happens he didn't do anything useful in the game apart from some very fancy manoevres!! So it probably didn't greatly affect the game in the end.

The model planes, by the way, are from Netmerchants, a Modelling site. They are Trumpeter kits as Brim pointed out. They are made as Display models to go on the 1/350th scale Aircraft Carrier models. They come with such fancy gear as wheels and propellors, but given the very fragile state of those components and the fact that I'd be gaming with them I decided to hack the planes up and forgoe the fiddly details!
After all, I AM an Ork Mekboy at heart! ;)

Harkon Greywolf

10-06-2007, 19:15
Just an additional point, these planes are Works In Progress as today I have received a sprue of Epic Orks and am in process of making pilots to go in my planes!
Basically, just their heads sticking up in the cockpits, but will improve the looks of these planes no end!
I will also be sticking the clear plastic cockpit covers on as well afterwards, leaving gaps so you can see the Orky pilots!

As you can tell, these plastic models, whilst not having the surface detail of the Forge World models, do have the advantage of being very easy to convert, they're really cheap and as they are display models at heart, they have things like clear plastic cockpits, wheels and wings, for anyone wanting to go the whole hog!


There's a lot more painted Ork Air Waaagh! over at the Spacewolves site thread now,
On page 3 there's the latest and a picture of the whole Air Force to date!
You'll see that all the planes (except the Epic ones) have clear canopies and pilots!
And here's a "teaser" to draw you in, my version of my Ork leader "Da Red Barrun!"

Harkon Greywolf

I've added more pictures today including the FW Grot Bombs.
Do check it out.


11-06-2007, 03:09
Id be happy to look, but I dont want to sign up to that forum just to see your pictures :)

11-06-2007, 20:16
Ah well you see, it doesn't matter if you sign up just to look, coz then you can join in, and we are the Best site around! ;)
Brimstone will forgive me for plugging Spacewolves like this as we are so much smaller than Warseer! ;) (But of course, quality comes in small packages! ;) )