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31-05-2007, 20:15
Starting my first AI campaign today my chaos raiders vs some imperials. We are only playing the 'small' campaign (am waiting for 3 more hell blades to turn up) and depending upon how this goes we are thinking of adding in a map based element with extra rules for controlling different terrain. e.g. controlling a radar sight gives you a 6+ chance of knowing your opponents campaign strategy and such like.

31-05-2007, 20:41
Well i'm the other half of this little endeavour and i'll be using the Imperial Navy, expectations are not high but it should be a good laugh.

I think what we are looking for are things that have worked for other people in their camapaigns or just good suggestions in general for a larger campaign in the future?


01-06-2007, 08:56
Dont get raped by an Eldar airbase raid in the second turn of the campaign :(

Thats my advice...

Anyway, I was also thinking of some sort of map-based campaign. Using hex's. Something like whoever has the most points in a hex 'owns' it, planes can only fly a certain number of hex's from an airbase, you can set up new airbases if you have enough control of a hex, enemy can send attacks at hex's, can attack hex's beyond front lines but with a points penalty (eg, 2 hex +50 points to defender, 3 hex +75 to defender, 4 hex +100 and so on, or something).

Could be fun!

Galdur Hrafnsson
01-06-2007, 12:14
I was possibly thinking of something similar using (converted if I have to) Mighty Empires tiles. I'd like to put an air campaign together in sync with a 40k ground campaign, so whoever's tile you're currently battling over, they have additional ground defences, possibly even runways and other special things. And of course because there are 40k games going on, control of zones would change on a weekly basis... hmmmmm!

01-06-2007, 17:11
Well first victory to me, truly the Emperor was smiling on us as we took out 4 Hell Blades for no losses. A bit of good luck on my part and some temporary insanity for Kris i think but its currently

Imperuim: 3

Chaos: 0

Onwards to the next turn

Mighty Empires, great idea, i think we have a front runner. The idea of specific areas giving bonuses is something we both think is a great idea, kep the good ideas flowing:)

Galdur Hrafnsson
01-06-2007, 18:38
I have to say, having seen a copy of Mighty Empires today, the pieces are very nice, and with little conversion could be used for 40k/AI. Heck, all you might need to do is make some little Imperial/Alien cities, maybe miniature bunkers, temples and whatnot, and it could easily be used in a campaign...

11-06-2007, 10:26
We have played 3 campaign turns so far, Current score;
Imperials: 2
Chaos: 4
All the games we have played have resulted in massacres.
Jono spent a campaign point to pick a Target recon mission but due to me shooting down his marauder, which was his recon aircraft and a thunderbolt for the loss of only 2 hell blades I got the massacre.
I then spent a point to choose ambush which didn't go to well for Jono, He set up his 3 thunderbolts I set up 8 hell blades and in the first turn we both lost 2 fighters massacre to the forces of chaos again. I then spent a point on reinforcements and rolled... you guessed it 50 points of fighters so 4 hell blades please. A net loss of no fighters for 4 points gained.

I have come to the opinion that any mission where we play across the table I do well at as I can use my maneuverability to out flank him but I am struggling to play along the table as his ability to take pot shots with his las cannons at a longer range worries me. Ah well I just need more practice.

11-06-2007, 14:19
That is the biggest problem fighting against Chaos I would say - they are quick and maneuverable and so can get inside the Imperial death zone of 6.01-12 in. So the campaign system is working well for 1 v 1 campaign I would assume?

On the idea of a map campaign I had an idea when the game first came out to try and build an integrated map campaign where Epic (or 40k) armies would move around and hold ground, while Air units would have to be given orders to do something in a Hex. If you wanted Air Support for your ground armies an Air unit (so you have multiple squadrons basicly) would have to be assigned CAS and the Hex/Army you want them to provide CAS in/to. You could also do recon to discover the composition of enemy forces, interdiction missions to thin them out before getting to the front line, and strategic attacks against their bases/industrial center. This lends itself to assigning Patrols of fighters to a cluster of hexes to watch for the enemy trying to get in and having Combat Air Patrols over important hexes. While this would be very cool, it would take a lot of work.

11-06-2007, 14:55
^Thats our thoughts exactly. Plus the fact that I don't own a chaos 40K army and refuse to play AI with anything with wings (due to my inert hated of plains) Put a stop to that idea though. I was thinking of putting some more thought in to controlling parts of the map though.

My thoughts for the moment are mainly to do with radar sites as you have to start somewhere.
Who ever controls the most radar installations can either After both strategies have been reviled change their strategy or +/- 1 from the dice roll to decide mission.
Stuff like that.