View Full Version : WHY Don't GW Sell any speciality Game models.

10-08-2005, 23:09
I dont know about anyone else, or the GW near them. But the GW near me only sells Specialty Game Box Sets such as Blood Bowl and Battle Fleet Gothic, Never individual models.
Does GW just not beleive that the Specialty Game sector doesn't produce enough net income to produce individual models in mass numbers or are some GW's just extremely specific in selling Fantasy Warhammer and 40K Warhammer box sets and models only.

He Who Laughs
10-08-2005, 23:15
It comes down to shelf-space. Most GW's (in Australia at least) don't even have even shelf-space to put all of the 40K-LOTR-WHF stock on, let alone Specialty Games.

10-08-2005, 23:17
Well they should carry it and MAKE shelf space becuase I'd play specialty if I could gain access to it, i bet alot of people would.
It's a part of GW that hasn't been tapped into yet. Really.

He Who Laughs
10-08-2005, 23:25
Well, at the GW that I work at, I wish we could find room for the Specialty Games - cause Bloodbowl is an awesome game that people need to be exposed to - BUT, we PHYSICALLY have no space to put anything more up on the shelves.
When a new army comes out - ala Wood Elves, we have to re-arrange most of the store, and a lot of blisters and boxes that don't normally seel much have to get shipped back to the warehouse.

Oh, and not meaning to be harsh - but count yourself lucky that at least in Canada you get Specialty Games - they're no longer available from Oz Mail Order, and if we want anything us Aussies have to buy it directly from the UK, US or Canada. Which sucks hard, as shiping costs are a b*tch.

11-08-2005, 00:22
Here in the USA Specialty Games have ben completely removed from all GW stores. Only the five north american Battle Bunkers carry anything SG any more. We aren't even allowed to take up table space by playing in GW stores anymore, just the Bunkers. Also, every specialist game has recently had it's forum locked, and they have all been thrown into one badly constructed SG forum.

With no announcements we can't say what's going on with complete certainty, but to me it seems like GW is preparing to completely write SG off and drop the lines. They certainly can't expect much expansion when noone can play the games, nor discuss them, nor even buy them anywhere to begin with.

11-08-2005, 02:02
It's a part of GW that hasn't been tapped into yet. Really.
Well, actually it's been well and truly tapped...

All of the Specialist Games are games that were released years ago, had their day in the sun, and removed from the core GW range when sales dropped to a point where they were no longer sufficient to justify the shelf space.

11-08-2005, 02:22
Thats the point though, for a while alot of them simply weren't supported, and were just left to drift and allow sales to drop. Even then it's been a downhill road since the haydays of the likes of BFGMag and the likes, and even then it wasn't tremendous support...just 'support'. I quite liked it all. Everyone said it was going to the sh!thouse when the mags were grouped into Fanatic Magazine, then it was cancelled for an all online supplement. Now, I can barely remember the last official thing to come from GW for BFG, let alone anything else.

It's a shame though the likes of BFG, Epic Armageddon and Blood Bowl are fantastic games, but GW doesn't push them. At all.

:rolleyes: :(


11-08-2005, 02:48
Yea it truley does suck because Blood Bowl is a amazing game and it does not take up alot of shelf space, I am almot sure that the bigest team can be 13 players. That is not alot of space at all.

But regardless GW needs to revamp the SG sector.

11-08-2005, 03:35
My local GW still carries BFG and Blood Bowl. I live in NJ, so... maybe it isn't nationwide.

They don't have a SG night or anything, but they do still promote it. At least locally.

11-08-2005, 03:45
GW doesn't understand, nor does it wish to understand, it's customers, nor their levels of fanaticism.

SG represent a very small pecentage of GW's sales, yet have quite an extensive model line overall. Return on investment is not enough, much like Dark Eldar, thus they get binned. If they still exist near you, enjoy.

If GW could get away with it, they'd sell one box:

10 Marines with two bonus sprues, one Loyalist Command and one Chaos Command.

11-08-2005, 05:13
GW stores don't carry specialty games anymore, because they simply don't have room for SG in most of them. It's also a huge amount of inventory for very little in the way in sales. Those games did good when they first came out, but their sales drop off as time goes on, and get pretty sparse. There is a lot of backhistory of specialty games, it simply won't fit into the current size of most GW stores. For an independent, it gets too depressing when you have to dust the blisters off, and keep staring at something like 8000.00 in games that you sell about 100.00 a month of. I know when i had the chances to return Epic, Bloodbowl, Warmaster, etc over the years, I always did, so that I had room and money for the other games that were coming out.

It's all available through mailorder. I have a lot of custumers that put in orders for SG along with regular bits orders. No reason you can't just call up mailorder and get it shipped to you. Anyone that can't get up the energy to either have their local store do a bitz order, or call up mailorder, doesn't really seem to me to be too enthusiastic about whatever game it is that they want.

You aren't going to see GW do a lot of push on these games, or offer up a huge amount of support. Sales just don't justify it. But that doesn't stop a hobbyist from playing the game, and supporting it themselves. One person setting up a bloodbowl league and playing commissioner can usually get a good league going. Making some scenery for BFG and bringing along your painted minis to a store can usually get a few more people interested or teach new people the game. Talk to your local game store, set up a night for one game, or for a lot of specialty games. Bring your stuff, put on some games. If you support the SG that you really like, it will grow, and you'll have more people to game with. Don't sit around waiting for GW to do the support for you.

As for there being some announcement about GW stores not carrying specialist games anymore, i actually do remember the announcement, and got a letter about it. I'd be very surprised if it wasn't discussed to death on many forums.

11-08-2005, 08:18
my store (bath) is a huge place, and theres all of the main started boxed sets, and rulebook, and extras books in, and every now and again, theres some necromunda, or warmaster, or epic, or something else in stock...

11-08-2005, 17:19
Y'know, you can always order what you need from Mail Order!

11-08-2005, 17:51
and if you cant do it online or over the phone, your local store can do it for you! easy as pie!

11-08-2005, 17:58
You can't blame GW for putting stuff in stores that sells.

lets face it, 40K and WFB sell more then the SG range, so naturally most of the store space is going to be taken up by these products.

i'm lucky, i can get necromunda stuff fairly easily as 2 shops near me sell the stuff in blister form.

You don't need to buy rulebooks for the SG either, so if your really miffed just convert 40K/WFB stuff for it (for some anyway, not all can be converted...eg Gothic/epic)

11-08-2005, 18:16
I understand that GW is majorly involved with 40K and Warhammer Fantasy right now. But if this specialty stuff does not sell that well, then it just means they do one big order maybe once a month or so.
Blood Bowl is not a big game it would not take up alot of room anyways.
Same with Inquisitor, Battlefleet gothic, Warmaster and practically all other SG. They are not big, they would probabley take up the smallest amount of room that it is not even funny.
If GW Rearranged the way it layed out its rule books and codex's, then there is room for SG.
Enough Room to, regardless I think it's a little bit rediculous that GW is just going to throw out the whole SG sector.
Why not sell the specialty game area that they have to another company who WILL ACTUALLY produce it and sell it in stores.

12-08-2005, 01:00
You don't seem to be getting what people are saying:

They do produce it, it's almost all still in print.

It is in a store, that store happens to be online, or over the phone, or hop down to you GW store or one of the better independents and look at the catalog and order it.

SG doe take up space. My racking for GW starts 1 ft from the floor, and goes to 7' hight. I used to barely fit Mordheim into 4 feet, Gothic into 3.5 feet, and epic took up about 7 feet. Bloodbowl is smaller, only about 1 or 2 feet, depending on which production run we talk about. Inquisitor about the same.
Necromunda and Gorkamorka were pretty big at the end, as i recall. I'd estimate that you could easily eat up 16 feet of wallspace on specialty product, even putting a lot of boxes end on. Thats a lot of space that many GW stores don't have.

There is also a cost of inventory. It's not worth it, for the sales, to have a couple hundred GW stores have 1 each of specialty product, when mailorder can keep 10 of each in stock for the whole world, and spin off more as needed.

Packaging is another problem. If they run out of a box for a bloodbowl team, do they make 3000 more boxes? There are minimum runs on most packaging. If mailorder is handling it, you still get the team, but its in a plastic bag, not a box, no big deal.

Many, many, reasons for GW and independent stores not stocking all the SG. If you really want it, go order it. If thats too much trouble, then you don't really want to play the game, do you?

12-08-2005, 01:45
There's no GW near me so I go to a Rogue Trader which sells at least some of BloodBowl, Epic, Mordhiem and Gothic, however I don't find any of the terribly interesting. My store also has a 15% off GW prices too. :)

Delicious Soy
12-08-2005, 06:03
If it was a shelf space problem I wouldn't really care, but given that they pulled all of SG out of Asia Pacific would imply that they just weren't selling which conicdentally might have something to do with supporting said games for all of six months before shuffling them off.

12-08-2005, 17:15
ok I get it... and I always knew you can get anything through mail order. But what if you dont like ordering models over the internet. What if you dont have the internet.

Can you go to GW and get them to order the models for you? An if so do you still pay the shipping fee?

12-08-2005, 17:32
Any (Canadian) GW store (and any interested Indies) have what is called an Order Point.

Go into the store, select your stuff, call MO from the store (staff will help), pay the staff at the store (no CC req), GW ships to the store at no extra cost to you, pick up your stuff in a couple of weeks. Minimal risk for all involved.

12-08-2005, 19:47
GW Aberdeen has a few blisters and almost all of the Rulebooks. Though all the BFG blisters are Tau and all the Epic blisters are Orks so kind of makes it pointless having them there if there's no choice :( if you get my meaning. Aberdeen is large as far as GW's go (a far cry from the old shop :) .) but even it only has so much shelf space and seeing how much box sets the Black Templars are getting i can see specalist games in Aberdeen getting the old heave ho.

The staff however are keen about specalist games and encorage you to play them and show genuine interest when they see you playing them in the bunker. I think the demise of Specalist games and the shoddy way they have been handled exemplifies GW's increasingly greed driven marketing policies putting style over content :( . But who am i to judge if i was a board member then i to would want to make my millions also.

Also the term "Specialist Games" has always made me think of men in long brown coats watching two naked Scandinavian women playing twister. :confused:

Talkie Toaster
12-08-2005, 19:59
Also the term "Specialist Games" has always made me think of men in long brown coats watching two naked Scandinavian women playing twister. :confused:
...have you been reading Liber Chaotica: Slaanesh too much?
The problem I've found with the specialist games is whilst they're usually great games, they're difficult to play consistently, like 40k/Fantasy. They work best if you play them in bursts, and I guess that's not especially useful for GW marketing.

12-08-2005, 20:15
...have you been reading Liber Chaotica: Slaanesh too much?

No i dont even own a copy, out of interset where can i buy...erm i mean burn this vile tome of fornication? ;)

13-08-2005, 12:36
There is a few little things like team boxes for BB and gang boxes for necromunda and a few Inquisitor models at derby. But they have to be pushed quite to one side to make space a full range of all the other models.

BB, Necromunda, BFG and Inquisitor still have massive followings. Not too sure about mordheim and we all know GWs unwanted kid Gorkamorka (what a game!)
We can still play all these games in store.... one of the staffers is currently playing a guy on verts night regularly at BFG, some guys have recently started playing BB and we just had a huge staff run Necromunda Campaign.

What you have to remember is that these games will appeal to a wider audience than the 40k/WHFB/LoTR games because they require much less models to play and therefore easier to pick up.

I have a few freinds who say im a geek fro playing WHFB but still play BB and have done for years.
When a mate of mine ran a few Leagues and cups a lot of guys who i know from round my area turned up. I knew them all by face but none of them have any idea about other GWs products. The only way they get their stuff is by going to HQ and buying them in the shop.

This tells me the SGs are far from dead and that if GW have the space for them they are foolish not to exploit it!