View Full Version : Snotling teams in the new fan-mag

Mc Haggis
08-04-2005, 22:52
So they've nerfed them, less Snotlings, higher re rolls, no tackle zones. I’d be fine with this and happy playing a team that is supposed to be the hardest to win with, except that now all Snotlings teams will look the same: 4 trolls, 12 Snotlings and either 3 re rolls and 9 fan factor or 4 re rolls and 1 fan factor.

I’d have made Snotlings teams pay about 600 gold when creating the team for ‘unlimited Snotlings’ that never gained spp or skills, after all they aren’t going to be that unique and the skills really don’t suit them. Then had actual rules for a pump wagon and perhaps a giant, but then again I’m insane and have to be inside ‘the box’ by 9 at night or the police get worried.

09-04-2005, 17:15
I haven't seen the version in the mag yet, but it was based from this one:

But had to have a lot of the "flavour" removed to fit in with the straight LRB rules.

Mc Haggis
09-04-2005, 18:58
Yea, without the on-pitch spell casters or the pump wagon. Which is a shame.

11-04-2005, 07:25
I used to play Snotlings under the old journal rules, when a team could consist of between 0-30 snotlings plus 4 trolls.
They certainly are nowhere near as cool now, which is a damn shame, and simply adds to the theory that new vertions of the specialist games suck.

Mc Haggis
11-04-2005, 13:18
My minotaur will have to live in my chaos dwarf team for now, or sub for a troll. I remember planning a chaos team with 30 Snotlings and loosing about 2/3rds of them K/O-ed or worse by the end of the game. Real men play Snotlings.

11-04-2005, 20:48
The trouble with that roster was it was to good. The team was meant to be on (or below) a par with the Gobbos and Halflings, but for various reasons it could (and did) be a regular league winner.

IIRC that roster also won a big tournament in the US a few years back, which was definetly not meant to be possible.

Mc Haggis
12-04-2005, 20:36
It was surprisingly good against the hard hitting slow moving teams like undead and chaos because they could just dodge and sidestep away, but it suffered badly against fast teams and in league play after about 5 games when opponents had experienced players.

In second thoughts the team just needs the option to take 0-16 Snotlings and 0-1 pump wagon, if this makes it too good change the troll entry to read 0-2. I don’t want to make it more powerful just add variety.

14-04-2005, 20:12
The old roster was broken regardless of who you played. Just knock someone over with the Troll, and foul them out with the Snots. With upto 30 of them on the roster, who cared if one was sent off? Even high AV teams can't stand up against repeated multi-assisted fouls. High MA teams normally have a lower AV, and would suffer even more from the fouls.

But I agree with adding back in the Deathroller, but it wouldn't fit under the current Fanatic ethos (and the article writer did try).

As a side note, the article was sent in about a year ago iirc, so there's an error in it when used under LRB 4.0 rules. Trolls should not have General access anymore.

14-04-2005, 21:18
I totaly disagree, the old roster was actually fun...
I don't give a damn about Leagues or competative play I care about the fun, and that was exactly what the old list was...though I never new about there being a pump wagon, must have missed that.
Fast teams pounded snotlings and Dwarves just tore them to pieces, snotling+tackle=loss. :p

In one game I had every player injured when I tried to take out a deathroller with my last 3 snotlings back when multiple block hit 3 opponents, so the roller binned all 3 of them and I had every player in my injured section. And once I lost 7 - nil to Wood Elves. But both games were brilliant fun. As for the games I won they were just funny. You could only ever pull off things like the 1 turn TD repeatedly if you were a) very lucky and b) playing a *****. I loved the team.

I don't see why I should be punished for some beardy cheesemeister making a killer team. :p