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03-06-2007, 13:50
okay so i never liked the trading system much in necromunda and now with the house weapon lists it has become even worse then before so i started thinking of making my own trading rules.
and since Necromunda is best when played in a campaign i thought heck i'll just make complete detailed towns so here is my own vision of how it should work.

first off decide how many towns you want and how large each one is.
then you roll up the number of "features" the settlement has.
then based on the features, you create the trading list for that settlements guilder post.

size / # of features

small / d3
medium / d3+1
large / d3+2
huge / d3+3

roll 2d6 to determine a feature for the settlement
feature / effect

2-7 drinking hole / +1 rare item
8-9 workshop / +1 item from workshop table
10 doc / bio-boosters, medi packs, skull chips & bionics become common
11 gambling den / +2 rare items
12 guilder contact / a guilder has settled in the town.

Drinking Hole
this is a popular gathering place for "adventurers" and gangs so it adds to the settlements trading.
multiple drinking hole results represent more customers.
each drinking hole result means the settlement has 1 extra rare item for sale.

the settlement includes a big workshop where many items are manufactured.
the workshop makes items for the trading post.
each workshop adds items to the trading post before every post-battle sequence. roll once for each workshop.
the workshop also contains an auto repairer which can be used by any gang for 5 creds per weapon checked.

workshop table
roll a d6
1-2 weapon roll a d6
3-4 misc roll a d6
5-6 armour roll a d6

weapon roll
1-3 power weapon (see rare trade chart)
4-6 rare weapon (see rare trade chart)
misc roll
1-2 d3 gas grenades (see rare trade chart)
3-4 d3 grenades (see rare trade chart)
5 d3 hotshot laser power packs
6 d3 weapon reloads
armour roll
(see rare trade chart)

the settlement has a surgeon or doctor which means that medical equipment is more common.
if the settlement has a "doc" the following items are common for the prices listed.
they can still be bought from the trading post for the usual price.

Bio-Booster - 70+3d6 creds
Medi Pack - 100+3d6 creds
Skull Chip - 45+2d6 creds
Bionic Arm - 95+2d6 creds
Bionic Eye - 65+2d6 creds
Bionic Leg - 95+2d6 creds

Gambling Den
the settlement has a large gambling den that many gangs frequent. it also serves as a small black market trading spot this increases the number of items for sale in the settlement.
each gambling den result means the settlement has 2 extra rare item for sale.

Guilder Contact
a guilder has set up a permanent shop in the settlement.
this means the town has a "fixed" items lists that grows before every "post-battle" sequence by 1d3+2 extra items.

The Trading/Guilder Post
every town has access to all the common items in addition every now and again guilders come through town bringing with them many exotic and rare items.

in the post battle sequence roll 1d6+3 times on the rare trade chart per settlement these rare items are for sale in that settlement.

every gang picks a town to shop in and can buy any of the rare items the settlement has for sale if more then 1 gang goes to the same settlement and wants the same item they both roll for the items price the player who rolls highest wins and must buy the item.

example :
gang A & B both want a the same power axe so both players roll to determine its price.
gang A rolls 35+10=45
gang B rolls 35+12=47
gang B wins and must buy the power axe for 47 creds

The Slag Pit small settlement
features : drinking hole x2, gambling den.
# rare items : 1d6+7 (for a total of between 8 - 12 rare items)

Gunwatch Hill medium settlement
features : drinking hole, workshop.
# rare items : 1d6+4 & workshop result (for a total of between 5 - 10 rare items)

The Underhive Spire huge settlement
features : drinking hole x3, workshop, doc, guilder contact.
# rare items : 1d6+6 & workshop result (this list remains the same but gets an additional 1d3+2 rare items before each post-battle sequence.)

okay that's it so what do you guys think?
oh and ignore the house weapon lists.

03-06-2007, 20:32
Nice work Daredhnu. Got a downloadable version? Or one you could email to me? I fancy trying those rules out at some point. PM me and I'll give you my email address if you are willing to send me a copy.

03-06-2007, 20:44
@ catferret : PM sent

also i'll be posting a downloadable version soon enough

10-06-2007, 18:34
Do you mind If I use this in my campaign? Its really good and much less random than the existing trade table

10-06-2007, 18:35
offcourse the more people who use it and give some feedback the better

11-06-2007, 04:16
I shall give it a try asap. In the mean time, join us on The Underhive (http://z4.invisionfree.com/The_Underhive/index.php?act=idx). We would appreciate folk like yourself submitting new ideas.

11-06-2007, 22:08
i added a doc file to my original post so you guys can print it out it's only one page you could offcourse increase the font size if you find it is to small to read.

oh and if any of you guys has any ideas for some more "features" that can be added to towns let me know.

06-08-2007, 11:22
ooooh me likey...

Have downloaded will look into some new ideas for it, as tis good... :)