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Thunderbolt Pilot
11-08-2005, 12:12

I just tried the URL that I have for the company that manufactures the miniatures games Warzone and Chronopia. ( www.excelsiorentertainment.com (http://www.excelsiorentertainment.com) ) When I did the page dispalyed the following message:

"This Account Has Been Suspended. Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible."

Has anyone heard anything?

(While I do not know anything specific regarding this incident. I heard the company is run by one guy, who has no business sense, and two part time employees that are only paid $8.00/hour.... It sounds kind of like a "fly by night" company....)


11-08-2005, 14:35
Both Warzone and Chronopia were excellant games created by TargetGames/Heartbreaker hobbies. Bob Watts and Chris Bledsoe were both extremely instrumental with their success. Great game designers and good people, both of them. Chris died of cancer a couple years back, in his mid twenties. I miss Chris and always wonder what other great games he would have created.

Excelsior is basically a vulture that feeds off the dead. They beg, borror, or steal the ideas and stock of companies that are inactive. Sometimes the people that own the game see some cash, usually not. They are a bottom of the barrel game distributor, and basically sell the left overs of warehouses.

Both Chronopia and Warzone have been pretty much dead for about 6 years or more. Excelsior just jumps starts the corpse now and then.

Your comment about the owner having no business sense is wrong, as he knows enough to take advantage of people, and how to rape and pillage old companies. He probably would have made a good horse thief in the old west, sicillian bandit, or grave robber.

I'd take a look on EBay for the models and rules, but stay away from Excelsior.

11-08-2005, 14:49
I can only comment on Warzone, but I'd go along with Mikhaila. It's a shame that Target didn't license the system to i-kore as even they would have been better than Excelsior who have basically run a good game with a great background into the toilet.

Excelsior are also blamed for the demise of the well regarded Shockforce game system.

11-08-2005, 18:34
Excelsior's website has been going down frequently in the past few month's, so its nothing particuarly remarkable .

Hopefully they will get round to revamping the website during all these periods of down time, or just go out of business and pass the ip onto a company that will actually put it to good use .

15-08-2005, 12:58
You found information and many pictures to chronopia on http://www.kerlin.de/chronopia/


Thunderbolt Pilot
16-08-2005, 15:40

Your comment about the owner having no business sense is wrong....

I apologize if I misrepresented that statement as my opinion. It was just what I was told by someone else....

That said, thanks for the info!

Very best regards,

11-09-2005, 20:35
They have a new website up. Follow the first link in this thread.

I hope this marks a new beginning for their company (but I doubt it).

Crazy Harborc
12-09-2005, 01:40
Mikaila has given good advice about the company. Good luck finding a source for what you need/want. E-bay has had some Warzone from time to time.

Do any indies near you have auctions or fleamarkets? How about a "post it board" for seeking or selling?

14-09-2005, 08:10
Well i've gone to the new website as they had some new releases previewing there .
I was quite underwhelmed by their new sculpts. They look about 10 years out of date, not even comparing to other companies competing at a similar level such as Privateer Press and Urbanmammoth . They also need to get a better digital camera as most of these pictures appear quite blurry .


16-09-2005, 17:56
Oh, dear. Oh, dear.

Truly appalling. Bye, bye, Warzone. It was good while it lasted. :cries:

20-09-2005, 08:20

Who cares. They do the job. Warzone is ALOT better game than GW's games could ever hope to be. Warmachine is almost as good, but has too many problems currently.

Too bad the best wargame turns people off cause the figures aren't "pretty."

Crazy Harborc
20-09-2005, 19:27
To each their own. I prefer Starship Trooper. It's much easier to get in my area (St.Louis, Mo.) I can get it online and discounted :D

I have seen and liked the looks of Warzone goodies. One local store did stock Warzones selections. Then, surprise..............he couldn't get the restock orders. I doubt Warzone will be back on the shelves of the indies around this part of the colonies for a long time to come.

20-09-2005, 20:35
Too bad the best wargame turns people off cause the figures aren't "pretty."
To release that sniper professionally is a travesty. There are better sculpts and conversions every day in the modelling fora of this and half a dozen other sites.

"The best wargame"-ultimate warzone :p :wtf:

Poorly edited and forcibly stretched to incorporate sculpts which were bad when first released and by today's standards are appalling. New releases like the abominations earlier in the thread aren't even functional, never mind pretty. I'd rather play using chess pieces as minis than use that {expletive deleted}.

Warzone was good what, four, five years ago when the boxed edition and the Mars and Venus sourcebooks were released. Excelsior have killed it. :skull:

Crazy Harborc
20-09-2005, 20:39
With enough opponents in agreement wargaming rules that are "outdated" can be used, with house rules even.

By the by, I do agree about those "newer minies"

20-09-2005, 20:42
With enough opponents in agreement wargaming rules that are "outdated" can be used, with house rules even.

I completely agree it's just that new opponents become impossible to find and without new releases energies are spent on other projects. The Warzone armies languish in their boxes.

20-09-2005, 21:31
to be honest the only Warzone models that were any good were the Mishima Infantry, the rest reminded me of RT era GW stuff

21-09-2005, 07:51
I love the Imperial and Bauhaus plastics that came with the second ed core set, they look so different from most of the questionable lead sculpts .

21-09-2005, 19:08
to be honest the only Warzone models that were any good were the Mishima Infantry, the rest reminded me of RT era GW stuffSome of the Imperial, Capitol and Bauhaus stuff is really good for 40k IG. As mentioned the plastics are really good if you can get them. Some of the Dark Legion minis are fantastic for lost and the Damned or Chaos armies, really far more "Chaotic" than a lot of GW's offerings. There is some utter tosh out there though, awful, awful sculpts. It's really a range you need to see before you buy.

14-10-2005, 13:18
I was briefly interested in the games when Excelsior first picked them up. I even offerred some ideas which were included in the rewrite of the Chronopia rulebook. Whatever *good* business sense they may have as far as running the chop shop distrubutorship, Excelsior is very poor in running a game. Anyone who wants imperials or Darl Legion, PM me and I'll hook oyu up.

Maybe someday someone competent will pick up Leviathan. That game was pretty much ripped off to make Chronopia anyway though the key mechanic of comparing melee values in CC was left off. What a great game! Bill King pwns!

14-10-2005, 13:52

Wassup Slappy? ;)