View Full Version : Norwegian Blood Bowl Championship

Deng Ham
06-06-2007, 11:03
Ever since FUMBBL started providing online blood bowl. The sweeds and Danes have dominated the site. And whenever the issue of nationality have come up. We Norwegians have been trash talked. And it's about time this stops. As of 1. of July the NBBM (Norsk Blod Ball Mesterskap) is running. With 10 teams in the top division, the "Tippeligaen". And they will fight over the honor to be crowned Norwegain Fumbbl Champions.

Curently there are only 6 teams who have joined. So we have room for 4 more.

If you are Norwegain and feal like you have the balls to play with the best in in Norway. Create your acount on Fumbbl and join in. You can locate med there as Deng Ham. And I'll add you to our championship.