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Commissar Bob
06-06-2007, 21:03
Hi everyone,

Just last weekend my 2 friends and I finished our necromunda campaign on the floor of my dorm room. The game was epic and lasted 6 hours before the dust cleared.:eek:

The idea behind the final scenario was based off another scenario I had devised earlier in the campiagn. (Since it was just three people, and I wanted everyone to play as many games as possible, I tried to run a lot of 3 player scenarios) The idea for the first scenario was that our 3 gangs had all been hired to kill/capture a rogue psyker and his band of thugs. I assigned extra income for the gangs who recovered the heads of various thugs and the psyker. The game was fun and I got the money for the psyker after my gang leader meltagunned him pointblank.

But anyway, this scenario gave me the inspiration for the finale. I revealed to the other gangs that we had not killed a rogue psyker, but in fact we had been duped into killing an inquisitor working undercover. And now the rest of the inquisition and the enforcers were rather upset with us. So the final game revolved around our 3 gangs meeting in an old mansion to discuss our options, when the enforcers arrived. The idea was basically just to see how many we could take with us. The game was epic with a very angry inquisitor (read spyrer patriarch) arriving with the final waves to finish us off. All of the gangs were wiped out to a man, but I allowed each player to nominate one of their juves to somehow survive and become their gang leaders next school year. Mine was a juve who managed to kill a massive 8 enforcers with his power sword before I rolled triple ones with his attacks:cries:

This all got me wondering, how do you end your campaigns? Do you want to see your gangers retire peacefully, or end up face down in an alley somewhere?

Thanks for reading,
Commissar Bob

07-06-2007, 03:27
excellent ending!
The last necro campaign finale had random gangers fall into the zombie lair! My 3 gals were the only ones to escape out of six gangs. :)

My gangs usually end up retiring happily after reaching a rating of 4000, or when the campaign reaches its conclusion.
my first escher gang became my imperial guard! (see gallery for pics)

big finale games are my favorite for ending the campaign. I'm looking forward to the next one starting!

07-06-2007, 15:35
In our previous campaigns we have usually had four gangs. At the end of the campaign we've often had a huge four way gang fight -- they've been manic with alliances made and broken and old scores settled. A great way to finish a campaign.

Like Angelwing we've also played the Zombie mission. Which was a great blast. My old Orlock gang leader 'Iron Mike' held off 6 Plague Zombies whilst the rest of my gangers escaped into the exit, then he also calmly left the board leaving my mates gangs surrounded in the sanctuary. Was awesome to see them try and battle their way through a horde of zombies.

Oh, we also once played a huge King of the Spire game to finish the campaign!

I'm going to try and make a real fluffy ending for our new campaign which is about to begin.

Damien 1427
07-06-2007, 17:11

I've often toyed with either ending with the gangs facing a maxed-out Spyrer (One that had stayed down-hive to hunt, with a full set of upgrades) or, if I ever find the book again, a 2nd Edition Bloodthirster. Which essentially was a row of tens.

07-06-2007, 21:34
In the past, one gang usually rose up the ranks and settled in on top. After ammassing a wealth of credits and/or gear, they would go and get outlaw status. After some more run-ins with the other gangs they began getting grudges and feuds going, until it culminated in one big Purge mission against the outlaw gang. It was common to see 3-4 full gangs try to wipe out the outlaw gang.

I remember when I was the lone gang subjected to a Purge. That was when I opened up the cache of 'Slaught, Icrotic Slime (the best!) and other drugs and got my gangers hopped up for one final fight.

08-06-2007, 18:21

I've often toyed with either ending with the gangs facing a maxed-out Spyrer (One that had stayed down-hive to hunt, with a full set of upgrades) or, if I ever find the book again, a 2nd Edition Bloodthirster. Which essentially was a row of tens.

we ran a couple of tyranid hunt games using hive tyrants and carnifexes...
not sure who was hunting who!

Damien 1427
10-06-2007, 13:46
Makes one wonder how a 'Fex got downhive, though. ;p

Oooo. Anyone ever thought of using Necrons? Again, for those who recall, they were brutal for the day. A full squad, maybe a Lord, and they'd make mincemeat out of anything you threw against them.

10-06-2007, 14:02
Me and my friend are thiking of ending our campign with a zombie outbreak battle royale, but we will throw hints about it with random zombies apearing during some games.

Brother Loki
17-06-2007, 15:08
How about an Imperial Fist squad coming downhive in search of recruits? The last juve standing gets to go be a marine neophyte.

18-06-2007, 03:19
Makes one wonder how a 'Fex got downhive, though. ;p

Oooo. Anyone ever thought of using Necrons? Again, for those who recall, they were brutal for the day. A full squad, maybe a Lord, and they'd make mincemeat out of anything you threw against them.

well actually.... one of our map campaigns involved an inquisitor doing experiments with nids in a containment facility, which the gangs had to escape from over the campaign. That was a good enough reason to test our best gangs against the hivemind. :eek:

necrons eh? scarabs had toughness 8 in those days...:eek:

We once ran 2 inquisitors in terminator armour as special characters. They were brutal.

27-06-2007, 07:21
Usually the campaigns that i play in just fizzle out (mainly due to there not being a single arbitrator but a collection of friends who have decided to play). King of the spire is a good end point for a camaign more so if there is a arbitrator with a few surprises up his sleeve running the game (its hilarious to see 2 malcadons scale the side of the tower just to meet 3 scalies with spear guns at the top)

But in the campaign thats just starting at the local store i'm trying to convince everyone involved to take part in a Chaos gate game (gangs and a inquisitor against a horde of daemons).

27-06-2007, 11:02
Im running a zombie finale, I'll build up to it in the second phase of games and then have a large no of zombies attack each gang and the survivors team up and have a massive battle in the Z-day stylee with 100+ zombies. The winner is the one left standing.

27-06-2007, 11:05
Yup, a zombie invasion always makes a great end to a campaign.

I remember in one campaign we had 5 gangs on an 8x4 table trying to get to a plane in the middle to escape while hundreds of zombies clawed away at them, respawning and adding more.

Oh, and the plane was protected by enforcers.

Great campaign ending, since it kills off 90% of each gang.

Check out the firebase zombie campiagn rules, they're a good start.

Commissar Bob
28-06-2007, 06:37
Ive been looking around the specialist games website, and I can't seem to find the king of the spire scenario. Can anone point me to it please?

Commissar Bob

02-07-2007, 13:31
Commissar Bob: Don't pin me down on it, as I don't have the rulebooks here at the moment, the scenario 'Lord of the Spire' can be found in the Outlanders rulebook in the last campaign section, together with Purge and Storming the Barricades.

As for ending a campaign, we did play a scenario that we shouldn't have played just before the intended 'Endgame'.
We did play a borrowed idea of 'The Gunk Flood' (Necromunda Magazine 1) when we had 6 boxed sets on the table (3x Necromunda underhive + 1x Industrial Battlezone, 2x outlander and 1x Firebase) we set them up to escape the rising of a sludge flood in a particular sector. We created a ‘stair’ of buildings in a way that you had to walk a certain path to another building which would be 1 level higher, from 4 start positions on the ground to four 1 level buildings converging to two level 2 buildings to one common level 3 building with a top pathways to level 4 and that top walkway leading to a 5 story building and so on, all the way up to level 8.
None survived
- at least none would have survived if we enforced our original rules as we figured we all couldn't make it the way we have placed the buildings, while only be able to walk 4". I can't recall what we rolled exactly on the hive dangerous conditions table, I think we had rolled a thick mist, but the condition prohibited running without serious risks of falling - or falling off into the sludge. The sludge (or gunk) would rise D6x0.5" - rising too fast - this was quickly moved down to D3x0.5" to ensure 'everybody' could make it.
The main problem was old grudges when the gangs converged into the 2nd and 3rd level buildings, wasting valuable time in combat, most were getting their feet almost wet on the 4th or 5th turn. And when somebody threw 6, this would have engulfed everybody, but 1 ganger (mine hehehe) and maybe a juve, that somehow managed to have leapt to the main 8 story building from a walkway that just barely neighborhooded 4". A friend took the gamble and that juve was home free to climb to the top, if someone wouldn't have pinned him, because he felt he was playing 'dirty'. The juve didn't escape pinning, and would have been engulfed with my ganger as well in the original D6x0.5" rule, since the next roll was another 6. Since we decreased the riseto D3 this meant 'only' a second 1,5" increase, swallowing 'only' half our gangs that were fighting on the 2nd level. 2 shots were fired afterwards, when we all came a bit higher above the sludge. This was fun, all of us lost at least half the gang rating from 3000ish, and everyone would have lost if D6x1" rule was enforced. Tho' a fitting end, this wasn't intended as an end, just another near endgame massive gangwar.

One gang was hit pretty hard, that gang had lost more than half it's members including his leader, and was given the option to promote one ganger with a high Ld to leader with extra experience (and cost) to get him up to speed again, with 2 extra juves. We played untill we all had 2.5K gangs again. And ended the campaign with the same setup - but without the sludge - as Lord of the Spire. We did use some barbwire to ensure no-one 'cheated' leaping or walking on the ground to the main 8 level top building. This one proved to be very fun match, with a close finish between my agile ganger and another's leader. He pinned my agile ganger, while he was coming up on the 7th level, just before I could go up the ladder to the top (8th) floor and overtook me to the top when I missed shooting his leader (1 on a roll of 2+) and my ganger didn't escape pinning.

So thanx for reading my first story - hope you enjoyed it.