View Full Version : How many of you actually balance out the skaven?

07-06-2007, 01:38
Just interested, do you all play RAW and leave the overpoweredness of the Skaven in place, or do many of you actually do something about it in the form of house rules?

In my campaign, the following changes are in place:
Black Skaven and the Adept are S3 (no justification for S4 in either fluff, price or warband balance).
Slings are 7 gold apiece (this goes for everyone and is a no-brainer)
Verminkin are 25 gold (they really are too cheap for what they do).

07-06-2007, 13:28
Actually I don't think they end up being that bad over the course of a campaign.

You're right, there's no justification for S4. But I generally find that my black skaven are the only ones who can put up a fight when compared to my henchmen or other people's war bands. We've never "fixed" that.

Slings are not all that great. They're cheap, but one of the major strengths of skaven is their speed - you can't run and shoot, if you move and shoot you're at -1, they're short ranged compared to other S3 weapons, and frankly if I'm close enough to get 2 shots I'd rather get the charge or flee the scene. My mate's elf ranger definately causes way more carnage than any number of skaven!

Verminkin are definately not too cheap. I have a hard time affording to replace mine (and I'm bitter because they only seem to get crap upgrades).

In general (and in my experience) It's hard to win with skaven simply because of low leadership. My leader is Ld7. If I take 3-4 casualties (which is easy if my opponents target weaker models), I'm probably going to run screaming. They're great for the first few games, but then after that they're fairly even.

The only way to overpower them is (like with any warband) to max out on warm bodies and daggers. To me, if you're playing the game with those kinds of people, you're not going to have fun anyway. We have "fixed" that aspect of the game by introducing warhammer weapon rules (great weapons hit first on the charge, +1Sv for weapon and shield, daggers don't count as aditional hand weapons etc.)

I've seen these issues raised before, but I have to respectfully disagree.

Etienne de Beaugard
07-06-2007, 17:51
In my experience, Skaven start out strong in the early games, if you've maxed out their numbers. By mid campaign most of the other warbands have caught up to the rats.

07-06-2007, 18:41
We don't bother balancing out skaven. Early on skaven are easy to progress and really can some neat abilities. However, I find that about mid way through other war bands easily catch up and its really easy to kill off the important aspects of the skaven warband

Deng Ham
07-06-2007, 21:55
By playing dark elf yourself...