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08-06-2007, 00:21
I'm a lover of Man o War. Right now its the only miniatures game I play. If they re-released it, I don't have much faith in what they would do to it, so here's a few thoughts on how I think it could be done to actually make it profitable.

The scale of the models would be increased, probably roughly 1:450. With this increase there would still be your big ships, but they would generally be quite rare. The game would focus alot more on lots of smaller ships. So rather than a standard battle consisting of roughly 15 models, there would be many more.

Composition of a Fleet
Usually a fleet would be led by your Admiral in his Flagship. In most instances this will be a big imposing ship, depending on the army. So in most cases, your fleet would probably have your Flagship, somewhere between 3 and 6 squadrons and a bunch independant ships and some even smaller ships such as gun-boats.

Initial Release
This would have the core game with everything you need. The rules would cover fairly basic ships for each Fleet.

2nd Release
Once all models from the Initial Release are out, we move on to the next one.
Lets call this one 'Sea Dogs'. This one has a whole bunch of interesting special characters for each Fleet. They all have some interesting new rules, and a bunch of new models to represent each one. Some even have their own squadrons.

3rd Release
Again, released once everything before it is out.
For arguments sake, 'Air Superiority'. This one covers flyers. Rules for flyers for each Fleet, some independant flyers... essentially dogs of war, that can be used by anyone, some more characters, etc etc.

4th Release - Magic & Monsters
5th Release - ... Maybe a new fleet altogether?
6th Release - ...

Essentially the idea would be to make sure everything is balanced and there are models for every army before expanding on the game. No more unreleased Codices waiting several editions of the core game.
Each new book would introduce a new element to the game, expanding on the rules and offering more choices to players. At the same time, this incrimental release would allow far greater control over the balance of each army, as each army is developed at the same pace as the others and can be playtested at the same time with the same conditions.

Instead of having piles of carboard everywhere, there would be a bunch of coloured counters to indicate damage. For example, A red counter with a white outline would indicate the sails have been destroyed. An orange counter with a white outline would indicate the sails still have one hit left.

These are just my ideas... feel free to argue.

08-06-2007, 18:57
Sounds good to me.
If you've any ideas about actual rules, why not write them up and post em in the Rules Development section?

08-06-2007, 22:55
I could do that... Pretty sure i have some drafts I made up a while back I could work on.
I'd have to sort out some print-outs to stand-in for the ships as i doubt many folks would have any 1:450 scale ships... let alone 1:450 orc ships.

Okay, lets say I do this... I would *need* at least one other person lending a hand - without other people enthused or helping out with a project I tend to get distracted and focus my attention elsewhere.

And input from others is good too :)

10-06-2007, 02:34
Bah.... damn you all.

Chaos and Evil
10-06-2007, 22:51
Don't worry, it's getting a re-release anyway...

10-06-2007, 23:08
Despite that, I'm betting 70% of the existing man o war community will stick to the old version.
The above is more how I'd like ot see it done in a perfect world... Although I'm sure in reality GW will probably go about it something like this:

-Rulebook release, rules requiring large numbers of ships and will probably take things such as wind out in order to 'streamline' the game. The rulebook will have a list for each army, leaving out a few for later.
-A bunch of miniatures get released over the course of a year... Despite this, there are still a few that go unreleased.
-A new book expanding upon the game is released. It'll include 'advanced' rules such as wind, some new units and a couple of new armies.
-more miniatures get released, still some remain unreleased.
-through a lack of support, after 3 or 4 years the game is once again taken off the shelves.

My model would have smaller timeframes between each new book - between 6 months and a year, with each release having a managable number of miniatures to be released within each timeframe, rather than letting some miniatures remain nothing more than rules (Remember how long the lizardmen cold-ones took?).
The idea would be basically, you don't need a huge number of miniatures for a game, but each Fleet will have a vast array of ships to choose from with each one filling a unique role that could easily turn the tides of a battle... so you don't need a big fleet, but having a good selection to choose from will be handy.
The initial rulebook will have alot in it, but it will still be fairly minimal in content, leaving more to be released in supplements later on.