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08-06-2007, 01:39
Kidding! :D

Tonight I am putting the finishing touches to 125 Marines (25 stands), 13 Rhinos and 4 Vindicators. They're all really old and mostly from a starter box, so except for the Vindis and one scrounged power fist guy all have MkVI Corvus armour... too bad really, as I've painted them as pre-Heresy World Eaters!

Besides these, I have a pile of more MkVIs, Rhinos, Vindis, and Land Raiders.
I haven't bought any rules for Epic after the 'Titan Legions' box. Please, active Epic players, answer my questions twain!

1) Without going into details, could you give me a rough points estimate per Company of Marines in Rhinos with supporting Vindicators? Have I just painted a thousand, twelve, or one-and-half points? Do I need to buckle down for another 100 to play a 3k game?

2) Drop podded Marines. Would they work together with my Rhino-mounted element? Tactically? Havent actually got any, so this is more of a 'what to get, eventually' question.

Thanks for your attention.

08-06-2007, 07:32
In E:A the company is

2 Tactical Detachments, 300 points / det
1 Assault Detachment, 175 points
1 Devastator Detachment, 250 points
+ possible Characters (Chaplain, Librarian, Captain) 50 points / charater
+ possible Supreme Commander at 100 points

Rhinos are automatic additions.

Vindicators at the current list is
300 points for detachment of 4
or 75 points a piece that can be added to tac or assault detachments above with up to two per det

So quick assumption is (all dets and supreme + chaplain)
300*3+250+175+100+50 = 1475 points.

Podding can work. But usually I use Thunderhawks instead as it's easier.

08-06-2007, 12:57
Thank you sir.