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Deng Ham
08-06-2007, 09:43
Hi I just have to share this with you...

As you might have noticed I'm working on getting a norwegian championship up and running on FUMBBL. One of the new coaches that I have recruted neede some training matches. And he wanted to test out snotlings. I told him that they where no good. But he wanted non the less. So I sett up a game with my lizardmen team ws his snotlings. I won the matche easy. 3 - 0. But it left me crippled. My kroxigor was blocking a troll on 2 dice. Getting pow/skull. Knocking the troll over, and KILLING himself. I did not belive my eyes. And it got worse. A fiew turns later, his snotlings (St1) got some assists to get a 2 dice down block on a saurus. Getting two pow's and ofcoursa knocking him over and right into the dead box. But the snotling killing spray did not end there. Finaly the angered there fans to trow a rock at one of my skinks, and killing him...

So my team was left brused and broken. Before the league had even started.
The simplest thing to do woud be to retire the team and start a new before the league. But have come to like the team already. And I'll keep it. And try to rebuild it.

08-06-2007, 10:33
Wow that sounds great :) Do you use the stunty leeg teamroster for this? I was wondering because you do have snotlings in an ogre team too...

I used to have a snotling tabletop team prior to LRB3, when they had custom rules. In the rules you could have 4 trolls if I remember correctly and upto 32 players in total! Also you could sneak 1-3 extra players onto the pitch, but they could get ejected if the ref caught them. Was great fun playing them and yes 32 players were need as they turned out to be real SPP banks for the other players :D I think I managed one draw, maybe even a victory and about 15-20 losses. A good memory from playing them was a buddy who blitzed a snotling with one of his ork blitzers. He ended up throwing tripple-skulls (can't remember if he rerolled and got the same result) knocking himself over. Well he ended up getting killed!

Deng Ham
08-06-2007, 10:41
The coach who played snotlings had 3 trolls a fiew snotling heros and the rest normal snotlings.
Don't think he coud sneek more players on the pitch. since it's FUMBBL and not normal bb