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08-06-2007, 19:45
Rules used

All experimental rules
Tyranids v7.4
- Note to Nexus group "If Tyrant dies, the spawn value becomes 1d3. If both warriors die, the spawn value becomes 1d3+1."
AMTL v2.0

Adeptus Mechanicus Reaver Battleforce

Reaver 1 - "Quake" BTS
- 2 Quake Cannon
- Carapace Landing Pad
+ Carapace Multilasers
Reaver 2 - "Vulcano"
- 2 Vulcano Cannon
- Turbo Laser Destructor
Reaver 3 - "Inferno"
- 2 Inferno Cannon
- Carapace Landing Pad
- 2 Light Multiple Rocket Launchers
Cataphract Cohort
Recon Cohort
Flak Battery


Tyranid Hive Swarm

Dominatrix with 3 Barbed Hierodules
Attack 1: Hive Tyrant with 3 Dactylis
Assault 1: 3 Tyranid Warriors with 20 Termagants and 5 Gargoyles
Assault 2: 3 Tyranid Warriors with 19 Termagants and 5 Gargoyles
Attack 2: Hive Tyrant with 4 Biovores and 3 Carnifexes
4 Mycetic Spores

Synapse: 950 (31,7%)
Independent: 375 (12,5%)
Common Brood: 835 (27,9%)
Uncommon Brood: 835 (27,9%)
BTS is 7 Synapses killed


08-06-2007, 19:47

AMTL set the blitz to the western side of the board behind a hill, while Tyranids had it behind a Gargant yard in the centre. On AMTL side second objective was in front hill in west and third in a building in east. While Tyranid end had one in front of Gargant yard near forest and other in west on top of a hill.

AMTL garrisoned the Sentinels on overwatch to a hill in west. Tyranids garrisoned Attack swarm 1 in the centre to a forest. And the second Attack swarm was garrisoned in west behind the hill.

Rest of the deployment on AMTL side had Flak Battery behind some bunkers in west. Next came Reaver "Vulcano" little behind a hill. Then the Reaver "Quake" who was completely behind the hill standing on the blitz. In centre was Reaver "Inferno". A little more east partially behind a building was Leman Russes of Cataphract Cohort. And last in east was Warhound. Both Flak and Warhound was out of range of Dactylises in Attack Swarm 1.

Tyranid deployed the Hydraphant as the eastern most unit. Next came the Assalt swarm partially within the forest. Then in centre was Hive Swarm behind the Gargant yard. And east of it between the yard and hill was the Assault swarm 1.

08-06-2007, 19:48
Turn 1 "Bombardment"

Initiative: AMTL

Tyranids start the battle with sustain fire from the Dactylises. Their target are the Leman Russes and spores are hurled high. However only three are targeted and no hits are caused. Retaining the Attack swarm 2 then targets the Sentinels with sustain as well. There seems to be a connection problem in figuring out what they were doing that Dominatrix is forced to intervene and strengthen the conduit to Tyrant. These are a bit more accurate and manage to destroy one of the Sentinels, but it's not enough to break them.

AMTL responds by marshalling the Sentinels and moving them a bit forwards. All BMs are removed.

Then in east the Assault swarm 1 marches forwards to bring itself to the pair of forested hills and the bunker. AMTL responds by advancing with Warhound to fire at the swarm. The missiles streak out like in a animes and hit the swarms members in open between forest and bunker. Total death toll is 3 Termagants and a Gargoyle units. In west the Assault swarm 2 holds and moves a bit forwards.

Again in east the Leman Russes of Cataphract Cohort are next. They double quickly ahead to bring the heavy bolters in range. 5 tanks open fire and 4 units of Termagant and single Gargoyle unit is killed. Tyranids respond to this slaughter by moving the Hive Swarm to the west side of the bunker and start firing at the Leman Russes. The bio cannons score several hits with two of them penetrating the thick hull of the Russes. The armours are destroyed and formation is broken falling back towards the AMTL end. This brings the "Quake" Reaver to target the Hive Swarm (as there is the WEs in nice tight cluster). The shells are being fired and they land in to the Tyranids. Two Hierodules suffer 1 damage from the barrage.

Then the last action of the Tyranids is done by Hydraphant in west. It marches straight ahead to the forest in front of Sentinels. AMTL respond by advancing with the "Vulcano" Reaver and targeting the Hydraphant. However one of the vulcano cannons shots go wide and with a critical 4 points of damage is done to the Tyranid beast.

Next is the Hydras of the Flak battery. They double ahead near the hill in far west to target the Attack swarm 2 with their autocannons. However they manage to miss most of the shots and one hit was saved by the Biovore. That was part of a cunning plan to kill the Biovores and clear the way for Thunderbolts to kill the Tyrant, but so much for that. However Thunderbolts continue with the plan none the less. Then we hit the AA umbrella of the Tyranids. After some measuring the only way to enter the Tyranid end is flying straight through the centre and then turning tightly to west and coming from south to Tyrant. That gives only two Gargoyles within range. To add the insult they manage to hit once and one Thunderbolt come crashing down. The second manages to hit twice giving hit to Biovore and Tyrant. Biovore saves once more, but Tyrant doesn't and the synapse creature is killed.

Last activation is by the "Inferno" which doubles ahead next to a building north of Assault swarm 1 and fires into the bunker and it's adjoining area. Flames sear through the walls without noticing them and kill 4 more units of Termagants. Why it is not possible to hit the Warriors mutters AMTL commander as they were beneath the Warhounds and Reavers templates...

End Phase

The last Thunderbolt enters into AA range of Hydraphant and is unceremoniously shot down. So much for that airforce.

AMTL fails to rally Leman Russes, which doesn't move.

Assault 1 fails to spawn. Dominatrix (>30cm) spawns 3 Termagants and Gargoyle units. Assault 2 fails. Attack 1 (>30cm) spawns 5 Termagants and a Gargoyle units. Hydraphant regenerates 1 damage.

08-06-2007, 19:50
Turn 2 "First Wave"

Gaunts from Hive swarm and Attack 1 are moved into the fold of their nearby Assault swarms. Part of the remains of the Attack swarm 2 is also changed to Assault 2, while 2 Biovores and 2 Carnifexes are lost due to being too far from Tyranid Warrior.

Initiative: AMTL

Then the Titan Legion seizes the inititive and opens up with the "Inferno" on sustain fire. It targets the Attack swarm in the forest as there is just too many gaunts in one place after the spawning. However there isn't that many hits and only 1 Dactylis and 4 Termagant units are killed. Retaining the "Vulcano" follows suit and sustain fires as well. The target is the Hydraphant in front of it. However one of the vulcano cannons miss (aargh again!) and only 3 damage is done leaving the beast with 2 DC left.

Then it's Tyranids and the enraged Hydraphant engages the Sentinels in front of it managing to stay outside of the Reaver titans support fire range. The sentinels manage to hit once, but it doesn't penetrate the thick carapace armour of the Hydraphant. In return it rips them all apart as if they were paper. Then retaining the Attack swarm sustains. This time the target is the Flak Battery in east. However with only two Dactylises, they manage only to place a Blast Marker.

AMTL continues using it's heavy guns and the "Quake" targets the Hive Swarm again. This time more gaunts are under the templates as Dominatrix spawned them. The two templates engulf all with centre on one Hierodule and Dominatrix. Result is one dead Hierodule, 1 damage to second, 3 damage to Dominatrix and a Termagant and a Gargoyle units dead. Hive swarm responds to blasts around and doubles ahead to fire at the "Inferno". The bio cannons are very good at aiming as 3 shields are stripped and a BM given to the Imperial titan. The Hive swarm is now within the support fire range of the Reaver.

In west the Flak Battery advances ahead and targets the Assault 2, hoping to get to blast one Tyranid Warrior. While it manages to score well it can't quite penetrate on the Warrior and kills 2 Termagants and 2 Gargoyle units.

Back in east the Tyranids get on with the business and engage the Reaver at a long range. There is only 5 units wihtin the FF range, but the Reaver only hits twice. In return the FF drops the last shield. However then the Hive Swarm gives support fire anf this generates enough fire to give 1 damage the Titan. Resolution is on the side of Nids and Reaver falls back broken. The Warhound nearby ponders it's chances and decides to blast at the enemy. It sustains in to the swarm but only hits a Warrior unit that dies.

In west the Assault 2 marches onwards to be behind the Hydraphant and partially in the forest.

End Phase

The Leman Russ Cohort rallies and Flak Battery rallies, but "Inferno" does not.

Assault 1 (less than 30cm) spawns 2 Termagants. Hive swarm (>30cm, spore) spawns Hierodule. Attack (>30cm, spore) spawns Dactylis and Gargoyle. Assault 2 (<30cm) fails to spawn. Hydraphant regenerates 1 damage as does Dominatrix.

08-06-2007, 19:51
Turn 3 "Flank movements"

Initiative: AMTL

"Vulcano" takes the lead this time with every intention to wipe the Hydraphant off the board. Both vulcano cannons hit home and the Hydraphant is unable to survive that blast causing the bio construct to fall. Retaining the Warhound is ordered to blast again and sustaining it manages to kill 2 Termagants and second of Warriors from Assault 1.

In centre the Attack swarm responds by sustaining and targeting the Flak Battery. With all three Dactylises they hit and kill one causing the formation to break. The Hydras move fast towards the Tyranid end.

Then it's "Quake" who continue to pound the Hive Swarm. But this time the second template goes farther into the Assault 1 nearby and gets last Warrior beneat it. One Hierodule and Dominatrix takes 1 damage (with Dominatrix beneath centre of the template) and Assault 1 loses 3 Termagants and the last unit of Warriors.

The remains of the Assault 1 move towards the Warhound. Leman Russes realise that the Tyranids win unless they get to the enemy side of the board and move out marching towards in the east behind the forested hills. Hive Swarms then engages the Warhound into fire fight. The warhound loses both shields and take 1 damage from the barrage directed at it, while manages to nothing in return. The support fire from Assault 1 causes second damage, but Warhound survives the torrent of fire. However it loses and breaks running around the Tyranids and stops just east of the Bunker.

End Phase

"Inferno" fails to rally again and Flak fails as well. The Warhound however rallies.

Dominatrix (>30cm) spawns 3 Termagant and a Gargoyle units. Assault 2 (<30cm, spore) spawns 4 Termagants. Tyrant (>30cm) spawns Biovore.

The situation is 0 - 1 for Tyranids (Take and Hold).

08-06-2007, 19:52
Turn 4 "Final Assault"

Hive Swarm takes control of the Assault 1 remains.

Initiative: AMTL

The Warhound starts the turn with a double taking it next to blitz. It targets the Attack swarm in the forest, but only hit is to Datylis, which saves. Retaining the "Vulcano" is ordered to try to get the Dominatrix within sights, but the activation fails. With a small hesitation the Reaver moves towards the Blitz being 6cm from the "Quake".

In Tyranid end the Attack swarm sustain fires this time targeting the Warhound. The spores hit perfectly scoring two hits. First is blocked by shield, but saves fail and the scout titan crashes to the ground with joints melting.

"Quake" is next and it targets the sea of Tyranids in front of it. Huge blasts erupt within the swarm taking apart Tyranid Warriors, 2 Termagants, 2 Gargoyle units and a Biovore.

In east the Hive swarm advances after the Leman Russes and open fire. They score several hits of which the Leman Russes save most, but one unit is destroyed and the remaining tanks break. They move ahead to the hill in Tyranid end.

As last activation the Assault 2 goes for an engage. They attack the "Quake" sitting on blitz. The Tyranids move to avoid getting within 15cm of the "Vulcano" and end up making a semicircle away from the second Reaver. The "Quake" moves 5cm ahead in case there is second round of combat. The Reaver manages to hit 3 times killing three units. In return it loses all shields and suffer 1 point of damage. The resolution is heavily on the side of Tyranids and the "Quake" breaks and flees towards the hill with objective in west.

End Phase

I didn't record the spawnings from this turn. The AMTL rallies Inferno, Flak Battery and Leman Russes. But Quake remains broken.

But the situation is still 0 - 1 for Tyranids (Take and Hold). We roll for 5th turn but it does not come. So off to count the points. It's 1122.5 - 925 for Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legion. Since it's less than 250 points for AMTL it's a draw.

08-06-2007, 23:46
Next report. I would like some close ups of some of those models, they look sweet.

10-06-2007, 09:16
One thing I noticed:

The resolution is heavily on the side of Tyranids and the "Quake" breaks and flees towards the hill with objective in west.

War engines can break in this edition? That's news to me.

10-06-2007, 10:18
One thing I noticed:
War engines can break in this edition? That's news to me.
Yup. They are treated as normal in that way. However most tend to be fearless (and with titans practically all are) so they don't get extra hits for losing the combat.

10-06-2007, 11:03
thanks for the battle report Hena!!

10-06-2007, 11:56
I suppose that represents the fact that although war engines don't get scared, you can't make a titan's commander hang around and get shot to bits. Tell him to stand there under overwhelming fire and you'll be told where to stick it.