View Full Version : Apology

10-06-2007, 22:44
I just want to say sorry guys for my inactivity lately. I honestly have a massive workload and things to be done, but I promise that after I am back from my D of E expedition in Scotland (20th-27th June) I will be available and active and maybe I'll even come up with a short summer-themed tournament or something.

In the short-term, I will do my very best to get my scheduled matches played (stunties against Snotball and PhrolikK).

11-06-2007, 08:37
well Yorkie, if uve got so much work it'll be impossible for you to play before 22:00, and due to work, on weekdays im normally in bed before that...

let's do it like this... send me a PM with when and what time you can be available, if i can make it, kudos to you. if i can't make it i forfeit...


not as if i have a stab at winning this tourney anyway :)