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11-06-2007, 12:22
Hi, I'm working on a goblin army for a while now, and of course, squig herds should not be excluded.

What do you consider to be fitting stats for them?

I was thinking in the lines of witch elves, slayers and the like.

So, 5/3/-, must charge on initiative etc. I am still thinking about giving them 6 attacks instead of 5, to make them real killers, or giving the monster status.

Any suggestions?

Other features are the use of fanatics, (D3 attacks on the charge or when charged, hits that miss the enemy unit are rolled again for the goblin unit, 5+ to hit if the charged unit or the goblin unit is in difficult terrain, dead goblins from fanatics do not count toward combat resolution.)
and bolt throwers (3-1/2/-)
Furthermore they may have 3 heroes per 1000 points, and Skarsnik is a special character (120 points, knows the spell gotcha, +1 attack for gobbla the squig)

The choices available are:

goblins (a minimum of 4 units per 1000 points)
wolf riders
goblin chariots
bolt throwers

This weekend I playtested the army, 1500 points against dwarves. trolls are your friend, being the only hard hitting units, together with the squigs, but squigs die fairly quick, brigades of goblins die in droves against organized dwarf attacks. The squigs worked well enough, but then again the army is only used once.

12-06-2007, 16:22
Nobody who has some idea's? Or just nobody who play's Warmaster on a regular basis? :P

12-06-2007, 21:00
i am not sure i understand what you are asking
but it has been a while since i played

are you looking to creat stat/game line for squigs in warmaster?

12-06-2007, 21:39
Among others, I'm trying to work out stats for squigs, bolt throwers, and pump wagons, and of course a way of moddeling them.

If there are regular players, it could be possible to playtest the army, and show each other the results.

20-06-2007, 12:15
Experimental pump wagon rules: Are there people willing to playtest it?

Pump wagon

D6x10 movement in shooting-phase.

The pump wagon can be ordered to re-allign in the command phase, and can re-allign itself after a collision with terrain (assuming it did survive the crash) Te pump wagon will move D6x10 cm straight forward

When the pump wagon comes into contact with a unit, either friendly or enemy, the pump wagon inflicts D3 + 1 hit for every 2cm it moved. start counting from the starting position, or the other side of the unit it just contacted. the distance covered through the unit itself is ofcourse taken into account when measuring the distance it can still move. The pump wagon does not het a charge bonus.

When the pump wagon collides impassable/difficult terrain, roll a D6, on a 4+, the snotlings manage to stop the contraption just in time to avoid a collision, otherwise, the pump wagon takes the same amount of damage it would deal to an unit.

If the pump wagon does not inflict any wounds on the target, the wagon is bogged down in combat, it is automatically destroyed when broken. The pump wagon can fight with D3+2 attacks in combat, and gets 2 extra attacks for every 3cm of pursuit.

Attacks D3+2

Wounds 3

Armour save 5+

Points 90?

The pump wagon cannot be driven back by shooting. but CAN be destoyed if the drive back distance is more than 20cm.