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13-06-2007, 20:05
As the title suggests, the Waterbowl in Manchester are about to launch a 'Blood Bowl Challenge Ladder'. The ladder is open to all-comers, so please let us know if you are interested. The rules are as follows (this is quite long and may be better viewed at http://waterbowl.net/ladder.aspx) :


Alongside any leagues that might be running we’re running a Challenge Ladder for tournament practice. The idea is simple, using the tournament rules from this year’s Waterbowl Weekender in conjunction with some pretty basic online challenge ladder software players are able to set up matches with coaches of similar ranking to fight their way up the ladder to the top spot. Here’s what to do if you’d like to join in…


The ladder is hosted by www.ropeyladder.com. You will need to register with the site and then search for ‘Waterbowl Challenge Ladder’ which you should then join.

When you register with www.ropeyladder.com, please:

1) Enter your full name in the ‘first name’ field (e.g ‘Steven Bentley’).
2) Enter the race you will be playing, in brackets, in the ‘surname’ field (e.g. ‘(Skaven)’.

It is possible to alter these details once you have signed up if you make any mistakes.

Additional teams

You may, if you wish, join the Waterbowl Challenge Ladder with UP TO three teams but please be aware that this might mean that you will have to meet three challenges every two weeks!

If you chose to do this you may select one team from each of the following three tiers:

Tier 1
Chaos Dwarf
Wood Elf

Tier 2
Dark Elf
High Elf
Pro Elf

Tier 3

For each team you enter will need to join the league with a different user name. Apart from this your log on details (email, address, etc) can remain the same.


General Ladder Rules
• You can challenge players who are up to a maximum of 5 places higher than you on the ladder.
• New players will be assigned 1 free challenge anywhere in the ladder to ensure that stronger players find their appropriate level sooner.
• Once a challenge has been set no other challenge can be taken on until the match has been cancelled, forfeit, or played and the results entered.
• If the challenger wins the match, the challenger moves above his opponent in the ladder.
• If the challenger loses both players stay in their current positions.
• If the result is a draw the higher ranked team drops one place and the challenger stays in their current position unless the two teams are already next to one another on the ladder in which case neither team changes position. (Please note that until the ladder software is updated this will have to be done manually by the ladder commissioner and may take a day or two to show up on the ladder).
• If the match results are not reported on www.ropeyladder.com within 2 weeks of the challenge being set, the challenge will be automatically forfeit.
• The venue should be in a mutually convenient location for both players. Players MUST be prepared to play challenges at Fanboy3 (17 Newton St, Manchester, M1 1FZ, www.fanboy3.co.uk) between 5pm and 10pm on a weekday if requested to do so.
• If a player fails to turn up for an arranged match the other player wins by default.
• Players are allowed to mark their teams as unavailable (Holiday) for up to thirty days per year.

Waterbowl Tournament/Blood Bowl Rules

• The rules from the latest edition of the Living Rulebook [LRB 5.0] are to be used unless stated below.
• Teams are designed according to the rules in the ‘Team Building’ section below.
• Teams reset after each match. (i.e. there is NO team progression).
• Star players are allowed.
• Other inducements listed in the rulebook for LRB 5.0 are not allowed with the exception of a single Halfling Master Chef who may only be hired by Halfling teams.
• Special play cards are not used.
• Wizards are not allowed.
• Once per match Necromancers can resurrect killed opponents (see p.17 of the LRB) to use as zombies who will play for the team for that game only. Once the game is over, the team loses this bonus player.

Team Building

When you join the ladder you must design a team that you will use for AT LEAST four consecutive games. You should email this roster to us at waterbowl@hotmail.co.uk stating your line-up and skill choices. This roster will be displayed on the Waterbowl Website.

All teams must be rookie teams with a starting value of 1,100,000 gold pieces. Before the start of the tournament you should select one of the following skill sets:

Upgrade 1 = 4 x skill, 2 x doubles roll

Upgrade 2 = 4 x skills, 1 doubles roll, 1 x MA +1

Upgrade 3 = 5 x skills, 1 x AG +1

Upgrade 4 = 4 x skills, 1 x ST +1

• No players can receive more than 1 upgrade.
• Instead of a doubles skill, you may choose a normal skill. You may not use this to pick a stat increase.

After four games you may decide to alter your roster, please email us with details of any amendments. You may not alter the race of your team. Instead you should either retire the team from the ladder (if you already have three teams on the ladder) and/or sign up with another username stating the race of the new team.