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Fire Mountain
18-06-2007, 09:01
Well, this is a Unknown Warriors gang i'm using in a campaign.

As a crazed O&G player, I just couldn't leave them. Even as I changed universe, they stayed with me.
So, after taking a serious look at the Grotz (and Nigh Goblin) models at hand, I noticed that a Grotz Gang would be entirely plausible.
We have:
4 Shotgun Models
4 Stubgunners (Mace,Sword,Dual,Single)
2 Autopistoliers (Sword and Single)

And to follow this is the list so I can easier explain how the models will be made.

Lokk (Leader) with Plasmagun, Bolt Pistol and Hand Flamer:230
Stokk (Heavy) with Plasmagun and Autopistol:145
Barrel (Heavy) with Heavy Stubber and Autopistol:195
Watnot (Ganger) with Shotgun and Man-Stoppers:75
Watzit (Ganger) with Shotgun and Man-Stoppers:75
Snikkit (Ganger) with Shotgun and Man-Stoppers:75
Rikkit (Ganger) with Lasgun:75
Stunty (Juve) with Autopistol and Sword: 50
Runty (Juve) with Autopistol and Sword: 50

970 creds (What should I do with the 30 left?)

Now, the first obvius problem is the lack of Heavy Grot models.
But this have been easily solved. The Heavy Stubber model will be made by using the Orc Boy ' Eavy armed with a Big Shoota and a Night Goblin Head.
It might sound strange in the begining, but it looks OK when it's put together.

The other Plasmagun armed Heavy will be made by using a Prodder armed Squig Herder. The idea is that he is using electricity to get the same effect as of a Plasmagun (Well, it does as much damage...). He'll have a big battery strapped to his back with wires running from it to the tip of the prodder.
And hey, we got a Big Zappa.

The Grot models don't supply us with a Lasgunner either. But this is also easily fixed with electricity. By suing the Shotgun armed Grot (The other ones are armed with Blunderbusses) and drawing wires between the gun and some batteries wrapped around his waist, you create a Zappa.

The rest of the models are quite obius now, except for the leader. This is the one that is giving me trouble.
I've been thinking about using the Twin Six-Shootas one.
Chopping his right arm off and replacing it with a Gun Arm.
And after testing some things, this seems possible.
By using a converted Ork Slugga, I can create a pretty decent looking Gun Arm. But it's the Big Zappa part of it that is confusing me. I've been thinking about adding spikes, protruding to the front like some nasty lightning rods.
But something still feels wrong...

And yes, the thought of using the Red Gobbo as the leader have struck me. But that model is nigh on impossible to get ahold of. And he is not armed with the right weapons at all (And i'm not to keen to start cutting in that guy :S ).

Now, i'm hoping that you guys could help me out with the list as I have 30creds left over. Just enough to buy a pack of Frags. But i'm not to keen on them.
Maybe you can convince me otherwise?

What they have except the normal equipment is:


Bolt Pistol

Plasma Gun

Hand Flamer

WIP pic will come soon.

18-06-2007, 10:18
A hired gun (thinking ratskin scout) and save the left over credits might be a good idea, or upgrading a juve to a ganger.

Fire Mountain
18-06-2007, 10:23
Yeah. A hired gun might be interesting.
How about a Pit Slave or a Sniper?. Maybe even a Scum?

18-06-2007, 10:33
They're all good, whichever you think you can come up with a cool conversion for is i guess the best deciding factor.