View Full Version : my first BB team- and it's orcs...

floyd pinkerton
18-06-2007, 12:40
Hey guys, our local GW is starting a league, so I thought "what the hell" and made an orc team list. What do you think?

4x Black Orc
2x Blitzer
5x Linesmen
Fungus the Loooooooooooon!!!!1!!one!

fan factor 2
one re-roll

18-06-2007, 12:48
Which version of the rules are you using and is it an ongoing league - if so how long? There are subtle differences in the recommendation (plus in the recent versions you can't buy star players like fungus - just hire them).

18-06-2007, 13:28
No offense but with that lineup your gonna get Owned. If I was playing you, I'd just sit back and wait til your team self-destructed.

Take Blitzers over Black Orcs. They are faster and hit harder considering they have block. And with four of these bad boys all with Guard after their first skill up, they are a devastating force on the pitch. With their next skill mix in some Tackle/ Mighty Blow or Dodge on Doubles, these guys will just steam roll through the opposition.

18-06-2007, 13:43
I disagree. One of my most effective builds for an orc team was a troll, 4x black orcs and a thrower. Very easy to out pound your opposition into an easy win, and with the cash buy your 4 blitzers. However I would definitely recommend getting more re-rolls to start (drop fangus and the extra linemen).

Deng Ham
18-06-2007, 15:15
Definitly more re rolls. It sucks when you roll dubble (or tripple) skulls. And you already have used your re roll.

Also as said above. If you play LRB4. The you need a higher FF. the FF decide how mutch cash you get at the end of the game. And you need more cash. But with LRB5 it's not that important.

19-06-2007, 12:27

Here is my Academy Fumbbl Ork Team using the same build as I posted in other thread


Those Guard Blitzers have won me my games and kept me in the one I tied.