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14-08-2005, 20:19
hi there!

i thought i should share my results from this years 40K heat one.

Overall Placement: 46 out of 97, means i get through to the final (woohoo!!!)...not bad for my first real experience of the GT

I used a thousand son army (the only one there) and got 60 points in my gaming.

The event was great fun and well organised, saw some really cheesy forces (to be expected) and some really good paint jobs.

Heres a game by game account of my weekend, enjoy!

Game 1: against Marines on the dizzy heights of table 7. Sucure and Control was the mission

His list was the following:

2 small units of marines in razorbacks
9 (yep, 9) assault cannon equipped land speeders
2 preds

as you can see, this list is a list that a cheese seller would be proud of, a nice guy to play but with an army that so cheesy it was unholy.

Result: minor loss to me, i managed to kill most of the speeders but he claimed 2 objectives to my one, so i lost

Game 2: against marines seek and destroy.

His list was a dev heavy traited marine force with 2 preds.

End result: i got slaughtered due to bad tactical mistakes and horrible luck, nice guy though (had the same name as me)

Game 3: Against sisters of battle sucure and control.

Result: i slaughtered him.

His list was the classic un mounted sister army with an inquisitor. I won due to the fact he lacked no long range firepower at all and strangly didn't use his faith points, at the end of the game he had a single melta gun fleeing off teht able and i had lost half a squad.

Game 4: Dark Eldar slave raid (due to a freaky rule in the DE codex we ended up playing this mission)

Result: a hard fought Draw.

tbh, this was a game i should have lost as he well and truly slaughtered my rubrics, but on the last turn i did the most amazing tank shock of all time.

My shaken pred tank shocked a unit of wychs and incubi and made them both fall back, gaining me 400 odd points in one move! This gained me a draw, and a good few laughs.

Game 5: Space Marines again, this time Recon

his list consisted of 3 dreads, a vind, a dev squad, scout, tactical and an assault squad with a chaplin.

Result: Solid victory for me.

My asp champions were great this battle, one taking out 3 dreads with BoC and the terminator champion taking out the Vind likewise, i got behind his lines with a rubric squad and destroyed most of his army.

Game 6: Space Wolves playing Recon on table 24

Result: Draw, a boring game as we both knew that if we lost we didn't stand a good chance of getting through, so we both went for the draw and got it. Re match gave me a solid win (but that wasn't counted)

So in the end i came 46th, and utterly pleased with how my sons worked, just some learning points:

1) against long range armies the sons suffer greatly

2) the preds did fantastic, the heavy bolter/lascannon combo worked really well

3) i feel that i could have used the numbers provided by flamers, maybe 2 squads of 6 instead of the termies for the final

Anyway, it was a great tournie, met some really nice people...saw plenty of iron warriors and EC forces and even saw a pink alpha legion army with flowers, and i got a few good results to boot.

For the record: a space marine army won, not sure on its army comp.

14-08-2005, 20:56
Could you post us your list Reinnon?

14-08-2005, 21:16

Lord Kasperian (Chaos lieutenant): Mark of tzeentch, twin lightning claws, daemonic aura, daemonic Strength, bolt of change, bolt pistol, teleport homer

Total: 146


Honour Guard (7 Thousand son terminators- not chosen!!): Includes a Asp Champion with chain fist, Tusks (mutation), power weapon and bolt of change

Total: 365


Cathedral Guard (9 Rubric Marines): Includes a asp champion with power fist, Flamer Essence (mutation), close combat weapon, teleport homer, bolt of change, 4 thralls

Total: 296

Cathedral Guard (9 Rubric Marines): Includes a asp champion with power fist, Martial Prowess (mutation), close combat weapon, teleport homer, wind of change

Total: 266

Rhino: Extra Armour, smoke launchers

Total: 58

Heavy Support

Salrak (Predator): Twin lascannon, heavy bolter side sponsors, smoke launchers, extra armour, mutated hull, parasitic infestation

Total: 188

Difrak (Predator): Twin lascannon, heavy bolter side sponsors, mutated hull, demonic possession

Total: 180

Grand Total: 1496


14-08-2005, 21:19
Well done. Any rumours or previews pop up?

14-08-2005, 21:21
got a look at the new forge world book, if you ignore the spelling mistakes it wasn't a bad book. the new tau unit that can transport 120 tau warriors looked strangly powerful :)

the GW guys were tight lipped so i didn't hear anything concrete

14-08-2005, 21:35
Nice to see someone enjoying GT (and doing well without a cheeseridden army). Anybody else on Warseer been competing?


14-08-2005, 21:51
I think its disgusting that these tournements are so filed with space marine armys

gw has alot to anser for with its total bias towards 3+ save armys

good job on the tournament, comming in the top half is a good achievement

14-08-2005, 21:57
I went round the hall yesterday morning and I personally saw more nid armies and marines (of both loyalist and heretical types) than any of the other race or army. Though I almost burst out laughing when I saw a Witch Hunter force face off agaisnt a Deamonhunter force.

15-08-2005, 11:11
Killgore i was going to comment on that same thing myself.

Minus Dark Eldar (which re fairly rare these days) everyone was toting 3+ saves... and out of those all but one had t4 as well.

Shows whats needed at the tourney scene doesn't it? ;)

Great Harlequin
15-08-2005, 13:29
Fantastic job Rennion!

I'm glad to see that Thousand Son' armies can still compete in a Grand Tournament and do a fine job.

Well done!

I think its disgusting that these tournements are so filed with space marine armys

gw has alot to anser for with its total bias towards 3+ save armys
However, I dissagree here. I actually find Power armoured armies a lot easier to deal with. Armies that don't have 3+ saves aren't the most forgiving of armies and the smallest mistake can cost you a lot but if used correctly they can be devestating.

15-08-2005, 14:53
I like your 1k sons list a lot Reinnon, small but powerful

I'm entering Heat 3, your result encourages me to give my Thousand sons another run out

16-08-2005, 18:53
i feel that although your unlikely to get into the top 10 (although the chicago GT one got 6th place) with a thousand son army you can rest assured your going to one of the few thousand son players there.

i like to be different with my armies, and thousand sons can be quite powerful when used well.

anyway, my new list is up on the 40K army list forum...to have 7 months of playtesting and campaign weekends to get it perfect :)

Fallen Angel
19-08-2005, 08:21
congrats on your placement, good to see someone using the less favoured chaos legions. That 9 tornado army sounded pretty brutal......

Taking my alpha legion to Heat 2 so i hope i qualify for the final and get to play you as ive never played against TS before.

Brother Edwin
28-08-2005, 14:45
I like your 1k sons list a lot Reinnon, small but powerful

I'm entering Heat 3, your result encourages me to give my Thousand sons another run out

Please do because I will be at heat 3.

Well done on 46th.

But by Rhrubic marines do you mean the specal rules in white dwarf?

If so the rules said you were not allowed to use anything that wasent from the codex. Naughty.....

28-08-2005, 14:53
special rules in white dwarf? you mean the chosen of ahriman (which may i add doesn't have the rubric sign)

rubric marines is the thousand son jargon for your basic guys with the mark of tzeentch.

like noise marines, berserkers, plague marines, we have rubric marines!

much quicker then saying "Chaos Space Marine With Mark of Tzeentch (or CSMWMT)"

and no, i didn't use chosen of Ahriman (although i would like to)

Insane Psychopath
28-08-2005, 20:24
I think you fought on a tble next to me, when you fought those Dark Eldar.

As for the staff... well they seem to tell me a lot of info from new codexs to other stuff. Mainly because of of the ref at the UK GT was a friend & old worker in my local GW. Also all the staff rememeber me from past year :D

Also there NO comp point in the UK GT. It more about the player rather than the army. Also the person who won it was my friend & the person who came 3rd was my other friend.