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Autobot HQ
21-06-2007, 20:45


As the Warseer League has grown, so too has its most long-standing supporter, our very own WSTV. We here at the Network have grown from a team of three to a team of many, from being the local Station that covered the Division One to the Cabal World-wide Network that covers all of Warseer Blood Bowl. And on the one-year anniversary of our signing our very first deal with WBBL, we have decided to air this special feature introducing you all to the fine cast and crew of the Station that you made great.

Grosh'n'George, WSTV Anchor – Risen from the ranks of the original WSTV Station, the former two headed anchor-ogre is now the Anchor of WSTV as well as the Editor of the WSTV Newsletter. A former Blood Bowl player in his own right, Grosh’n’Geaorge try to bring some culture and respect to the great league of Warseer … Well, at least one of the heads does.

Magnus Maximillion, Voice of WSTV Live – The sound on the ground, Maximillion is a passionate ex-Blood Bowl player, Magnus still holds the record for the longest pass in a major final. If not on the ground he'll be in the studio along with Anna, and right after the match can often be found asking the tough questions and making biased opinions based on the fact he hates most every team that isn't human.

Analakthia Dolph, WSTV Producer – Once simply a cheerleader for the Amazonian Asps, Anna found her true calling when she launched into a tirade at the team coach about how she should be running her offensive line. After being challenged to do better, she did just that and led the team to victory. She was fired immediately but her impressive vocal skills and obvious knowledge of the game made her obvious for the position of Producer at WSTV

D’Jaun Helbrant, WSTV Analyst Expert – A Celestial Wizard who used to scry the future and bet on predicted Cup Winners, **** soon realized more money was to be made in Cabalvision, and so now give his expert 'opinion' on future hall of famers and potential team chances in upcoming matches.

Nikkit Kwikk, Reporter – The goblin kleptomaniac with gender confusion issue, Nikkit gets into those hard to reach places and interviews those powerful people of the Warseer Blood Bowl League, including the coaches themselves. Backed up with 'Da Crew', his snotling camera team who are even more theft-obsessed than he is, only prevented from stealing everything including the nails by their Anti-stealing Bracelets of Obsidian.

Annarath, Reporter – The handsome, arrogant and narcissistic reporter is never seen without a mirror, but then what do you expect from a High Elf. Annarath gets the choice interviews with the players themselves, usually at their homes. His fan base is huge and boy does he know it.

Autobot HQ
21-06-2007, 20:48
The above is so you guys can have more characters to roleplay with, although Grosh'n'George is soley mine :p you get an interview with him, you know you're big time. But this will allow you guys to really get your teeth into some of the things out there, lets get the fun Roleplay side of this going again!