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21-06-2007, 21:13
So, after watching a couple of games of Blood Bowl, I was immediately obsessed. I downloaded all the rules, playbooks, etc. from Specialist Games and read them all.

The GW store in my area has been gathering support for BB, and has gotten enough of a following to support a Veteran and a Rookie league! I signed up for the Rookie league and set about getting a team together.

Here is currently in the Rookie league (that I know of - there is more I think):
Orcs (me)
Dark Elves

For a practice game to get my feet wet, I played the out-of-the-box Orc team (2 Black Orcs, 2 Blitzers, 2 Throwers, 6 Lineman) against the store manager's (and Vet. League player) Human team (which had an Ogre, though I don't remember much else). He had really painted them nicely, and even converted a few bases of fans to watch the game!

He scored first near the end of the first half on a long pass to a blitzer (I did make him work for it at least). In the second half, I managed to score with about 3 turns to go by mangling the right side of his team, then throwing to an open lineman, who went in for the score. I had a good numerical advantage at this point, so he overloaded one of my flanks with most of his players. Right after the kick, he tries to throw a block with the Ogre, who gets "Both Down" on my Black Orc, ending his turn. I have about 5 unimpeded Orcs with a clear path to the ball. I simply seal off the majority of his team, knock a catcher into the stands, take the ball and score on my turn 8, leaving him one turn to try something wacky - which he does not. Inaugural victory!

I went home and started converting my Black Orcs, and trying to decide what to take in the regular league. Here is what I settled on:

Black Orc 4x
Blitzer 4x

1 Reroll
6 Fan Factor
1 Cheerleader
1 Assistant Coach
0 Apothecaries

I did play my first game last night, which I will write a proper report for later. Let's just say that between the two teams, 3 players actually perished.

22-06-2007, 14:55
Drop the Troll, and get another Re-roll. You don't need the extra strength for the league and the Troll is a Re-roll eating machine. You will need the RR for failed catches and hand offs by your blitzers.

And if you are playing LRB5, I'd drop the troll and reduce your FF to one. Then take another Gobbo and buy another 2 RR. This would give you

Black Orcs x 4 = 320
Blitzers x 4 = 320
Thrower x 1 = 70
Gobbos x 2 = 80
RR x 3 = 180
FF x 1 = 10
AC x 1 = 10
CL x 1 = 10

for a cool 1000K

The 3 RR will keep your team from self-destructing do to turnovers. AG4 teams can get buy on 1 RR but a AG3 team needs 3. And the FF isn't near the issue as it was in LRB4 due to the new FAME rules. Skill up your blitzers quick with some guard then Tackle, And then grind the hell out of your opponents.

22-06-2007, 16:37
Unfortunately it is too late to change the lineup, but I see what you are saying about the fan factor. In the practice game, we did roll brilliant coaching twice, so having that much FF and the AC allowed me to easily win both bonus rerolls.

You are right about the Troll. I don't spend re-rolls on him though (because of Loner). I simply wait to do him almost last (unless I can get a three dice block with him), so if he falls over the ending of my turn is not the end of the world. On top of that, I got to do a nice conversion, and my "front 5" of Black Orcs and the Troll is extremely intimidating.

So far I have done a very good job of minimizing risk in the game so the one reroll has been enough. I my MVP of my first league game was a Black Orc that also caused a casualty, so he can pick a skill (or +1 MV/Armor). I am thinking Block, to minimize the evil "both down" scenario. What do you think?

22-06-2007, 18:44
Not bad

Most players will tell you never pass up a stat increase, But it seems that I pass up +MA/AV all the time. I just hardly ever remember the extra movement or it will put him out of position if I did use it.

Taking block on the BOB is a better choice IMO. others will say give him MB to skill he up faster, but I would rather have a more reliable player.

You might want to consider Leader on your thrower to give you another RR. But if you are good at minimizing risk, then I'd stick with the running game and give him block. (as the running game is less risky than passing the ball)

22-06-2007, 22:39
My philosophy is to keep as many of my guys on their feet as much as possible, since nothing good happens while you are down. I can be more aggressive defensively and cause more turnovers with simply the press of bodies. That's why I think Block works for me over anything else. I cannot wait to get tackle/strip ball on my Blitzers.

I do run mostly, but I don't mind a little misdirection by throwing across the field to my goblin after drawing attention to the other wide zone. I play slow in the first half to cause as much casualties as possible (and to keep the other guy from scoring), and then in the second half get more aggressive on offense when I half numerical superiority.