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21-06-2007, 21:45
Hi guys,

Long time no see! Not managed many games lately unfortunately.

Anyway, I've got a game this Saturday versus BlackRabbit33. 2000pts, he could be using either his Blood Angels or Orks.

I usually play Siegemasters, but after lots of wins I thought I might give a totally different army a try - hence the Nids!

Here's my army list for the game, based on the Tyranid 8.1 list. Comments are welcome, I can't actually change the list as this is all I have but just a few comments and pointers would still be welcome! *:)

2000pt Tyranid Army List

Harassment Swarm
1x Harridan
4x Gargoyle

Attack Swarm 1
1x Hive Tyrant
8x Termagaunts
3x Malefactors

Attack Swarm 2
1x Hive Tyrant
9x Termagaunts
2x Malefactors
1x Zoanthrope

Assault Swarm
1x Hive Tyrant
5x Hormagaunts
2x Exocrines
2x Gargoyles

Lictor Swarm - 3x Lictor

Lictor Swarm - 3x Lictor

1x Hierophant BioTitan


With any luck I'll be able to take a few photos during the game on Saturday and hopefully be able to get a small bat rep done by the end of the week.

23-06-2007, 17:48
2000pts Tyranids vs Blood Angels

Tyranids from viewer's left to right;
Harassment Swarm
Assault Swarm
Attack Swarm 2
Attack Swarm 1

Blood Angels:
Assault Detachment
Tactical Detachment 1
Tactical Detachment 2
Land Raider Detachment
Land Speeder Detachment
Warhound Titan

Sorry, I havn't shown the objectives properly on the photo! The Tyranid objective is the silver sphere to the left of the chimney. The Blood Angels objective is the grey bunker just up from the right-most set of ruins.

23-06-2007, 17:51
Turn One

The first turn had both armies moving into position. The Tyranids swarming into terrain to help protect against the expected incoming fire and the Blood Angels trying to get some shots in before the melee started.


23-06-2007, 18:00
Turn 2

Now the blood started to be spilled. Once again both armies jostled for better postion - better to launch their assaults from.

The two Lictor teams teleported in, ready to assault the Assault or Tactical 1 Dets.


The Blood Angels Tactical Det 1 lined up and unleashed a volley of fire against the newly arrived Lictors doing no damage. Their Assault comrades then failed their initative test and decided to jump further into enemy lines. The Harridan decided to have them for breakfast though and they were easily destroyed. The Imperial Navy then shot the Harridan inflicting 1 damage.

Attack Swarm 1 took more fire that further depleted their numbers, killing the Hive Tyrant

Seeing their right flank getting busy, the Tactical Det 2 took up position within the giant conveyor belt and fired upon Attack Swarm 2. In reply, the Attack Swarm moved closer and were able to provided FF support for the Hierophant that then assaulted the Blood Angels. The Tactical Det 2 was crushed with the survivors withdrawing into the open.

Consolidating meant that Attack Swarm 2 was able to bring most of Swarm 1 back into the Hive Mind.



Mr Zephy
23-06-2007, 21:50
Well done! Nicely presented, I like the terrain, is that an ore crusher belt made out of tracks?

23-06-2007, 23:12
Well done! Nicely presented, I like the terrain, is that an ore crusher belt made out of tracks?

Yup, M1A1 Abrams tracks to be exact - Tamiya 1/35th scale!

Been trying to post the rest of this bat rep but Warseer's been acting really wierd lately!

23-06-2007, 23:15
Turn 3

With their right flank collapsing, the Blood Angels needed some swft action - the Land Speeders buzzed up into the centre within range of the Tyranid objective. In reply, the lone Lictor who had survived the barrage from the Tactical Det assaulted them, bringing down two of their number before being melted.

The Warhound Titan was joined by the Land Raiders in unleashing hell upon the remaining Attack Swarm - their position was now again becoming unteneable.

The Tyranids now wanted to finish off the reistance on the BA's right flank. The Harridan swept up to the Tactical Det 1, dropping off Gargoyles and firing upon them. With a screech the Assault Swarm lept out of the undergrowth and ruins, jumping upon the marines with Hormagaunts and Tyranid Warriors. The Tactical Detachment was totally wiped out.


Now the Hierophant moved to help support the beliguered Attack Swarm. The remains of tactical Det 2 tried to sneak between the two massive swarms towards the Tyranid objective.


23-06-2007, 23:16
Turn 4

With the battlefield now overrun with the Tyranids the Blood Angels were left with only one option - to try and take down as big a chunk of the Nid army as possible.

Attack Swarm 1 was again bought under murderous fire from the Warhound and Land Raiders. This time the Hive Tyrant was killed.

The Assault Swarm had to march to the collapsing Attack Swarm, to try and keep too many of the brood going to ground.

The Harridan assaulted the remain Rhino (and occupants) of Tactical Det 2, crushing it betweens its claws.

The Hierophant was pounded by the Imperial Navy, lascannon and bombs almost bringing down. The Land Speeders spotted an opportunity and blasted the BioTitan killing it outright.



Result: DRAW Tyranids held their objective and Blood Angels got BTS.

We both really enjoyed the game and we decide that the Tyranids seem very well balanced and the swarm rule is fine.

30-06-2007, 11:54
nice rep stug i lookfoward to the other maybe i should start painting up the rest of my chaos

30-06-2007, 22:33
nice rep stug i lookfoward to the other maybe i should start painting up the rest of my chaos

I'd imagine an Epic Chaos army painted by you sir would look FANTASTIC! :cool: