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Lars Beernuts
22-06-2007, 15:27
Greetings all!

Wandered back into the hobby after a few years away (I started way back when rogue trader 40k had just come out)

After Wandering the forums for a while I can across all of the painting/modelling logs and found them quite inspiring to say the least. Hence here I am starting my own off.

Been guilty of buying far too much stuff which then mainly get built and might get undercoated and sometimes either get painted!

I have a ridiculous short attention span, I've started far too many many armies for both fantasy and 40k - got to finish some of them!

So what have I got to play with at the moment:


Went a bit mad on Dark Angel bits a couple of months ago (already got about a company painted (badly) from years gone buy) with the intention of updating my existing army and trying to vary the poses as much as possible - spent a week cutting marine legs apart and putting them back together with varying success. Now tho I've got to paint them!

I'll show you a picture of my marine sprues box at some point

There's a half finished Gruntz based (novel by Mary Gentle) urban camo ork army
Half painted Tau army - don't even have the new army book yet
Huge Cadian army that's not even fully built - there's a chimera and leman russ un built
Space Wolves - mainly built, half painted
13th Company - almost finished would you believe
Plague marines - half built, lots of conversions part done and to do
Night Lords - built, half painted, need a tank or two

There's some old eldar knocking around as well but I'm doing my best to leave them alone

It's quite disturbing now I've listed them

Then there's fantasy:

A Hordes/Beasts of Chaos army which is mainly built but far from painted - doesn't ned much adding to it.
A skaven army which has models from a few additions but is mainly painted
A Dark Elf army which is more than half painted but needs a few more units
A crazy amount of metal dwarves from over the years which have been added to over the years an might get revamped sometime

and finally the new focus Orcs and Goblins!

Inspired by the new black orcs and the fact that my first ever fantasy army best part of 2 decades ago was this one.

So the corrent focus is DA and O&G and that's what I'll try to provide regular progress and updates - with pictures as best as the 3.2mp camera on my phone will provide.

Current Status Pics to follow - C&C most welcome - most of my stuff is aimed at decent tabletop level (not that I've played in a looong time).


Lars Beernuts
22-06-2007, 16:27
Ok some pitctures -

Painting area and pictures of boxes full of a variety of minis.


Lars Beernuts
22-06-2007, 16:35
Followed by what I'm currently working on/just finished for warhammer - chariot was undercoated black, drybrushed bestial brown and given a couple of brown ink washes - trying to decide what to do next with it.

C&C most welcome


Lars Beernuts
22-06-2007, 16:39
Finally some marine wips

Apologies for the picture quality - got a basic camera and am learning as i go

22-06-2007, 17:00
looking good Lars, have you got a 'macro' function on j'ah camera? if so switch it on and you'll get better close-ups :)


22-06-2007, 17:02
Like the ice cream tub storage system. made me chuckle.

Good job on the Blorks.

The chariot. Give it another dry brush highlight just to take the shine of it again. then paint all the metal bits black for you chosen metal traetment. (Glad to see you ahve left the boars out that will make your job a whole bunch easier).

Go and check out The tale of Four Painters thread You look well placed to join in. :D

Lars Beernuts
22-06-2007, 19:45
Cheers, for the comments guys, sadly the camera is seriously basic.

Will check out that other thread.

Tonights efforts - 11 Orcs built - 19 in total - although I'm a couple of bases short at present.

Got 20 Night Gobs built already- another 19 Orcs on the way in the post as well.

So much green painting!

The wench is out this evening so making the best of it in between Big Bro - sadly it caught my interest this time round......the shame


Lars Beernuts
28-06-2007, 15:38
Ok, some progress…

Well over the last week I've assembled, based and undercoated 36 Orc Boyz including a command unit and done the same with 20 Night Goblins

The paint job on the goblins is coming along slowly although in reality they're taking no time at all to get done - going to finish them, then get on with the Orcs I think

Next on the agenda when they arrive are more Orcs which I intend to make look like Big'uns by using all the shoulder guards etc. from a dozen sprues and a Warboss and Battle Standard Bearer. Some rudimentary green stuff armour might go onto the warboss model as I want him to be a Blorc in heavy armour.

Does anyone know if the Blorc torsos would be compatible with the mounted warboss? (without too much carving)

On a 40k front I bought a single cities of De@th sprue to use for base conversions for my Dark Angels - good looking stuff, are the rest of the sprues as good? Tempted to buy a building or three now…..

If I was sensible I'd be saving the O&G's for "a tale of a horde of painters but I as I have a good backlog of unpainted minis I'm to paint up the Beasts/Hordes of Chaos army I've got over the year - so that should drag me through getting that done and make me feel better at the same time (not buying new minis when I've got unpainted ones lying around!

I've also got a fair sized cadian army lying round but the thought of painting up to 20 guardsmen a month on top of the rest is a little daunting - also I've never figured out a colour scheme that

a) I'm happy with and;
b) Is easy to paint large numbers with whilst still looking reasonable decent

Suggestions would be welcomed tho!

Not updating this as much as I'd like but back to work now after a month off with a bad back and keeping the wench happy by spending time with her on top of domestic stuff to keep the house running is limiting my painting time a bit more than I'd like (oh yes and big brother is now almost compulsory viewing at present, I'm worried about myself for enjoying it, believe me)


28-06-2007, 20:46
Your stuff's looking pretty good Lars, keep it up.

Lars Beernuts
29-06-2007, 06:28
This evenings efforts - nearly got the night gobbos done - need to base and teeth them - and a touch on the standard - but not bad.

Photos not the best but I'm learning


Lars Beernuts
29-06-2007, 09:40
Todays efforts thanks to broken car...

Of course you think you've finished a unit then you discover you missed the musician!

Cheers for the encouragement warboss!

2 units done now, there's a half finished chariot and an awful lot of undercoated orcs next.....

Just got to decide how to pain orc flesh.....

29-06-2007, 09:54
Orc flesh ...
Dark angels green, snot green, Goblin green.

You can paint this on leaving a bit of the previous colour showing in the recesses or dry brush for speed.

If you dry brush you may want to use a wash to smoooth things over a bit afterwarsds.

Then if you really want .... final highlight Goblin green with a touch of something ... skull white, bleached bone, or sunburst yellow depending on you colour preference.

Well thats what I did.

29-06-2007, 10:03
looking good and awsome i agree with harry on the orc flesh but try sunburst yellow as it is a cool yellow. keep up the good work!:)

Best regards

Lars Beernuts
29-06-2007, 11:26
Cheers guys,

Just had a go - looks ok - will post once I've got a decent test model done - got a lot to do so can't be too fancy!

Then again, half finished but flesh done without wash - picture not the best I admit.

Looks like it'll do nicely


Lars Beernuts
30-06-2007, 15:11
Ok, so a break from the greenskins over to the chaos!

Taking part in the tale of fantasy painters so given that the thread has kicked off I thought I'd better make a start so here are my first 4 marauders....

C&C welcome


Lars Beernuts
01-07-2007, 16:53

So despite the horrific hangover yesterday it's been a good weekend for getting stuff painted.

16 Marauders with flails done towards my 200 points for the month already (if I felt like this was homework no way would this have happened!).

And 5 Flesh Hounds to fill out the 200 points - just over I think to paint next.

Cos I built the marauders a long time ago they're in 16's (got 2 units built) going to have to get another box at some point to round them up to 20.

Going to post a vague army list on the main thread some time soon.


(You'd be able to see the pictures if they'd upload, will try to add later)

Lars Beernuts
02-07-2007, 19:49
Did I mention I have a short attention span?

After 2 Orc and Goblin units completed I've been sidetracked into the Chaos army for the tale of fantasy painters which as I've mentioned previously is an old set of models I'd built when the last chaos army book came out but never painted more than the odd test piece. So instead of being sensible and just painting what I've got and saving money there'll be some more chaos knights and warhounds in the post - got a good deal on them - which is why there's also 5 cold one knights in the post as well……

…I've got 16 spears and 16 executioners painted up to a decent standard with another 16 spears undercoated ready to paint, oh yes and a load of metal Xbows and a couple of old repeater Xbows mostly painted from 10 or so years ago, oh and 16 old corsairs, as well as 10 new half painted corsairs - I had to hold myself back from buying more of them too. In other words don't be surprised is if I start posting pictures of DE's on here as well.

I prefer the old metal cold one models and acquired a job lot a while ago with the intention of putting the new riders on them. I've also got a dark pegasus waiting for a hero of some sort to ride it - a pair of legs are fitted ready, just got to find a suitable body.

The reason this is in the general log is meant to be because I've got a stack of 40k stuff to paint as well - mainly guard and a variety of marines - the fantasy stuff has sidetracked me nicely from my dark angels which was the reason I started digging out my minis a couple of months ago, random. I'm still debating joining the tale of 40k painters late with guard or DA but think that her indoors would object to the painting time required.

Barely coherent ramblings as always


Lars Beernuts
03-07-2007, 17:37
After failing to get any painting done last night the target for Tuesday is to get as close as possible to finish my ToFP 200 points for this month so I can start painting the horde of orcs that are awaiting me in the undercoated box. (Also helped by my slowly repairing back letting e work half days so giving me a bit more painting time).

Although I did get something done yesterday, a movement tray made for the Marauders was started - given that the whole 5 model frontage required for units makes the GW movement trays too small for cavalry and 25mm bases (and that I think a unit looks good with a proper tray) I've started making trays out of some plasticard and old sprues (finally found a decent use for them!) you can see what my Blorc one looks like and I'm pleased with the results.

I got it stuck together and gave it a first covering of sand last night, repeat for where it's patchy tonight and it's ready for undercoating when the rain stops!

One question for anyone who cares to voice and opinion (feeling a little lonely on this thread although a lot of people are at least having a look, but whatever happens it's helping motivate me to get stuff painted) should I add a few patches of static grass to the marauders like I have for the O&G's? Undecided at present, alternative plan is (with a nod to Harry's bases) to paint the lager stones a black/grey colour.

So enough rambling - one completed flesh hound head - opinions welcome, not sure about the green or the red currently - opinions most welcome - only another 5 to do.

Also new arrivals to play with!


Lars Beernuts
04-07-2007, 14:46
One not very great photo for today - quick update before I head off to have my back cracked.

Abandoned the green hair for black on the Flesh Hounds - got one finished and the rest at various stages - found myself doing them one at a time almost.

Unlikely to get more done tonight but will be trying to get them all done before the weekend so I can get back to the greenskins......unless something distracts me.

Expecting a delivery in the next couple of days of more stuff to paint as well.....


04-07-2007, 17:25
Green hair? I thought it looked blue. ;)
I like to see chaos stuff, good luck with the painting and the back cracking.

Lars Beernuts
04-07-2007, 18:09
Cheers mrtn, the final highlight was hawk turquiose, so no surprise with my dodgy photography it might look blue.

Back cracked and improving thank you.....more chaos tomorrow I hope


Lars Beernuts
05-07-2007, 14:32

The objective for today was to finish my flesh hounds to complete my 200 points for July's ToFP. How did I do? See attached. Am highlighting the red up to orange and then giving it a red ink wash - leaves a shiny finish but I think that's kind of appropriate anyway. Also a shot of the whole 215 pts for this month!

In addition after a moment of madness (?) on eBay last night I've got enough Dark Elves lying round to do 2000 points of them (I think) so I'm expanding my ToFP participation to 2 armies. That's the next lot to paint.

My inane ramblings here are keeping me going enough to think that I'll be able to get that much done a month, plus Dark Elves cost mostly 10pts + a model so less of them to do to get to 200 each month!

My only problem will come if I need more than 10 cold ones for the knights - I prefer the old metal ones to the plastic - mentioned previously that I sourced some a while ago but it looks like I'll be needing more at some point.


Lars Beernuts
07-07-2007, 10:04

A week of half days has been quite productive on the painting front, however, I collected a few things from the post office last night - 20 NG's, 19 Orcs, 10 Wolfriders, an Orc Warboss and a Cities of Death Sector Box (gave in to temptation and bought a box cos it's cheaper, the sprues are so nice might end up with more so I can build bigger buildings).

That's a lot to put together - and a lot of mould lines to scrape off, especially I've found on the Orc sprues - is that the age of the sprues? It's not my favourite thing to do that's for sure. Oh for the good old days when I didn't care and just covered them up best I could with paint.

I suspect the Warboss will be first - intending to use spare arms from the Blorcs I put together and greenstuff some more armour onto the legs of the boar rider. Do I want a Blorc or and Orc as Battle Standard Bearer?

So I suspect that today will be just some fun with plastic…..although I must make a start on those Dark Elves for ToFP….

By the way I generally write these at work and email it home to add pictures - kill some time and gives me a target for what to get done that day. All I did was cut parts of city of death sprues and trim that mould lines off - not very exciting but quite theraputic....


Lars Beernuts
12-07-2007, 20:00
Not really got around to painting until tonight this week - lost a little momentum this week - mainly from being shattered in the evenings after being back at work full time and being far too busy!

Anyway, see attached for this evenings efforts - yes I know another race but more red....I see a pattern


12-07-2007, 22:22
You forgot to attach something?

Lars Beernuts
13-07-2007, 19:31
Ok, today's first update - kind of been busy - the red DE spears have been progressed - still need some highlighting but trying to get the basics done on all of them before I tackle that.

Oh yes, I found some old nausiating blue and did another unit of DE spears as well - sadly I've run out so unless I can source some more or mix some that'll be it.

Also see 5 old metal cold ones to be built with the new rider models - starting on them soon (next maybe....but what about all them O&G's.....)


Lars Beernuts
13-07-2007, 19:46
Ok second post - the CoD buildingsi got recently - the basic structures are done and I got some thick plastic which they're shown on (which I got from my local model shop today).

Got a few more sprues coming then I'll attach them to the bases and start putting on extra bits and pieces and basing them etc.

Also, a poster I got a long time ago....

13-07-2007, 20:40
Great basing on the DE regiment.

After you have painted your Mithril Silver/Chainmail?
Try a watery wash of black back on top. it helps redefine the detail again that might have got filled by silver and takes the edge of the shineyness. Looks more DE.

13-07-2007, 20:59
looks good, but the pics of the blue look a little off.. the red looks nice, but the blue lacks... defenition... might just be the pic though

the sheilds look great though!

Lars Beernuts
14-07-2007, 13:16
Great basing on the DE regiment.

After you have painted your Mithril Silver/Chainmail?
Try a watery wash of black back on top. it helps redefine the detail again that might have got filled by silver and takes the edge of the shineyness. Looks more DE.

That's the plan - not got round to doing washes on them yet - just trying to get the basic colours one them wash the whole lot at once.

Cheers for the comments

Lars Beernuts
05-10-2008, 14:51
Why start a new thread when you can resurrect an old one?

Back again, still trying to reduce the ever increasing mountain of plastic, this time starting wth crimson fists, with a few orks thrown in....with no doubt other stuff in the future..


Painted minis to follow, C&C most welcome.