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23-06-2007, 20:16
well i wanted to start this so every one can post there team and get comments on it
so come on get your teams on here

24-06-2007, 16:24
come on people some of you must want to post your teams on here

24-06-2007, 18:59
My Human Team is:

4 Blitzers
4 Linemen
2 Catchers
1 Thrower

3 Re-rolls

Fan Factor 8

03-07-2007, 17:18
Are we looking for teams or team names.

Dwarfs - Ancestor United (Manchester United)
Treemen - Not in the Forest (Nottingham Forest) (Not my team, but great all the same)
High Elves - Heart of Mid Lothern (Heart of Midlothian)
Dark Elves - Chill Sea (Chelsea)

03-07-2007, 18:28
Nice ones, the1stpip!

My new team of Dark Elves are the WarSeers, consisting of:

#1 Xhalax Witch Elf
#2 Sylass Runner
#3 Yorkiebar Lineman
#4 Starlight Lineman
#5 tzeentchgiant Lineman
#6 x-esiv-4c Lineman
#7 Athamas Lineman
#8 Sigur Lineman
#9 McMullet Lineman
#10 Pertinax Lineman
#11 ArtificerArmour Lineman

2 Rerolls, 8 Fan Factor

03-07-2007, 19:24
Talon FC

Starting Lineup is rather boring, but effective:

1 Elin Lineman
2 Ixion Lineman
3 Astraea Lineman
4 Cepheus Lineman
5 Aurora Lineman
6 Elysium Lineman
7 Actaeon Lineman
8 Hector Lineman
9 Anteres Lineman
10 Ithril Lineman
16 Athena Lion Warrior

Apothicary, ff 6, re-rolls x2

04-07-2007, 13:49
I have just played for a couple of weeks, but when reading this I get curious. Why are you guys buying so much fan factor? Or are these teams from the old edition?

04-07-2007, 18:07
because in leagues fan factor gets you money thats why

04-07-2007, 18:25
because in leagues fan factor gets you money thats why

Not so much in the latest version (LRB 5) although it does have some effect.

floyd pinkerton
04-07-2007, 20:40
4 black orcs
2 blitzers
5 linesmen
1 thrower
fungus the loon!

2 re-rolls, 2 FF

08-07-2007, 19:32
I think the buying of fan factor is down to how much money you have left after buying players and re-rolls.

It'sa also down to people buying lots in previous editions, and not getting out of the habit yet...

16-07-2007, 23:00
OK I've called my first Orc Team Da "Bob's Bull Orcs" (say it fast! ;) )
basically named after me as Head Coach! (Isn't everyone called "Bob"?)

Going with what models I have rather than what might be best I'm starting to play a league with the following:
Either A team:
4 Blitzers
2 Black Orcs Blockers
2 Throwers
5 Linemen
2 Re-rolls
1 Fan Factor

or B Team:
4 Blitzers
2 Black Orcs Blockers
2 Throwers
4 Linemen
2 Re-rolls
3 Fan Factor
& 30,000GP in the Treasury

The A team gives me 13 players and the B team 12, but the B Team can get more Fan Factor if it is deemed likely to be needed.

We're using LRB 5 so I would appreciate someone else who's used LRB 5 giving me some advice here.


As I am unable to Edit my previous post due to some malfunction of this Forum :( I'll add this bit and hope some nice MOD will add this to the foot of my post:

I actually have a total of 10 Linemen models available, but no more of any other type of Player than is shown above.


17-07-2007, 09:14

2 blitzers
2 runners
8 blockers

2 re-rolls
fan factor 4

24-07-2007, 12:18
Just started converting my new chaos dwarf team tonight out of the new(ish) dwarf warrior box. Gotta fix up some of the putty on the bull centaurs, but other than that I just have to decide on how outlandish to make their hats! Thinking of going with this starting lineup :

2 Bull Centaurs
5 Chaos Dwarf Blockers
4 Hobgoblins
3 Re-rolls
2 Fan Factor

With 70k re-rolls I can't justify taking the 6th dwarf over a 3rd re-roll. Especially the way the bull centaurs hog re-rolls.

24-07-2007, 13:42
I am in the progress of making 2 teams to play with,
Beasts from the specialized players content section:
4 Ungors,
4 Gors,
4 Bestigors
3 Re-rolls
2 Fan Factor

And a human team
4 Blitzers
1 Throwers
3 Catchers
4 Linemen
3 re rolls
3 fan factor

It provides me with a nice mix on top of the 2 teams that come with the boxset set and also gives me and the wife a chance to play with something a bit different. Plan is to get them into a nice league and add an Ogre and Minotaur to the teams to give it a big baddie to change it up with..


26-07-2007, 18:02
I'm in the process of starting to paint up my new Wood Elf team. I haven't decided on my final line-up 100% yet but I am thinking of this:

1 Wardancer
10 Linemen
2 re-rolls
fan factor 3

I'd like to include a thrower and a catcher as well but I feel the apothecary is necessary with just AV 7 on the whole team. And playing without team re-rolls seems too risky.

27-07-2007, 08:27
Discovering I only have 8 lineman models, I have decided on this alternative starting roster instead:

1 Wardancer
1 Thrower
1 Catcher
8 Linemen
2 re-rolls
fan factor 4

No apothecary, sadly but I'll pick one up ASAP. The position players should help put the pressure on the opponent. Later, I will try to get a Treeman too, he will no doubt be a big helper on the LOS.

27-07-2007, 15:39
Why not save some cash on fan factor(unless you are playing the old LRB 4) and be more certain to be able to afford a apo after the first match? :)

27-07-2007, 22:31
Fan factor 1 and 30 000 gold in the bank? Hmmm... yes, why not? :)

17-08-2007, 14:41
ok, i love playing DEs, but well, the only way they seem to work for me under TR180 is to start with positionals, so:

1 x Blitzer
1 x Witch Elf
1 x Thrower
8 x Lineman
1 x Reroll
9 x FF

2 x Assassin
2 x Runner
7 x Lineman
1 x RR
8 x FF

the assassins turned out to suck, so maybe 2 blitzers and lower FF would work instead...

what i did find out is that the 1st skill on almost all the players should be Dodge, and not Block as is the popular belief. With Dodge and positionals, ur team plays elfball when your opponent still rolls double skulls and cries DUH!!!!!

18-08-2007, 00:29
I think it depends on the player. On a defensive player, then dodge is the skill to go for. On a blitzer or Witch (who already as dodge of course)who is more likely to be attacking then dodge will have no effect, and block is the preferred skill.

Even dodgey elf teams have to make holes in the wall...

06-09-2007, 23:51
My team looks like this;

Gengar's Ghoulies
7 Zombies
2 Ghouls
2 Wights
1 Mummy
3 rerolls
8 Fan Factor

I haven't decided if under LRB5 I want to go with 1 FF and get an extra ghoul in there. Conversely I already have a spare player and plan to end up "recruiting" some more zombies through wood elf linemen related casualties, so maybe I'll keep the high fan factor. It's always nice to know fans are cheering for you after all.

10-09-2007, 14:37
Da Blak Pitte Kreeps
night goblin team.

2 trolls,
lodz 'o gobbos,
3 chearleaders,
2 assistant coaches,
FF 5
RR 2

They played a four team league season and came in third. The top team was dark elf, just barely nudging out a skaven team that got more awards anyways. Last place was undead.

Colonel Dixon
21-09-2007, 18:11
The New Orc Gargants

3 Blitzers
4 Black Orcs
1 Troll
4 Linemen
2 Rerolls
1 Fan Factor

11 Rock hard Green Boys and one Blue one...

The Black Lotus
15-10-2007, 12:31
thrower: 1
catchers: 2
blitzers: 4
linemen: 5
rerolls: 3
Fanfactor: 3

my first team ... and i hope it is going to work out ;)

The Dark One
15-10-2007, 15:30
thrower: 1
catchers: 2
blitzers: 4
linemen: 5
rerolls: 3
Fanfactor: 3

my first team ... and i hope it is going to work out ;)

what team is this?

my orc team The Killaz is (which was the one i used the most)

3 black orcs
3 blitzers
4 linesmen
1 thrower
4 re-rolls
1 fan factor

which has now retired due to the fact we are all starting again for a new league. so my team in our new league is Undead called Rotting Corpses (can't think of a better name)

2 mummies
2 wights
1 ghoul
3 zombies
4 skeletons
4 re-rolls
1 fan factor

The Black Lotus
17-10-2007, 13:38
what team is this?

sorry xD

it is a human team ...

guess i forgot to wright that ;)

Follower of Zork
20-10-2007, 20:46
My Elf team has
3*Re Rolls
4*Fan Factor

Well thats how it started, I now have

3*Re Rolls
9*Fan Factor

22-10-2007, 10:34
I have played this team for about a year now. They are called the Disciples of Ahriman, and are a Tzeentchian Chaos team. (I use the experimental rules from www.bloodbowl.com (http://www.specialist-games.com/assets/ForgottenChaosTeams.pdf)). This is the team after 19 matches:

0 Ahriman (Warrior riding Disc) - 8 3 4 8 - Leap, Loner, Sprint, Sure Feet
1 Azapiel (Tzeentch Warrior) - 5 4 3 9 - Foul Appearance, Accurate
2 Napariel (Tzeentch Warrior) - 5 5 3 9 - Extra Arms, +1 ST, Block
3 Anduriel (Tzeentch Warrior) - 5 4 3 9 - Foul Apperance
4 Renderiel (Tzeentch Warrior) - 5 4 3 9 - Disturbing Prescence
5 ZZ'tzzxz (Tzeentch Horror) - 6 4 3 8 - Foul Appearance, Loner
7 Screetch (Screamer of Tzeentch) - 9 3 2 7 - Loner, No Hands, Sprint, Sure Feet, Prehensile Tail
9 Ixpar & Sait (Cultist of Tzeentch) - 6 4 3 8 - Two Heads, +1 ST
10 Koredael (Cultist of Tzeentch) - 6 3 3 8 - Horns
11 Napresmotael (Cultist of Tzeentch) - 6 3 3 8 - Extra Arms, Block, Kick
12 Toton (Cultist of Tzeentch) - 6 3 3 8 - Extra Arms, Block, Nerves of Steel
13 Niparairxol (Cultist of Tzeentch) - 6 3 3 8 - Very Long Legs, Block, Pass Block, Tackle
14 Hracah (Cultist of Tzeentch) - 6 3 3 8 - Foul Appearance, Block
15 Rathanion (Cultist of Tzeentch) - 6 3 3 8 - Claws, Mighty Blow
16 Eresrehos (Cultist of Tzeentch) - 6 3 3 8 - Foul Appearance, Block
17 Hnaasiel (Cultist of Tzeentch) - 6 3 3 8 - Foul Appearance, Block

Basically, I'm trying to make a passing team out of the Chaos chaps. I haven't been very successful so far, but now as Azapiel has gotten Accurate, this should be changing real soon :D

Players of note:
Napariel - With ST5 and Extra arms, he is a real tank. If the ball is passed to him, he catches it on a 2+, and is more than capable of holding on to it himself. Even pesky Wardancers with Strip Ball leaping into the cage finds it difficult to get the ball out of his four hands.

Screetch - This guy has saved me more than once. He has an effective MA of 12, and can run (fly?) circles around even Wood Elves! Even though it is very difficult to build any skills on him (due to the lack of hands), his high MA and Prehensile Tail makes him a real pain for the running teams i face.

Warsmith Strader
22-10-2007, 12:30
My Orc team- Da Machine(LRB5)
5 lineman
1 thrower
2 blitzers
3 black orcs
2 goblinz
fan factor 8
2 rerolls

Warsmith Strader
22-10-2007, 12:33
My current team- Orcs (Da machine) LRB5
1 thrower
5 lineman
3 black orcs
2 blitzers
2 goblins
fan factor of 8
2 rerolls

and they are off to a slow start in the Alamo City Blood Bowl league right now at a 0-1 start.

24-10-2007, 10:23
for my goblin team i start with:
2 trolls
1 chainsaw
1 bomidier
9 goblins
5 re-rolls

24-10-2007, 20:35
Just started a DE team

(1) Blitzer
(1) Witch Elf
(9) Linemen
(6) FF
(2) Rerolls

After three games my WE now has AV +1. So everyone has armor 8. Quite nice.

17-11-2007, 06:57
I havent played in a while but my favourite team was my Orcs.

I converted the models mostly from plastic Black Orcs and the ubiquitous 40k Ork plastics (awesome heads).

After a few games I have:
4 Blitzers- Artfool Dodga, Stonk, Pie Kart (the star) and Krunch
4 Black Orcs- Sideline, Brik, House, Da Cheet (has a club)
2 Throwers- Skul and Kachya
1 Gobbo- Grease Stain
3 Linemen- Dim, Gitto & Gunga

Have also featured a Troll called Dum Dum, though i dont find Trolls that flash in starter teams so he didnt make it into Pain Cake.

I love the Orc side, theyre great fun and pretty good. Could be a little quicker but hey you cant have everything.


The Grand Wazoo
16-12-2007, 11:11
Here's a link to my current Chaos Dwarf team.


My star player is Amran, a Bull Centaur. In 18 matches played, he has 15 TD's, 1 intercept, 7 casualties and 1 MVP, for a total of 66 SPP which makes him the player with the most SPP in the league. New skills are +1MA, Block, Dodge, Sure Hands.

I also have a hobgoblin with +1ST and Block, and another one with Block, Mighty Blow.

So far this season, I've racked up 17 casualties in four matches...

16-12-2007, 21:52
I have played this team for about a year now. They are called the Disciples of Ahriman, and are a Tzeentchian Chaos team. (I use the experimental rules from www.bloodbowl.com (http://www.specialist-games.com/assets/ForgottenChaosTeams.pdf)).

Just like to point out these rules are NOT experimental - they're 100% house rules, and have no chance of ever being made official.

21-12-2007, 16:14
for wood elves i go:
2 wardancers
9 linemen
2 rerolls
3 fanfactor

pro elves usually:
1 blitzer
1 catcher
1 thrower
8 linemen
3 rerolls
9 fanfactor

but it depends on the edition we play.
for online play its lrb4 for tabletop its lrb5

23-12-2007, 00:56
Hrmm... Seein' a lot o' no name teams 'ere. :wtf:

Findin' a name fer yer team is one o' da joyz o' Bludbowl.

C'mon coaches. Dunt yer lads (or lasses inna case o' amazons or poncy elves, hur hur!) deserve ah name ta be proud uv? An' more importantly ta paste on all dat team merchandizin' swag. :D

17-01-2008, 16:16
From our own bloodbowl league in leuven belgium:

my own orc team:

Black Crag's Bone Crushers (BCBC's)

Team: Orcs
Coach: I'izda Tinka (Davve)
Rerolls: 3
Fan Factor: 2
Assistant Coach
Chearleaders: 1
Apothecary: Yes
Treasury: 90k
Team rating: 1.160k

Win: 2
Draw: 0
Lose: 0

1: Boksup A-oeg - Black Ork Blocker
SPP: 2

2: Tuffa Zabeer - Black Ork Blocker
SPP: 0

3: Mepu Paneze - Black Ork Blocker
SPP: 0

4: Up'jer Arzzz - Blitzer
Block, ST:4
SPP: 6

5: Stompin Yerface- Blitzer
SPP: 0

6: Zogof Fekr - Blitzer
Block, guard
SPP: 8

7: Onaf Urs - goblin
Right stuff, dodge, stunty
SPP: 0

8: Stabin Yaback - goblin
Right stuff, dodge, stunty
SPP: 3

9: Scratcha M'nots - Lineman
SPP: 0

10: Gorbatz Notoot - Thrower
Sure hands, pass, strong arm
SPP: 6

11: Wha'zzme Doin'ere - Troll
Always hungry, loner, mighty blow, really stupid, regeneration, throw team mate
SPP: 2

A friends dark elf team:

Khaine's Bloodreavers

Team: Dark Elves
Coach: Mark
Coach pet: Cold One
Rerolls: 2
Fan Factor: 3
Treasury: 10k
Dr. Lhumbago - apothecary: 50k
Team Cost: 1150k
Team rating: 115

Win: 1
Draw: 0
Lose: 1

1: NOS - Runner
SPP: 0

3: Mistress Payne - Witch Elf
Frenzy, Dodge, Jump Up
SPP: 4

4: Drizzel Durden - Blitzer
SPP: 1

5: Frosty Icewind - Blitzer
SPP: 0

6: Kuzz Tze - Lineman
SPP: 1

7: ̉ba Muhl - Lineman
SPP: 5

8: Mr. Fluffy - Lineman
SPP: 5
No-one knows why they call him Mr. Fluffy. A few reporters tried to find out last season, but those who came back currently reside in Crazy Amal's Mental Institute, sitting in a foetal position in a corner mumbling about "the horror". At night, their bloodcurdling screams can be heard in a 10 mile radius, upsetting both the other patients and the local wildlife.

9: Braeck Yuphaze - Lineman
SPP: 0

10: Cy Ghokylle - Lineman
SPP: 3

11: X'Esiv Viyelens - Lineman
SPP: 1

12: Satizzt'c B'stard - Lineman
SPP: 1

14: Stabby Mogh'Phearson - Assassin
Shadowing, Stab
SPP: 0

24-01-2008, 07:51
Arktik Monkeez.

Its a halfling team from the northern wastes.

2 Treemen
11 Halflings
5 Re-rolls
6 Fan Factor
1 Halfling chef
1 Apothecary

It is a little thin on halflings but they are so cheap to buy that its easy enough to make the cash you need to buy more. Saying that, they got absolutely hammered in their first two games.

Cirrus the Blue
24-01-2008, 11:00
Bad Bay Hackers - Humans

Blitzer - Rhett Cavre 7337 Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Guard
Blitzer - Andreas Waltheim 9348 Block, Dodge, Sure Hands
Blitzer - Milo Hoffstetter 7337 Block, Tackle, Dodge, Guard
Thrower - Kur Ritternacht 6338 Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate
Thrower - Dunkel Hoffnung 6338 Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, Nerves of Steel, Block
Catcher - Otto Waltheim 8237 Catch, Dodge, Dump Off, Nerves of Steel, Block
Catcher - Gigia Mardretti (girl) 8237 Catch, Dodge, Block, Diving Catch
Catcher - Percival Smythe 8237 Catch, Dodge, Nerves of Steel, Block
Catcher - Simon Sherwood 9257 Catch, Dodge, Block, Sure Hands
Lineman - Cristophe Baldurson 6338 Block
Lineman - Kai Albrecht 6328
Lineman - Lars Engelhard 6338 Block, Guard
Lineman - Karsten Klemmer 6338
Lineman - Henrik Karlmann 6337 Guard, Block
Lineman - Guillermo Reyes 6338
Ogre Blitzer - M'Grash K'Thragsh 5529 Loner, Bonehead, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Piling On, Break Tackle

Agility Human teams are awesome. :D I was SOOOOOO lucky when I rolled up my Blitzer and Catcher. :p 2 movement 9s with 4 and 5 agility with block and dodge is absolutely bonkers on Humans.

- Cirrus