View Full Version : New Sponsors For a New Year

Autobot HQ
24-06-2007, 12:28

The New Zaggarund Quakes are proud to announce following their tremendous year with Reeborc, the two have decided to split ways on great terms.

"We have had a great year with Reeborc, but at the end of the day Reeborc has a commitment to the up and coming teams and promoting new talent, and quite rightly too. But lets be about right, the New Zaggarund Quakes are not rookies anymore, and our 'Face of Reeborc' Toraz Taze is himself a veteran of the team. So after a long talk between us all, we decided that we'd have to part ways. However, we're looking forward to seeing who they choose next."
- Lord Iscariot, CEO of the New Zaggarund Quakes

Although it seems Reeborc and the NZQ have parted on friendly ways, it remains to be seen if it will stay that way with the announcement of their newest sponsor, the direct rival to Reeborc, Spikey. Providing quality sportswear for years, they are Reeborcs biggest rivals in the market, but it seems that doesn't matter to the New Zaggarund Quakes.

"We're about excellence and acheivement, about professionalism and perfection, and to us that just screams Spikey. With a multi-million gold peice contract to sponsor us right through to the next year, we've got a chance to prove to everyone we were not just a rookie sensation but that we can continue to be a great team against the best of the best, until we ARE the best of the best. We have intelligence, integrity and intensity, and we're confident that we can win more titles and competitions than ever before. Oh it's true, it's DAMN true!"
- Harzuk 'The Demolisher', team Captain of the NZQ