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Some guy (UK)
26-06-2007, 00:00
Edit: this is a clone of my thread in general so far. This entry was on 17-06-07. I'm concentrating on 40k for the next few weeks, and when the time arrives, I'll begin a log in the Fantasy section for LOTR.

Well well well. My second attempt at a log, after the first one was lost to the mists of the internet. To put it simply, Year 11 and its resulting GCSE's took over- and parents telling me I should be revising. Instead I began playing CS.

Any how, this is log that shall stay. I'm determined to do this. Two short Business exams await me on Tuesday and Thursday this week, and then 11 whole weeks to do what I please! One of those being this hobby.

One more thing has entered the equation: I want a new PC, and so instead of doing the usual thing and getting a job, I'm trying painting for sale on Ebay to generate some funds. Of course I'm never happy with a decent PC, but no, I want at least 1000 for my idea of a fantastic PC.

Without further ado, what I plan to paint/base/convert for me, and what is going up for sale:

To keep:

An Uruk-hai legion, consisting of some 24 Scouts, 25 swordsmen, 25 pikesmen, and other troops such as crossbowen, and 18 Warg Riders.

Sticking with LOTR the usual mix of characters, a small collection of Haldir's elves, and 24 Rohan warriors on foot.

40k - the contents of the splash release Vostroyan box set- essentially a platoon.

The starting point of a Cadian force, including FW upgrades and a box of the lovely Kasrkin.

A battleforce of Tyranids- an impulse purchase, mainly due to my parents unwillingness to buy one of those large GW carry cases, so they bought this instead. Infact I lie- I paid 35 towards it. Parents eh?

What I plan to sell:

16 chaos marines brought as a plan to start CSM some time ago. A Lord for them sits somewhere in my room, but I'm not certain whether I'll sell it. They need painting. Deadline- chaos release, to maximise chance of sale.

Zombies- an utterly random buy, made from Catchans and a WHFB zombie regiment, in the theme of 40k. Possibly will paint these up.

Cadian 8th: my first love of that grim dark place in the future, one squad painted. I have no use for them, so I plan to finish and sell on as a whole platoon with chimera, and possibly a Leman Russ (doubtful as it is my first tank, sentimental value and all that jazz).

The beautiful new Terminator Librarian, which should be arriving in the morning, as the first piece to be painted up for sale as my experiment to see how my minis sell. Any future models intended purely for sale will also be SM.

I'll bear two or three pictues, merely to give some colour to this thread. With look, more shall arrive in the morning:

Two shots of my old Cadians that need finishing:


Finally what I have to work with for my new Cadians:

No workspace pic, as it is just the kitchen table, at least until my room is finally decorated....

Some guy (UK)
26-06-2007, 00:01
Posted 18-06-07

This little one arrived today, and boy is it beautiful!


Some time later, with 95% of the flash and mould lines gone, I began my blu-tac gluing:

I'm still not certain if I will use the hand or the bolter in his left arm, how to base him, or what colour to undercoat him with!? (any ideas?)


I'm going for painting his components seperately, namely the arm and book shelf above his head, just to make things easier.

Continues below.......

26-06-2007, 00:09
He is a hell of a nice mini, just painted a one up, and was great to paint. I started with a black undercoat, and as you are going to do, left off the arm to paint seperate.

Some guy (UK)
26-06-2007, 00:10
Posted on 18-06-07

As I can't paint for the most of the week, I'll instead fill the thread up with images of my 'to do' list:



My original scheme, but I've kinda fell outa love with it, plus the grey fabric is a pain to get right!

So, I've decided to do the GW scheme of red and gold instead.

Some guy (UK)
26-06-2007, 00:11
Posted Yesterday

GCSE's are finally over, and now begins the 11 weeks of sleeping till noon, all night gamming sessions, drinking, poker, and BBQ's!

Anyway, I had an afternoon to paint yesterday, and although I struggled at first by trying a spare marine in preperation for the Librarian, having a bash at one of my vossies has bought me back into it mostly.

Here he is, about 2/3 complete:


I'm tempted to try NMM on the silver chainmail, as it looks awful at the moment.
I think some more highlights to the red would go amiss either?

Comments/ suggestions?

Some guy (UK)
26-06-2007, 00:12
Update- no pics, as the weather is making my pictures look awful (don't you just love summer in England :rolleyes: :p ), so I'll take some in the morning instead.

The thing is, I wasn't happy for some reason with the guy I posted up yesterday (namely metals and red areas), so the perfectionist in me has decided that I should strip him (along with the ones in my old scheme).
On the new guy, both areas have came out alot better, such as the transition from light to dark on the cloth.

Some guy (UK)
26-06-2007, 10:12
Thosse update pics I promised in my last post? Well here they are.

The soldier started yesterday:

The cloth is complete, and his right shoulder pad the only part of the armour finished.

Continues below....

Some guy (UK)
26-06-2007, 10:16
Comparison of the shoulder pad from the first guy I started in the red schemem with the one I started yesterday:


Comparison of the cloth (I think my latest attempt is a hell of a lot better):

Finally, two images showing my own scheme that I have now ceased to do, and my current attempt:


Some guy (UK)
26-06-2007, 16:25
Small update- gathered together and built up the Cadian 8th platoon I'm planning to sell once complete. Not too much to do, and they aint fantastic, but I'n sure I'll get something for them:

(sorry for the poor quality of these, my camera was about to die on me)


So it's just a standard set up of two squads and junior officer, along with a chimera transport.

Painting update tomorrow hopefully...

Some guy (UK)
28-06-2007, 21:35
Another bit of painting done today, with pictures to come in the morning. The trooper is almost complete now, at last. I have also base coated the Cadian 8th Chimera once more, as it wasn't up to scratch. I have also got to apply my own mud effects to the tracks and surrounding hull area.

Finally, surely someone must have something to say here? Please leave some comments; it would be much appriciated!

Rogue Trader
28-06-2007, 23:09
cool stuff, i think you should do your vossie's in the colour scheme you devised and not red, it looks cool :D

28-06-2007, 23:30
Really nice vostroyans there! I agree with Rouge Trader use your own theme instead of the red!;)

29-06-2007, 08:15
How did you paint the red on the vostroyans?

Some guy (UK)
29-06-2007, 12:05
Thanks for the replies!

@hallowed_are_the_ori: its similar to the scheme in UK WD 317, albeit with more stages.
To begin, basecoat Scab Red, using several coats to get a good coverage.
Next, highlight with Red Gore. With each layer if highlight you cover slightly less area than the previous one, resulting in darker areas around the gold symbols for example.
Then a mix of Red Gore and Blood red, put on in several thin coats, more on the raised areas. Add in more and more Blood red into this mixture, until it is nearly all blood red.
Finally add in Blazing orange to this blood red mix, bit by bit, painting layer by layer; until it is about 1/3 of the contents.
I did a glaze of Red Ink, but this seemed to have little effect, if smooth transition between layers.

@ TheReaper and Rogue Trader, thanks for believing in my scheme!
But alas, I'm leaving it behind, as my basis I could do no justice:

I'll be posting pictures of yesterday's work soon!

Some guy (UK)
29-06-2007, 22:10
Time to fully destroy any 56k'ers still about! Picture time!

Tanks- got my mud on the Cadian 8th Chimera, and my Vossy Leman russ.

This is how it looks on the Russ (might apply another layer):

The part I added to my Russ (idea stolen from GW's Vossy guide), on the heavy bolter sponsoons:

And this is how it should look (I'm keeping this tank- I'm quite proud of my first):

Continues below:

Some guy (UK)
29-06-2007, 22:12
Last one tonight, and I promise those pics of my single man tomorrow!

Now, I feel like sleep.

Some guy (UK)
30-06-2007, 12:05
Time to drag this back to the front with some fresh pictures of my lone Vostroyan.

Still several areas to start/finish, and I want to re-do areas like the brown leather above his shin plates:


Any comments or suggestions would be much appriciated!

30-06-2007, 15:32
what is the 'recipe' for the mud?

30-06-2007, 15:36
hes a bit purple in the face, love the cloaks, great blending!

Some guy (UK)
30-06-2007, 16:42
@Wikear: it's basically a mixture of PVA glue, water, wall filler (in the UK one brand is polyfiller) made up as usual separate from the mixture; sand (I couldn't find garden/builders sand for this which I think is better, so I used more coarse stuff), and static grass. Another ingredient could be fine saw dust.

It can be changed to meet requirements, such as more grassy mud, but adding more static grass (thats kinds of ovbious though!).
I usually put too much on, but I think it looks better when painted.
Oh and testing it on spare tracks is always good to do.

@jasevx- its probably just the rations he has to eat :D I can't wait to start that face off.
Thanks for the compliment on the cloth (does that sound too feminine :eyebrows: ).

Rogue Trader
30-06-2007, 16:46
the mud looks cool, any full shots of the russ?

Some guy (UK)
30-06-2007, 17:54
I assume the painted tank (nothing to see on the other one):

Without turret (that needs finishing and I need to find gunner)

Some guy (UK)
30-06-2007, 17:55

Rogue Trader
30-06-2007, 17:56
looks cool, needs more mud up the front quarter though, good job :D

30-06-2007, 18:25
right... now you need to think about where mud gets, and don't say "everywhere!" lol.
so, the mud on the openings of the track guards is good, but on the front ones, that assumes that the russ uses reverse gear quite a lot (commisar might have something to say about that ;)) also, the 'sharp' look to it makes it look dry, i'd suggest painting some PVA miuxed with paint over the lower part of the mud to make it look wet. :)


Some guy (UK)
30-06-2007, 19:31
right... now you need to think about where mud gets, and don't say "everywhere!" lol.
so, the mud on the openings of the track guards is good, but on the front ones, that assumes that the russ uses reverse gear quite a lot (commisar might have something to say about that ;)) also, the 'sharp' look to it makes it look dry, i'd suggest painting some PVA miuxed with paint over the lower part of the mud to make it look wet. :)


Damn, I never though about that! Good thinking. I'll say the commander likes to search out the best location :angel:

Erm tonight, I may go for my new Cadians- 40 or so in a box ready to go. Hmm, Veterans, yes they would be quite fun to make.

Some guy (UK)
11-07-2007, 13:03
Jumps out of way of incomming tumbleweed :D

Yeah, I let this one slip away. So, here is an date on a few bits:

Cadian Vet:

Standard bearer for my extended command squad:

Continues below

Some guy (UK)
11-07-2007, 13:06

The standard arm will act as a gauntlet for the bearer (that old chestnut)
I think it's from the Empire Knights box set.

Finally, my vossy is nearly there, just needs odd bits doing to it, and of course the base. I'm thinking of entering it in the competion over in general P&T.


Thanks for looking!

11-07-2007, 13:10
Oooh, very nice :D

Excellent Vostroyan; very neat and clean, and the highlighting of the red and face is excellent :)

Keep it up!

Some guy (UK)
11-07-2007, 20:44
Cheers for the praise :p

Added some bits to the standard and its bearer, namely a gun holster, equipment pouches, and two purity seals to the banner.


11-07-2007, 21:58
that vostroyan is very nice, thats the only vossie i bought and painted, (light of the emperor has it now...strange, all vostroyans migrate to him ;)) the standard is noice, i'd say some sort of heroism is needed get some slate or something for him to stand astride :p

good work


Some guy (UK)
13-07-2007, 19:48
Vossy is done apart from one bloody line and the base!

Some crappy pictures until the morning:

Made a start on my second trooper also.

Thanks for looking!

Some guy (UK)
17-07-2007, 13:24
Here are some decent picture of my trooper, now it's just basing I need to sort out. I'm thinking Urban, but I'm not sure how to go about it?
Possibly use some polyfiller and plastic bits?
Or just go for the basic sand and gunk effect....


As for my second squad member, the gold plating is nearly finished, and I've basecoated the red areas.

Thanks for looking and any comments!

The Judge
17-07-2007, 14:03
*sigh* Another Vostroyan that looks better than mine.

I hate these boards.

Some guy (UK)
18-07-2007, 18:12
*sigh* Another Vostroyan that looks better than mine.

I hate these boards.

I know how you feel- sometimes I stay away from the best logs out there just to not destroy my resolve to paint :p

Holy smokes! I've done it! At bloody last the trooper is done, including the base, and its sealed. I can now move on, and improve (and speed the hell up) with each one I paint.


In other news, I just got in the mail some GS armatures from Ebob minatures, and 12 inches of GS from Ebay for 4! First on the list of repairs is the FW cadian commander, who has a gaping hole is his foot after I drilled his foot (doh!)

Anyway, thanks for looking/posting!

18-07-2007, 18:31
That Vostroyan looks beautiful. I love the gold, and I love the red. In fact there is nothing about it I do not love, fantastic piece of work. You have no reason to fear the best project logs, you're a pretty damn good painter yourself.

18-07-2007, 18:32
amazing work mate, how did you paint the rock on the base?

the shading on the shoulder brass looks EXCELLENT!


18-07-2007, 18:41
How'd you do the face exactly?

Some guy (UK)
18-07-2007, 20:21
That Vostroyan looks beautiful. I love the gold, and I love the red. In fact there is nothing about it I do not love, fantastic piece of work. You have no reason to fear the best project logs, you're a pretty damn good painter yourself.

Whoa- thanks! These comments keep the fire in my belly! Really, thanks once more!

#dares to enter the brilliant project logs once more :p#

amazing work mate, how did you paint the rock on the base?

the shading on the shoulder brass looks EXCELLENT!


Believe it or not, its one of these from the Sanctum Imperialis kit:

It was cut and flipped over, as the front is too uneven to sit and pin the model easily

Painting-wise: I basecoated black
Drybrush of Chaos black, Codex grey, Graveyard earth
Drybrush- same colours, less black
Drybrush- Codex, and Graveyard Earth
Drybrush- codex, graveyard earth and fortress grey
Final drybrush- fortress grey and graveyard earth

And thanks for the great comments!

How'd you do the face exactly?

Tanned Flesh
Shade tanned flesh and liche purple
Go over any wrong areas with tanned flesh again (well I have to :p)
Highlight- tanned flesh and dwarf skin
Highlight- dwarf flesh
Highlight- dwarf flesh and elf flesh
Highlight- elf flesh
Highlight- elf flesh and skull white (though I dont think I did this stage on the one above).

Some guy (UK)
18-07-2007, 22:00
Just doing a rough stock take, so I have an idea of my addiction :p

Vostroyan Platoon
Leman Russ
To buy: command squad, chimera, extra squad, troops for special weapons squad (including snipers).

Cadian 8th (to be finished then sold):
1 squad left to paint, and 3 troops from the command squad. All 24 need sealing and transfers.
Partialy painted chimera
To buy: nothing

Cadian (new) none of which are assembled:
FW command and extended squad.
Mortar squad
Veteran squad x1
Platoon of two squads and command
To buy: the majority of it, including tanks, karskin, troops, heavy weapon teams etc
Oh, and a Baneblade.

Tyranids- one battleforce, unassembled
To buy: another battleforce, gean-stealers (x2), warriors, FW warrior upgrades, hive tyrant, broodlord, and codex (merely for a read).

SM: two blisters and a Librarian which I am selling once painted.
To buy: I dont want to know, my plans run into 100's of pounds!

Chaos: two squads to be painted for sale.


Uruk-hai- all unbased, and unpainted.
25 swordsmen
25 pikemen
24 scouts
6 crossbowmen
2 beserkers
18 warg riders

To buy: another command, one blister of beserkers, two blisters of crossbowmen, Saruman

Various heroes (all good)

24 rohan warriors.
14 metal mordor archers.
Haldirs elves (x12)+ haldir.
Plastic orcs.

White Dwarf XXX model (I am going to save this for when my skills are much better). I also have another for sale on a rainy day.

So now that is over, I'm off to cry.

18-07-2007, 23:07
I've got the White Dwarf model too, but am hesitant to paint him for very similar reasons to the ones you stated, although to be honest I don't see why you just don't paint it now, from that Vostroyan you're clearly good enough :D

19-07-2007, 01:47
You're a very good painter good sir!

:( Now i wanna do Vostroyans.....NO, bad Hallowed_are_the_ori........BAD, you must finish your two existing armies damn you.

anyway, your painting is good :D

19-07-2007, 06:13
Hi guys, new to the site, and new to posting. Just wanted you advise on my mud paintjob on these models. I don't like to use glue and grass since it makes the tank look built up. I do my best with just different kinds of browns. What do you guys thing. Any help would be great.

Brother-Captain Antilles
19-07-2007, 12:03
Hi SG, I think your Vossie is one of the best I have seen on these boards. I'm not usually a fan of Vostroyans, but this one sure is nice, a very clean finish in all respects.

Some guy (UK)
19-07-2007, 14:41
Whoa, thanks for the praise- it all very appriciated!

So, I found my next set of 'recruits' to be based- they'' be pretty much the same as the last few, but I'm gunna add in some more detail.

The lucky chaps:

There are four I cant really do much with as the feet are impossible to pin onto anything, but the rest will also get a similar treatment.

I've also just bought the nid codex (I have to stop spending, or get a half decent summer job, 10 a week doesn't cut it! oh well, an extra 10 from EMA hopefully in September), so I can pull together some ideas for the battleforce I have. At them moment, I'm thinking a jungle theme.

But anyhoo, I'm off to the garden seeing as its such a nice day to get these troops pinned to a base!

Updates later today.

Some guy (UK)
19-07-2007, 21:24
Right, here is the true update, the best part of 5 hours work.

They are the same as my previous troopers base (i.e the same section of wall from the Sanctum Imperialis set) flipped over, cut down, and glued to a base.
On these however, they are more rubble strewn with the sand I've added.

My wrist is killing from all that.... ahem...... drilling......

So anyway here they are:

The guy on the left of the next picture I am very pleased with- I pictured one of them running ahead, spotting an enemy scout and picking him off from a high point as it runs back to the main lines on its discovery:
The Plasmagun trooper is going to have a pool of water on the base, where I have put a loop of GS in front of the section of wall.

Continues below......

Some guy (UK)
19-07-2007, 21:26
The final two men:


So that is it for today. With look, some painting tomorrow :)

Thanks for looking!

20-07-2007, 18:09
Hey, I just caught your shameless plug on another thread and thought I'd come here to check it out. You Vossies look good, and I look forward to seeing some more. Keep it up.

p.s. Now it's my turn: [shameless plug]Check out my project log (linky's in the sig) comment, whatever. I'm hoping to get some stuff done this weekend.[/shameless plug]

Some guy (UK)
23-07-2007, 15:24
Another day, another update...

Started one of the based vossies, and I've been fiddling around with GS.

I got a Nid codex through the post today (damn good read for a codex), and a bag of slate pieces.

I've also worked out the colour I am going to have a grudge against :p

Silver. I can never seem to get any damn depth to it, so on this one, I'm focusing on improving that.
The launcher barrel has turned out pretty good, but I'm after re-doing the other silver areas, such as the circular thing ma jig. Thingy. Sorry for the poor pictures.


Light of the Emperor
23-07-2007, 15:40
Wow, there are quite a few Vostroyan forces getting painted lately...I like it! I really like your paintjob on the first trooper. Eventhough its the standard scheme (which I like to begin with), you made it better. It reminds me mmore of SC's scheme and style.

Definately am looking forward to seeing more.
We are the Firstborn!

23-07-2007, 15:42
I must be honest... I hate the bases. Not that they are done in a bad way, I just generaly hate this kind of bases. Why would you want to have your units so high? I can't understand that...

Some guy (UK)
23-07-2007, 15:45
On to the subject of green stuff...

I'm trying to sculpt a figure bit by bit- overly ambitious I know for a green stuff n00b, but I'm cheating.

Gotta love those Ebob armatures....
I'm gunna get a thin layer over it first, so this ain't how it will look by far.
I'm thinking a commisar, but as they aren't heroic scale, he can be an oddly sculpted military obsessive or something.

That pose says it all: he's homosexual and saying "get away from me girlfriend" with added hand posing. :-D


With the left overs, I tried some Kasrkin style knee pads. Took me about 5 mins, and I think they came out pretty well.


Well, I'm now off to base some uruk-hai.

23-07-2007, 16:09
yes, excellent knee pads :D cast em up says i!


Some guy (UK)
25-07-2007, 18:52
Sorry for not replying. I'll respond person by person.

@Light of the Emperor- praise from the true master of all things Vostroyan? This is a good day for my ego :D

I must be honest... I hate the bases. Not that they are done in a bad way, I just generaly hate this kind of bases. Why would you want to have your units so high? I can't understand that...

Well, the original reason was that I had one guy painted, but with no base. If I had used sand etc, that may have ended up on the guy, or indeed painting it would have had such an effect. I had seen this type of base before, so I though why not. Now, I can't have one guy out of a platoon standing at eight foot tall, so I'm going to do it to the majority of the rest.

I think you may like them just a little when they are finished, but either way its good to hear different opinions from people.

@schoolcormorant- hmmm I could take on GW by overcharging on wee little bits of plastic :D

Right, whilst not strictly 40k (and I say stictly with the lightest of emphasis), I got my Uruk-hai together for a family photo, which are now all based and undercoated (after three days work in the garden: I love working out there).

I've still got about 11 things left to buy, and maybe some siege works, but here they are as they stand:


From left to right, top to bottom:
Scouts with bows
Scouts with bows
Pikemen (x25)
Warg Riders (x12)
Uruk-hai swordsmen (x25)
Scouts- sword and sheild, with Lurtz
Commander and standard bearer.
Scouts with sword and sheild, with Ugluk.

I suppose if I really wanted to go to town, I could put in 12 orcs, and 14 orc archers, but lets not get silly ;)

I'll have to set up a seperate log for this lot soon enough...

25-07-2007, 18:55
Ooh, LoTR. This should be interesting :)

Some guy (UK)
29-07-2007, 22:01
I'm back!

I'm going to GD UK this year, so I'm going to basically enter a squad of Vossies in the Squad category, or possibly the diorama (though I'm not sure if my idea will fit). It's mainly just to get me in an hour early, but I'll do my best on it/them.

Anyway, I had a go at source lighting on a spare plasma trooper I had. It was a quick paintjob on the main minature, so I could spend more time on the gun and the light it gives off.

The skin, and fist/wrist holding up the gun still need starting, but I don't think it's looking that bad at the moment.


What I have learnt- spread out the light more, rather than just along the edges of the armour etc as it fades into different sufaces.

Lastly for today I based my Junior officer on some slate on a 40mm base, merely to make it stand out.


Tonight I'm continuing to slowly base them all- I'd like to know where all the bloody time goes :p

30-07-2007, 19:55
Hmm, for a first attempt at source lighting that looks quite nice.

May I suggest having a word with Dominus Ex Machina for advice about painting source lighting; what he did on his Space Marines was incredible.

31-07-2007, 08:11
A little heavy but ten times better than I could do with that light source!

Some guy (UK)
06-08-2007, 22:30
I'm back- I really need to keep updates streaming. A 24 hour all access webcam anyone? ;)

Right, since I got my gamesday ticket last week, my mind has went on one of those thinking and pondering holidays.

I've went from a single minature to just get in an hour early, to a duel, to a diorama, back to a duel, back to diorama, back to duel, and on and on...

But today, I settled on a category! Diorama! It probably won't stand a chance if any of the French masters decide to pop over and have a go (the French ones are breath taking to say the least:

So, I had the genius of getting of my ass today and drawing a sort of plan.

Before you ask, no, I wasn't drawing stick men battles! Ah the nostalgia- way back in year 2 drawing huge battles inside volcanoes, submarines, moon bases! I miss being a kid...

The basic idea is a group of cadians attacked whilst taking cover in a building. The enemy is tyranids, as I have no other non Imperial models.

So you have one poor sod being jumped by a geanstealer, anthoer missing a head after looking down the wrong end of a shotgun, another being burnt to a fine brown crust, one or two dead men, a trooper with a lasgun, and an officer firing his las pistol, and two more geanstealers climbing the ruins as seen in this:


Finally, proof I can draw okay!

Dark Apostle197
07-08-2007, 00:15
I think the first two drawings are much better ;)

07-08-2007, 09:21
Nice sounding idea; I'm very interested to see how this pans out :)

Some guy (UK)
07-08-2007, 11:40
@Dark Apostle197- I'm guessing you are a fan of minimalism :-p

I love forgeworld. So much. What I bought from them in Jan has redeemed its cost by making this entry so much easier to do!

I found the parts needed to do the officer firing his pistol in my box of tiny bits last night. Using them and my blu-fu, I have the start of them:


The bits in question:

That classic pose that everyone does with the vets pack (in the picture he is the man who has just blasted a stealer):

Finally, my flamer, with a metal head+goggles. Not sure where I got it, might have been from a sentinel box:

07-08-2007, 11:49
cadian sentinel box.

nice...nice :D paint..paint....


Some guy (UK)
07-08-2007, 11:53
I just found the sentinel box, then I found the sentinel in pieces in a box. Then I realised: my foot had connected with it last year :p

Don't worry I will start painting, I am guessing a week before gamesday.
I always do something like that. It is a wonder I got in any coursework over the last two years! Every single one was finished the night before the hand in date!

Woah, I just went over 999 posts without realising it! For a moment there, I was scared I made it in that dark place.... 40k general.... :D
Time to spam my way to 2000 posts!

07-08-2007, 12:08
Ooh, Forgeworldy goodness :D

Some guy (UK)
07-08-2007, 15:07
Me again! Right, I've switched the las pistol and hand for sword and pistol.
Apart from some green stuffing, he is done on that front. Now I need some advice, I cant decide which legs to use this is the original pair, but I think the running ones make it alot more dramatic.


Running legs:

Advice anyone?

Edit- I am also pondering putting some knee pads on, just to make them stand out.

07-08-2007, 15:13
I would lean him forward a bit.

Great job!

Some guy (UK)
08-08-2007, 12:39
Commander is done, pictures later, though I think he might need something else to make him stand out further.
Shotgun trooper body is glued, with the head and backpack seperate for ease of painting.

Also, I'm starting the flamer, as seen below, and I'm trying to the flames in two green stuff sausages. It ain't brilliant by any stretch, but some filing and tinkering should help it once it is dry- I'm a GS n00b to say the least.

I was going to have the flames engulfing the geanstealer, but I think that is beyond my skills for the moment, but you never know.


My mum had this to say when I asked her what she thought (she believed it was painted): "Well it looks like grass?", puzzled yet trying ot be positive :p

Cue me explaining what GS is.

More updates hopefully today.

08-08-2007, 12:56
thats fantastic, though upside down? you need to have rounded shapes on the underside of the flames and then biting licking flames around the top.

it's damn nice. wish i could gs :(


08-08-2007, 12:59
That looks awesome, maybe your mum doesn't mow the lawn enough, certainly doesn't look like grass to me!;)

Can't wait to see the finished result.

Some guy (UK)
08-08-2007, 13:00
Oh yeah I should of explained that- I'm doing the flames in three parts, or possibly four, and a blob on the end where the flames widen out a lot.

My next two things to try at some point- using pasticard which I suck at using, and NMM, though I'm keeping up with GS practise for a while.

08-08-2007, 13:01
plasticard is difficult too, though i think my p-fu is better than g-fu :D


Some guy (UK)
08-08-2007, 13:06
I think I actually could solve half my issues with my p-fu (;)) by using a different knife!
See, all I use is my swiss army knife- it even does removing mold lines with ease too- but it is sort of v-shaped, so the cuts end up rounded.
I could do with a metal t-square and things like that too.

08-08-2007, 14:18
The flame GSed looks promising. Even if you won't make it ideal, you can cover it with awesome painting... and even then if it doesn't work out - well you tried to do something not many will ever try... I tried to do the falme but threw away the results :D it was crap

Some guy (UK)
12-08-2007, 11:23
Its amazing how updates that were less than a day away just dissapear!

Well my excuses are as follows: Thursday ended up at the trafford, then sleeping round at my friends dring some beer called Bavaria (best.beer.ever. :-p), Friday I was exhausted, and yesterday I went to Liverpool to get some clobber for September.

Moving on, I realised I haven't put up pictures of the family pet. Well, saying that it is really my sister's Rabbit, but still, here he is, in all his.. er glory


Had him now for 3 years, extemely funny animal, especially as he has entered bunny puberty, aka stalking and trying to hump my mum's leg :p

Onto my entry. The flamer is nearly there, just the end, and one or two spots that need cleaning up etc.

Continues below:

Some guy (UK)
12-08-2007, 11:25

I thinking of starting the man with a stealer on his back today, though I'm not sure how to do that. Time to take a look through the bits box I think.

Stay tuned.

12-08-2007, 11:35
Cool rabbit

12-08-2007, 12:11
All I can think of that rabbit is the Holy Grail!

Some guy (UK)
12-08-2007, 19:19
Good to see you are back with your pimp of a son Jasevx ;)

Flames are now finished. I would have prefered to have got them longer, and more loose and smooth at the beggining, and even onto a stealer, but hey I'm still learning my way with g-fu.


Some guy (UK)
12-08-2007, 19:23
Next, the officer/sgt running whilst firing. I'm still uncertain about how to finish him, but a cape is out of the question. Been there, done that, failed so much :D


Hopefully some more later.

I would also like to announce I swallowed a rather large fly whilst on my bike before. That wasn't nice.....

12-08-2007, 19:42
Swallow a spider, It'll eat the fly...

12-08-2007, 19:51
The flames look awesome, dunno if you said before but how did you get that effect? It looks so cool! Well hot may be a better word for it.

The only thing that looks a bit weird in my in this case insignificant opinion is that the whole thing looks a bit thick. I've never seen a real flamethrower in action so I don't know what it really looks like though so I wouldn't listen to me if I were you.;)

What I'm trying to say in too many words is that it looks amazing.

12-08-2007, 20:07
Good to see you are back with your pimp of a son Jasevx ;)

christ i know, it must be red raw:skull:

the flames look to use a contemporary expression "teh roxxor" (i feel dirty)

the guard sergeant is looking like one of my most favouritest everest models....everest -
don't know who it's by though?

EDIT- don't know whats up with the size (eh josh..?) i mean of the pic, you'll have to save it then enlarge it or something, trust me its worth it!

Some guy (UK)
12-08-2007, 21:14
@jasevx- that nursery rhyme always made me feel wierd for some reason #shivers#

@hiveminion-no no no, I want opinions good and bad! In hindsight I would have made it longer and thinner so it was something like this:

Of course, I could go back and do that-longer and thinner-, but I'm worrying I will run out of time if I do. Maybe I will paint him last, so if I have time I can go back and do it how I planned to do it...
I'm glad you like it anyway though!

For a how to on the flames, I will put one up tomorrow if there is interest.

@schoolcormorant- I've seen that one around, the character in it is wonderful. I thought I had a picture of it on my PC. Strange.
I'm pretty sure it won something in a Golden Daemon too.

Meanwhile, check this out:

Its just like a mini-mall! Lets break it on down now!
#does the robot#

Some guy (UK)
12-08-2007, 21:53
Its been what, 30 minutes, and I've done the task for tonight!


That is an idea to the pose, a split second before the head is ripped from its anchorage.
A catchan head screaming should serve as demonstrating the fear, and a little GS to fill in gaps on the stealer, and model rips in the cloth from the stealers claw grips.

12-08-2007, 22:10
can i suggest fishing line and PVA glue for 'tendonry' and 'muscle mess'?

you put the fishing line where you want the runny bits, glue in. then apply several layers of pva glue to the wire so it looks all runny and sticky?


12-08-2007, 23:37
BUT!!! Follow only if ye be men of valour, for the entrance to this cave is guarded by a creature so foul, so cruel, that no one has fought with it and lived!!! Bones of full fifty men lie strewn about its lair!!! So, brave Knights, if you do doubt your courage or your strength then come no further, for death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth!!!

I really like how the diorama is shaping up so far.
I think the officer is leaning over far too much although he may look alright when put on the diorama.
And I wouldn't worry about resculpting the flames. This is promethium you're using here. I can see it being a massive firey blast...

Keep up the good work.

Some guy (UK)
13-08-2007, 22:08
can i suggest fishing line and PVA glue for 'tendonry' and 'muscle mess'?

you put the fishing line where you want the runny bits, glue in. then apply several layers of pva glue to the wire so it looks all runny and sticky?


I like that idea! I'll keep that in mind for certain.

@freebooter- thanks for the comments, they all keep me urging to carry on.

Onto today's work- I switched the stealer to the other body type, and performed plastic surgery on it (foot switch). I'll post pictures shortly.

Here is the unlucky sod who's task it is to stand forever on this display, holding a pose with claws in his leg...


I've went for the idea of his body being thrown forwards as the force of the stealer connects with his legs/back as he runs from his foe. So he has the pose of his chest on line with his arms as he is taken by suprise.
My other idea is the stick the lasgun upwards on its end, as it tumbles over the ground, just after it was dropped by the trooper. Again pictures tonight or tomorrow.

I have a question for anyone who has experience with such things. As it happens my sister is getting a trophy made (well a copy of one she has to give back), so it is a good oppertunity to invest in a wooden base to mount it on, possibly with a name plate.
Do I make the entry on a piece of flat wood to fit onto the plaque, and then glue/screw this it?
What would be a good thinkness for this building piece?
The least damaging way of connecting to the plaque- i.e do I connect it first then buil,d or build then connect to plaque?

14-08-2007, 00:43
i like it, he really looks like he's being pushed forward. really works.

what are you using as a base for the diorama? foam core?


Some guy (UK)
14-08-2007, 19:02
No! Why did you change your avatar! It makes it so confusing for me, with Hiveminion doing it as well! What more, some mutant lass who's main skill is sucking!

Anyway, yes I would look into using foam core, but I have only seen it once in the shops. Wickes in huge sheets- so if there anyway that I can get hold of a 1 foot square piece, 2 inches think?

Today's update. Guild Wars has lured me back in to it's underbelly, but I managed to complete the body. The head will stay seperate for painting purposes.
The arm looks a little long, and the shoulder pad should join to the flak jacket -read: t-shirt- more, but I'm quite please with it. I'm starting to get the hang of this greenstuff lark.


The next one is what I talked about last night- having the Lasgun so it looks like it is tumbling, after it was dropped so he could throw his arms out:

Lastly, the plastic surgery performed on the stealers foot:

I might get something up tonight, but I have to clean my room- it's taken over half my floor...

14-08-2007, 19:41
No! Why did you change your avatar! It makes it so confusing for me, with Hiveminion doing it as well!

Sorry, I did it because SC did it, I was hoping it would make him realise how confusing and shocking it is. But he's sold on that mrs. Vax...

Anyway the soon-to-be-dead Guardsman is looking good. I'm really looking forward to the finished model, I'm sure it'll be awesome! I mean anything that features a 'Nid killing something is awesome!:evilgrin:

Some guy (UK)
14-08-2007, 20:08
Sorry, I did it because SC did it, I was hoping it would make him realise how confusing and shocking it is. But he's sold on that mrs. Vax...

Yes it is confusing! I'm now lost in an e-world of nid like heads, and those who love and pleasure hoovers :cries:

Edit: you've just made it much worse for me hiveminion. Much worse. :p

Next you will be rummaging through SC's bank statements...
Identity theft is not permitted on this thread!

14-08-2007, 20:12
Very interesting, can't help but remind me of another atrocious video from youtube however:


Please do your diorama justice. ;)


14-08-2007, 20:28
Edit: you've just made it much worse for me hiveminion. Much worse. :p

Next you will be rummaging through SC's bank statements...
Identity theft is not permitted on this thread!

:D But it worked! At least SC is Gandalf again!

Some guy (UK)
16-08-2007, 20:35
But it worked! At least SC is Gandalf again!

All is back to normal at last!

@Scrubout- that was hilarious! I've made certain it doesn't look like that...

Diorama update- all imperial troops are decided on, except one.
One geanstealer is decided on, and here are the pictures of the soldier which whilst still mostly blu-tac'd is a good idea of the final outcome:


On another note, anyone see mock the week just then?
'Unlikely things to be said in the house of Lords':

"And I am... the lord of the dance!"

Updates tomorrow. I'm worrying now if I will get it finished!

16-08-2007, 20:43
Looks good but if this is the pose you'll be doing might I suggest tilting the Genestealer's head downwards so that he's looking at the head he's about to slice off? I think even Tyranids prefer to look at what they're doing when handeling sharp tools.;) Plus I think it'd make him look more evil and sadistic.

Some guy (UK)
16-08-2007, 21:48
Do not fear, it shall be done, it is just a blu-tac pose for now :)

16-08-2007, 22:01
Great looking pose there. I'd like to see the scythe coming through his torso, but I suppose that's been done to death.

Nice work.

Some guy (UK)
17-08-2007, 13:24
Great looking pose there. I'd like to see the scythe coming through his torso, but I suppose that's been done to death.

Nice work.

Cheers. I was considering something similar, with a soldier having one of those flesh hooks going through his chest, and his squad mates turning around to react, maybe another under attack, with geanstealers moving up the walls like my current one.

Due to my worry of not finishing it, I have a small version- the guy and stealer I am currently doing, with the officer running as he fires his laspistol.

Anyway today's update:


Sadly, the blu-tac doesn't hold well enough, so it isn't sitting right in those- as you can see a blob of the stuff is what is holding it off the base.

I've extended the neck at the back to the head looks down more, and the rear arms and extended carpace are now glued in place. The front arms can stay off so I can paint them more easily.

I'm not sure what to do next. Possibly construct the wall, so I can begin the next couple of stealers climbing it.

More later.

17-08-2007, 13:44
Wow, that's looking fantastic. I really don't know what else to say, other than that I can't wait to see the finished project.

17-08-2007, 13:54
Hehe, I should have shown you the one with that footage and "What is Love?" by Haddaway playing...


...anyway, your diorama is looking great.


17-08-2007, 19:15
Cheers. I was considering something similar, with a soldier having one of those flesh hooks going through his chest, and his squad mates turning around to react, maybe another under attack, with geanstealers moving up the walls like my current one.

Due to my worry of not finishing it, I have a small version- the guy and stealer I am currently doing, with the officer running as he fires his laspistol.

Anyway today's update:


Sadly, the blu-tac doesn't hold well enough, so it isn't sitting right in those- as you can see a blob of the stuff is what is holding it off the base.

I've extended the neck at the back to the head looks down more, and the rear arms and extended carpace are now glued in place. The front arms can stay off so I can paint them more easily.

I'm not sure what to do next. Possibly construct the wall, so I can begin the next couple of stealers climbing it.

More later.

very, very nice.

Some guy (UK)
17-08-2007, 19:23
Cheers for your comments guys!

Found this little gem in my draw before. I bought it off ebay a couple of years ago. Shame I didn't get more whilst I could have...

I will probably use this as the centre, with a wall on the side the soldier with a shotgun is facing.

I've got a metal bit of pipe I might have exposed from the ground, with another stealer stalking along it.


I'm off to assemble some more stealers now, but I will leave you with this: I've realised that I should have went for something simpler this year, due to time etc.
However, I do plan to go to GD next year, so I want to get started on next year's entry as soon as possible. I'll hopefully post sketches later, and start work around October/November. Again it will be the diorama category.

Hint word- docks...

Some guy (UK)
19-08-2007, 14:44
Hello, its me again, and I've made a leap forward on the diorama. The building is 90% complete, and I've got two stealers decided on.

Good luck any 56k'ers out there :-P

I've spent ages racking my brains to decide which type of building spure to use. I'm limited to 30cm in any direction, so I can only get in four panels across with enough room left over to fit in the other bits I have planned.

In the end it has turned out like this. The pile of crap at the bottom, is meant to represent just that. I'm planning to cut out 90% of two floor tiles and have that lying in the pile of rubble. So it is really a taken out balcony.

The diorama will take place on the inside of the building at this current time.


The lone tile in the balcony is just to represent the final outcome.

Next post for more of this update.

Some guy (UK)
19-08-2007, 15:03
Next the stealers. I've noticed with these that unless they are on bases, they cannot stand up properly on a flat surface (at least two of the poses do this). The rear leg (the one that is stretched out and not attached to the plastic tab) hangs lower than the other, so I have to change that.

Now I could just cut away the plastic tab to direct how the leg is attached and be done with it, but then it means loads of fiddling around with matching up the sculpting. So I pinned it, and did a quick GS job to fill the gap, albeit with a little blending.


Fianlly for now, the next pose. If you look back to my uber stick man drawing, you can see one sitting atop of the building pearing down (at least I think you can). Instead, I thought lets have one hanging/bounding over the top on one hand!

Again another round of plastic surgery will be in order to extend the neck out.


Like I always say, more later...

19-08-2007, 15:16
I like your idea for the Genestealer holding the edge of the building with one claw, I always thought the critters had something monkey-like. Well of course they are created from human DNA, so...

Great progress and always looking forward to more...;)

Some guy (UK)
20-08-2007, 13:57
Small update: balcony is complete. I now just need to find something to base the whole diorama on. Would anyone with such experience please recommend something?

Parents are leaving me on my own from friday to sunday this week, so it will be a 3 day painting marathon.


Here is the building:

Gah, damn photobucket is doing maintenance on the site. You'll just have to wait.

20-08-2007, 14:16
Looking good, and very innovative. Great work.

Some guy (UK)
21-08-2007, 20:05
I'm dragging this thread back to the front page kicking and screaming, with those pictures I tried to put up yesterday.


Enjoy :)

21-08-2007, 21:16
What'd you do? Take a hammer to that?

Some guy (UK)
21-08-2007, 22:01
I wish :p

Take one pair of clippers, a knife, glue and too much time on my hands. Result that.

Gluing it was difficult as I wanted it to lean and bend into where the gaping hole is, so I needed to hold it in place till the glue took effect.

Maybe not difficult, just boring.

21-08-2007, 22:14
Maybe not difficult, just boring.

Probably, but well worth it! It looks great, as it's bended it looks more like it's been hit by an artillery shell rather than just...collapsed.

Some guy (UK)
22-08-2007, 10:50
Okay, reality just bit me in the ass. It hurt :(

I've got some feeling that on my current course, I won't finish what I have started in time- that as soon as sixth form begins I will get little oppertunity to paint at all.

So, I'm going to scale it down a fair bit, as I've got ahead of myself over what was just something to get me through the door an hour early.

At the moment, I think I'll put in the guy being jumped on by a stealer, the officer shooting, and the vet with a shotgun and his opponent.

Its fustrating, but I don't think I do it in time otherwise :(

22-08-2007, 11:26
Work on three and see how it goes, depends on your painting speed!

Some guy (UK)
24-08-2007, 20:31
Finally I'm back with an update, and I have decided to scale it down to what I said before.

You know I said about using the bandaged head on one of them? Well, I rushed it, and it turned out awful, so instead I've switched to this one. Apart from the odd touch up and the hair that needs finishing, it is all complete.


As I'm undecided on schemes for the armour/uniform, I am going to start the other two faces this weekend.

24-08-2007, 22:22
Very nice skin tone. Not too sure about the shade on the chin, it looks a bit strange. Other than that I like it a lot!

25-08-2007, 12:19
The head's looking great, and the progress I've been seeing on the diorama looks excellent :)

Some guy (UK)
03-09-2007, 15:26
Go on, you can say it once you've read this post, I'm an indecisive ass!

I decided to change my mind on the entry less than one month away. To, possbily the most difficult of categories to enter, 40k single minature. Now I'm not going for t3h w!n, but it requires less time than worrying about 10 different models and a base.

I'm just making use of the termy librarian I've got, and now I have a question:


1: those bulky lines that come out of the legs. Is it the case they are meant to be the same colour as the amour, especially in the case of a Librarian?

2) Does anyone know what these two bits of cloth are? They don't seem to be part of the cloth on the front, but I may be wrong.

Thanks for your help.

Looking forward to putting names to faces at Gamesday!

Some guy (UK)
24-09-2007, 15:21
I return.


Very briefly.

For in a few hours, I shall have a new log- better, faster, stronger, sexier (:D).

I'm going to include LOTR as well, the start of next year's GD entries, and my many hundreds of models. I will also try my hand at plasticard, so watch out for some tank love. This shall be my year of modeling!

Where will this log be? In the general logs section.

To wet your appetites, my Gamesday purchases from yesterday, which will more than likely be covered in the upcomming months:


I'll shut this log once I've opened my new shiny one.

Finally, it was great to meet some of you yesterday!

24-09-2007, 15:31
Lots of back issues! great crowd of us indeed.

Some guy (UK)
26-09-2007, 18:34
Just like to say, thanks for all the fish (your comments were pretty helpful too :p), and come and pop into my new log to see how I'm progressing!


So, I now pronounce this log closed!