View Full Version : Stunning new contract for the hatchlings!

28-06-2007, 12:32
The hatchlings and their coach Searchonomicon are proud to announce that they are now officially sponsored by Bugmans finest.
Their lust of all things alcohol related as well as their ascendancy through the ranks of the Warseer League caused the Brewery of Bugman Incorporated (BoBi) to offer them their first deal as a professional team.

The hatchlings captain: Hephestus the red is now expected to show at the promotion events of the Brewery, something he as his team have no quarrel doing.

The Crowd loves their now outfits as well and sales have gone up by as much as 45% at stadia where the Hatchlings are playing.

Bugmans Won the Hatchlings over from Bloodweiser who were also in the bidding contest for the contract.