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29-06-2007, 14:01
Right, so after secretly lurking around the forums for so long, especially some of the truly amazing blogs i though "Heck, why not" and im going to use this to spread a bit of painting love, and hopefully get some of stuff painted.

So i will set the scene, its summer, i have been out of the hobby for a good 2 years, i still have a unpainted stuff. It is time to coma back to the fold. Having just finished my exams i am looking to spend some time on something that isn't wasting my time on wild wild women.

So after many a trade, on bartertown and warseer i will be painting them all up for games in and around brentcross/enfeild/st.albans area, until i am off to you uni (hopefully).

So without further a due here is a picture of my table which i have cleared of work and now its all lovely models.


As you can see from the list i have allot to paint:

First and foremost

Wood elves. About 2,000 points worth

Grey Knights. About 1,500 at the moment - although i'm getting 5 termies, and 3 dreds done by a commission painter, here on warseer actually, you should see his blog coming up in a little while. I hope!

For the tale of (whatever it is know) painters, i have

Necrons - a few destroyers can be seen hiding under the BFSP sprue's.

Empire - Red/Blue going to look awesome even if i do say myself.

On the back burner

The dwarves - although i may be tempted..

The eldar - unless im persuaded to start by you guys.

So here are a few pics of the progress so far:

Gk's - test model for the PAGK's. - not finished but he has been painted from a sever layer of bolt gun metal. Hopefully the others will come out better


So how would you do the bases? I was thinking either snow or a white or black marble. To represent titan. Also any help on making a lightning on the Force weapons - i was going to attempt it, but i have a lack of paints at the moment.

Treeman - not finished, im going to be adding shrubbery to this guy.


If you have a really keen eye, you can make out a monolith for the tale of * painters. A little sneak peak.

Oh and the start of my first month of the tale for empire


Updates may come think and fast, or they may be slower than a snail in a blender. But we will see.

29-06-2007, 14:53
First let me say that it looks like a good start! I myself am starting to paint again and having a massive army or two to start on is a daunting task! As for your test models, they seem like a good base. On the GK, try and lighten up the metal parts. It looks like the brown ink is put on a bit heavy. Also, as for the lightning, try to use a light color on the blade and match with dark lightning; it will match the paint scheme better. As it stands, it looks a bit more marbly than lightning.

On both the GK and Empire model, avoid highlighting with pure white on the red areas. It breaks up the model's paint scheme. Try using a more "pink" color (maybe a vermillion type red) for that highlight. On the horse, I realize it's not fully done yet, but make sure to make the saddle a much lighter color to contrast with the darker skin of the horse.

I really like the colors you've done on the dryad. Good fading from dark to light. Try changing the color of the little creature on the head. Maybe something that maches the current scheme better. I think the dryad will look *excellent* with that scheme and a little shrubbery on it!

Finally, I'll take your suggestion and suggest painting the Eldar :) . As an avid Eldar player, they're sooo fun to paint! Good luck on your endeavors and can't wait to see so more painted models. Cheers!

29-06-2007, 21:57
Firstly I must say you have a good looking work station at least you have your minis organized. I like the idea of putting a towel where I assume you paint. The tree man is excellently done I really like the yellow leaves gives him a soft autumn look. Well I wish you good luck and hopefully we get too see some more WE’s soon. Again good luck :)

04-07-2007, 16:16
Right here are some updates. Here is my units for the 40k tale of ... painters. My mechanical necron force. I got inspiration from all the robots i have seen pull themselves together over the years in films etc. I think they look pretty good.

thanks for all the kind words

@freeze - yea i know white highlights are stupid, but what can you do after being out of the hobby for 2 years. Some things seem like the right idea at the time......... i actually have edited the photo above to show the changes in highlights.

I will get some eldar done for you, as you asked so kindly.

@BitsBox, yep the towel/old rag works like a charm, and i can wash my brushes on it. More WE on the way.

Sadly i am on two consecutive "lads" holidays, so yea not much painting is going to get done. Although i think the ladies dig a bit of wood elves.

First a warrior unit.


And a few close ups:




04-07-2007, 16:17
Dam image limiter!



04-07-2007, 16:18
And a destroyer unit.




04-07-2007, 16:23
and some more



I really love this unit, they look great. They took me very little time to do so double win.

Who said that necrons where boring models? They are amazing models to work with.

Any ideas for and original deceiver models, i was thinking a large goul like model leaning over some other victims (marine) that the c'tan was possessing.

04-07-2007, 18:34
I really like the metallic colors you've achieved on the Necrons, a good bit of inking perhaps? You also might want to add another highlight to the "tubing" (the non-plastic green piece tubing) on the guns. Maybe a level of Scorpian Green or something similar.

For the Deveiver, you could try the Be'la'kor model with some parts of the current deceiver added on, that might fit nicely. Then you could GS the "soul sucking" effect on the marine/victim you were speaking about.

04-07-2007, 21:12
The Necrons are great fun. The electrical wire really brought a smile to my face. :D

05-07-2007, 10:39
I really like the metallic colors you've achieved on the Necrons, a good bit of inking perhaps? You also might want to add another highlight to the "tubing" (the non-plastic green piece tubing) on the guns. Maybe a level of Scorpian Green or something similar.

Thx! and yes the guns probably do need highlight, but as i only have goblin green at the moment (severe lack of colors), and i am really not bothered to mix yet more colors. I will add it on the list of touch up.

For the Deveiver, you could try the Be'la'kor model

Interesting, i probably wont go for that but it has inspired me to use the LOTR
model the scourge of Arnor, thx for that.

The Necrons are great fun. The electrical wire really brought a smile to my face.

Its always good for the guy who (half) brought us the tale of ** painters and production lined an army of wolves, to give me a compliment.

I feel i should bow to your greatness, although i will look like an idiot doing it to a computer. Oh well i will do it anyway.

Anyway this is work in progress,

The two on the left are the work in progress. To show you the kind of progression of colors, obviously they are also the ones missing arms. They aren't great but i do have to paint like 50. Eh!


Note to self - stop painting.

@edit - secret for fast painting - "loose women" (the show - dirty minds), "neighbors" and "deal or no deal".

05-07-2007, 20:26
there looking nice, but try experimenting with afew browns and grey mixes as this will stop the dryads from looking to mono toned as not all trees are the same:p keep up the good work though looking forward to seeing them finished :)

Best regards

17-07-2007, 08:58
God, i am tired, i have flu/glandular fever, i feel like crap and this is with only one holiday gone.

BUT! i have got some speed painting done, and a unit of hand gunners has been done, i have also started on a monolith so graciously (almost) given to me by the Super Haggis. Anyway here is a picture of the gunners


BTW has anyone got any ideas for a crystal for a monolith matrix? As im really not bothered to order one from Games Workshop. I thought a real crystal, but i can seen to find one that is able to fit in their.

PMTN out

17-07-2007, 12:13
looking nice, sorry to hear your ill get better soon!!! the painting seems to be nice and smooth:) try blending the highlight on the blue more as it will look better :p for the monolith crystal just make your own and sprinkle blitter of it as i think that will look awsome :P well hope this helps.

Best regards

17-07-2007, 16:00
Handgunners look good. You might try to add a single corner highlight to the red and blue and a different color to the feathers to make them stand out a bit more though. Hope you feel better and the painting hand stays strong!

28-07-2007, 14:35
Ergh feeling better. I think it was simply the after effects of having a few to many mouth fulls of sambuca, anyway after another holiday (yeah yeah after exam blitz of lad holidays.) I am back on the painting bandwagon. (after finishing that stupid potter book.)

Here is what i have painted, a monolith. You bet people, this is probably one of the most annoying models in the world. Took me 2 clear days to assemble and paint, non stop i have painted.

A special shout out has to go to The Super Haggis, his magnificence blots out the sun. In other words he essentially sent me the monolith for cheap.

Without further a due:



Bit annoyed that its already dusty. the after effects of a light varnish....

The portal took forever to do. AND yes i know white highlights are evil, but i think they work on the tank, and works on the purple.

Obviously i still need a crystal. I still haven't found a solution to that. I have also thought about adding circuit boards to represent living metal. But i haven't decided yet.

Oh and yes this does put me 300 points ahead of this months target for the tail of 40k painters. MUWHAHAAA!

Oh and thanks again freeze for reviewing again. This unit was done again with only blood red and regal blue. So you i got fairly annoyed with highlighting, i may come back to them. But they are after all state troops.

Thx Discover and see. I think it may have been you who healed me. With your freaky commenting powers.

PMTN outty.

28-07-2007, 15:45
I really like your monolith mate.
good work!

28-07-2007, 16:38
Nice work on the 'lith. The white highlight actually works well on the tank, it adds a real 'Eavy Metal feel to the painting style. Great work! As for the crystal, if you wanted something simple to replace it with, just try getting an appropriately sized ball somewhere and have a "glowing orb" instead of a crystal, it'd give the same overall effect.

29-07-2007, 21:46
That monolith looks the buiness, although soften the highlights a bit - it looks a little too sharp at the moment. Soften up it'd look amazing.

And a little weathering on the underneath perhaps, otherwise fantastic stuff

30-07-2007, 09:28
Thanks for all the comments lads (or ladies). This is going to be my first post without a picture. Something i said i would never do. But meh it is my log i have the power!

@Freeze - thanks for that Eavy Metal feel brings a tear to my eye....Also a very good idea on the old crystal. It will also be fun to whip out a bouncy ball in the middle of a battle and wing it at my opponents models.

On the monolith, i think it is one of the better models i have done, although i do believe subtler highlights may be in order, as asmodai commented. But as i have another one of these bad boys to do, im not to fussed at the moment, as long as it is TT standard.

Anyway. As the necrons are being done for the tail, i think i should put them on hold. But i am so inspired at the moment, i have made up another sqaud and started on my lords. So yea im basically going to finish a 2,000 point army in a month. But as i have been fired, and its the holiday between school and uni, i literally have all the time in the world.

SO, the list stand at:

Necron Lord
Destroyer Lord
Ctan Deceiver
11 warriors --DONE--
11 warriors
5 Destroyers --DONE--
5 Destroyers
9 Scarabs
Monolith --DONE--

So yeah still alot left to do. But i am going mental on the painting. But as i currently have no working army. I really need to do this quickly. Hope the guys from the tail don't mind me doing an entire years work in about a month.

01-08-2007, 16:54
Here is a little update. I contemplated starting the tale of 40k painters with another army. Here is a quick test model.


Not great, but i just painted him in about 45mins, with minimal colours, and over 2 other layers of green paint. But when i get and idea in my head.....

Im also doing my lords for my necron army. I tryed a bit of Light reflections, but it looks stupid so yeah i'm not going to show them just yet.

02-08-2007, 03:19
That Monolith is beautiful! Sooooo muuuuuch puuurple! It's stunning!

And I guess everything else is good too, just overshadowed XD.

02-08-2007, 05:29
Nice log mate. Im a fan of the necrons with the wire coming out of them, very cool especially the one with the space marine helmet.

Although by far the coolest thing is the lith, the purple looks stunning and the portal is very very nice, i didnt even realise that the crystal was missing till i read the post i was so entranced by the beauty of it!

Keep up the good work.

02-08-2007, 10:50
the monolith is really good nice highlights! good choice of colour top job.

Best regards

02-08-2007, 12:31
Seeing as you guys love purple so much, i have continued with it on my other models, and i realise it is the one true colour i know how to do well, and that i have enough paints to do properly.

Anyway. I haven't done the crystal yet, but it looks like its going to be a bouncy ball, probably dark green, with electricity. So it should be cool...

Anyway here is an update, took me a few hours to get him right. I even sealed him in a varnish as i love him, he is supposed to be me on the battlefield is he not? i painted him on a drunk paint session so he didn't turn out to bad. I have another lord in the works today, should be interesting.....trying to do some light reflections, its not really working though at the moment.



02-08-2007, 12:39
looking realy nice there, the metalics are done really well, purple is looking really good as well, i like the orb looks different to other peoples and works well with the model! :D

Best regards

02-08-2007, 15:39
yep very nice work there mate, and you were drunk? very nice ( i just tend to glue myself together when trying to model and paint while pissed)

Im loving the bases that all the destroyers are on very very atmospheric and yeah keep the purple coming as it looks great.

02-08-2007, 16:33
Looking good there man. I need to get started on my update for August for the ToP.

04-08-2007, 20:20
To- reviewers Thanks for the compliments lads, although i do admit i was only slighlty drunk when he was done, and i did touch him up. I think the metallics turned out alright as well, make me warm and fuzzy hearing that.

I am still trying to get a paint scheme to gther for the eldar. Hmm i have to get stuck into my empire and WE's as well. Screw it more NECRONS!

He ain't finished more a WIP until i find out how to paint properly.



Anyway as i said a WIP, so don't hurt me to bad.

05-08-2007, 02:59
Wow, this stuff looks great. My favorite is the monolith, amazing paint job on that beauty, bravo.

07-08-2007, 17:13
Hmm there seems to be alot of love for the 'lith.

I do have another one to do. But i may have to kill myself due to the immense task it is. My necrons are coming along, the next squad of warriors is almost done.

Now that my eldar have been accepted for the Tale of 40k Painters. On top of my Necron army. So i have to get painting. First up will probably be a farseer and some warlocks.

I am considering buying a eldar titan, I have always had a hankering for one and this is probably going to be one of my few opportunities, as i am probably going to move more into fantasy soon. Also with apocalypse coming around the corner.

Has anyone any previous experience with epicast, or whatever they are made out of. Also where are the rules? Which IA are they in?

Thanks for the comments they really to spur you on to paint more.

09-08-2007, 07:13
wow the purple on the crons is ace
the monolith kicks ass

nice work

18-08-2007, 11:59
Ahh I am back. Since i have to get 200 (or is it 400?) done for my eldar this month I have been painting a fair bit and yet i still have much to do.

A new test model for my eldar has been done. Not bad considering the dodge strip job I gave him. Excuse the crap photos...



The red looks far better than the pictures show. It took me a while to get the blend right. But as I now have scab red and blood red, it takes me alot less time.

Next is the rest of the retinue and some wraithgaurd. Which I am contemplating trying a bit of SENMM on the heads atleast, anybody have any good tutorials on that?

Also any info on a eldar titan would help alot. See above post.

01-09-2007, 14:55
Some additions to my eldar:


After the incursion of the Tyranid fleet (codenamed Hive fleet Kraken) the Craft world of Menasha Ajax was left realing. Its aspect temples devastated by the mighty strength of the Hive fleet. Indeed, the craft world itself was lost as the aspects desperately attempted to defend the last remnants of a dieing civilization.

The sacrifice of the majority of the craft world warriors, and indeed the majority of the population, a large group of civilians lead by the inspirational and powerful leader Telmanar Sotek fled the incursion, managing to escape through a warp gate that had escaped the psychic blackout of the tyranids.

Now the remnants of the craft world must rely on the trained civilians to lead the charge in battle against its enemies, and the aspect temple must be rebuilt. But who can stand against the mighty power of Sotek and the mysterious Mauguan Ra? Who’s presence has often been felt on the battle field where the fighting is the thickest.




Note to self. Get more Necrons done. I need at least 1500 points in a months time.

01-09-2007, 22:54
Awesome work

what necrons are up to be painted next

02-09-2007, 14:14
Very nice work, PMTN. You're managing to make Necrons genuinely interesting, and the Eldar are really nicely done. The red looks particularly great, and I like your stark highlights - they really make the models jump out.

02-09-2007, 20:25
Very nice work, PMTN. You're managing to make Necrons genuinely interesting, and the Eldar are really nicely done. The red looks particularly great, and I like your stark highlights - they really make the models jump out.

Thanks, that means alot, especially considering I am loving drooling over your nids. Would love/hate to see that hoard of rapid moving lovelies coming over the field at me.

Awesome work

what necrons are up to be painted next

Cheers! Next on the list of Necrons

- Scarabs, comical scarabs mind. I am stilling toying with how to model a space marine being buried by some scarabs.
- Warriors YAWN, but still fun to make when I am sticking legs in arm slots.
- Another 'lith, probably battle damages this time. But I have run out of purple paint.
- 8 immortals, I have no idea how to convert them however.
- c'tan deceiver. My first go was an appalling job. So it looks like it is back to the drawing board. I am thinking a forge world avatar and use him as a c'tan and his original conception as an actual avatar.

So lots still to do. I have a month until I am off to uni, so if i have 1 army fully done i should be able to keep up with the other two armies I am committed to, and actually have a fully working army.