View Full Version : *sigh* travelling

29-06-2007, 23:01
lo guys,

my boss announced today that its time i started training for sth, so next wk on wednesday im travelling...

ill have net access where im going, and 1 day off a week for 2 months... im hoping to be able to play BB but not getting my hopes up...

anyway, just keeping u upto date, and hope things get sorted swiftly... im due back 25th august, n should be able to resume playing in september

29-06-2007, 23:10
This makes me a sad panda. The league needs your elves! We'll have to see how this pans out in terms of getting games in, since its harsh to expect you to play in the little free time it sounds like you will be getting.

30-06-2007, 18:23
well, good news, my trip got postponed, and im leaving on the 15th... i think, still due back the 25th Aug...

so hopefully i can get in another 2 matches for each tourney :)

15-07-2007, 20:03
well, good news, my business trip got postponed yet again, so i'm around...

but i've decided to take a breather, so i've asked Jahorin to replace me in the main league, south division... his team will have a couple of 'lower TR' games that i had coming up, and will help build up a good potential team for the future...

in the meantime, i have to hunt down some stunty teams for the open round robin :)

anyway, still around, it looks as if our clients are afraid of my DP skill :)