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02-07-2007, 17:15
Rules used

All experimental rules
- Landers cannot contest conditions on turn they land
Tyranid v8.1
Dark Eldar (latest)

Dark Eldar Raiding Party

Kabal Syndicate
- 6 Warriors
- 3 Raiders
Kabal Syndicate 2 BTS
- 8 Warriors
+ 2 Barge of Pleasures
+ Archon
Kabal Flotilla
- 4 Raiders
+ Vessel of Pain

Heavy Barges
- 2 Vessels of Pain
- 4 Talos

Fighter Formation
- 2 Ravens
Tormentor Titan


Tyranid Attack Group

Vituperator with 4 Termagants, 4 Hormagaunts and 6 Gargoyles
Nexus: Hive Tyrant and 2 Tyranid Warriors with Termagant and 4 Raveners
Attack: Hive Tyrant with 3 Malefactors, 2 Carnifexes and 4 Gargoyles
Support 1: Hive Tyrant with 4 Dactylis and a Gargoyle
Support 2: 3 Tyranid Warriors with 6 Biovore and a Gargoyle
Assault: 3 Tyranid Warriors with 8 Termagants, 6 Hormagaunts, 2 Raveners and 2 Gargoyles
7 Genestealers with Broodlord
Meiotic Spores
4 Mycetic Spores

Synapse: 975 (32.55%)
Independent: 375 (12.52%)
Common Brood: 875 (29.22%)
Uncommon Brood: 770 (25.71%)
BTS is 7 Synapses killed


02-07-2007, 17:18

The Blitz on Dark Eldar end is put into west behind a hill. One of the Take and Hold objectives is put into building near centre and second to open area between two building in east. Tyranids deploy their blitz into centre behind a Gargant yard. One secondary objectives is put 30cm north of it. Second is little over 30cm to east from first.

Tyranids garrison Biovores in overwatch between the two objective behind a forest. Also the Genestealers are garrisoned from blitz to take control of the Gargant yard.

Dark Eldar deploy Vessels of Pain in east near some ruins. Then come Flotilla behind a hill. Near centre is Tormentor titan in an open ground. Behind a forest next are Syndicate. Then comes the Syndicate 2 in Barges of Pleasere controlling the eastern flank.

Tyranids deploy Vituperators swarm in west behind a bunker pair. Next is Dactylises behind the Gargant yard and Meiotic Spores go into a semi circle in front of them. Next is Attack swarm near forest just east of the Meiotic Spores. Last is Assault in far east partially hidden within forest.

03-07-2007, 17:11
Turn 1 "First Blood"

Initiative: Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar wish to reacting so Tyranids go first. And in the east, the nids oblige by marching the assault swarm to a hill.

Dark Eldar respond with air power and the Ravens are ordered to ground attack. They come in from centre-west and move towards the Biovore swarm in the centre. Weapons blazing they attack but the effect is merely a light show as all shots miss.

In centre the Genestealers are ordered to move out and they march just behind a hill in west. This however doesn't prove to be very protective as a nearby Flotilla doubles to hill as well and fires at the Genestealers. 3 units is blasted apart causing 'stealers to lose contact to hive mind and then the Dark Eldar craft fall back outside of Dactylises range.

Remembering that Tyranids have a buffer activation the Meiotic Spore Clouds just hold bobbing about mindlessly and not moving.

The Dark Eldar then attack boldly by moving the Syndicate ahead on double and firing into the Assault swarm. 2 Termagant units are gunned down. In response the Biovores open up on sustain and manage to cause 2BM. This causes the Syndicate 2 to engage the Assault swarm. They attack one end of the swarm managing to get only about 8 units within fire fight range. Tyranids hit well causing 1 damage to both Barge of Pleasures. However Dark Eldar don't do badly either and kill all targets within range. Then supporting the Syndicate fires more slaughtering more nids. End result is very much against Tyranids and only ones surviving the slaughter are two fearless Tyranid Warrior units which fall back towards the objective.

Attack swarm is then ordered to move to eastern side in order to bolster it as Assault was wiped out. They try to hide behind a building from the titan. However the Tormentor moves to east on advance and manages to get some within sight. Couple of laser shots later Carnifex and Malfactor are killed with extreme prejudice.

Dactylises are frustrated as nothing important is within range and sustain at the Syndicate. The effect is very high as two of the three Raiders are wrecked killing 4 units of Warriors on board. The last Raider breaks and falls back behind a building in Dark Eldar end. Then it's the Slavebringer which moves in from east and air assaults the two surviving Tyranid Warriors of Assault swarm. Taloses are dropped and they make brutal work of the Tyranids. Both units are killed without losses to the Dark Eldar.

In west the Vituperator ponders on what to do and decides to move ahead on double. It gets behind the same hill as the Genestealers and disgorges all the transported forces within on the hill. Vessels of Pain react by advancing and targeting the Vituperators formation. 3 Termagants and 3 Hormagaunt units are killed and Vituperator loses 2 DC.

End Phase

Planes leave taking 1 BM with them.

All Dark Eldar rally.

Nexus (<30cm, spore) spawns Malefactor, Ravener and 2 Termagants. Attack (<30cm) spawns Carnifex and Termagant. Biovores swarm (<30cm) spawns a single Termagant. Dactylis swarm (>30cm) spawns 2 Termagants and 2 Gargoyles. Vituperator (<30cm) spawns 2 Termagants. Vituperator fails to regenerate.

Dark Eldar counter attack as Tyranids swarm over the hill in west.

03-07-2007, 17:12
Turn 2 "Assaults All Around"

Initiative: Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar seize the initiative and in west the Vessels of Pain advance flaking the Tyranids. Vituperator is the target again and Dark Eldar crew do their work efficiently felling the huge Tyranids monster in addition to killing Termagant and Hormagaunt units. Retaining the Flotilla sustain, but they manage to kill very few nids and only Termagant and 2 Ravener stands are killed.

Then it's Tyranids and in the east Attack swarm is ordered around and engage the nearby Talos. Both sides score several hits, but with good saves, neither loses a single unit. Tyranids win the resolution, but fearless Talos just move ahead a bit. Then the Syndicate 2 advances a bit ahead and fires into the Attack swarm, killing Gargoyle and Termagant units. Retaining the Tormentor engages the Attack swarm into fire fight with support from the Syndicate 2. Death toll is Carnifex, Malefactor and Gargoyle and the Tyranids are forced pull out in front of the forest, while the titan moves laterally keeping them in sight.

The Biovores are next and they sustain targeting the Syndicate 2. They manage to hit once which the Barge of Pleasure doesn't save and one loses another DC. Dark Eldar commander orders the Slavebringer to attack, but that doesn't happen. The craft has gotten some hits from bioacid near the engines and is being repaired. Instead of air support for the Dark Eldar, the Dactylis sustain and target the Barges. The one that was damage is destroyed killing 3 Warrior units on board while one survives.

Ravens are called next and they target the Hive Tyrant, which isn't protected in rear. One of the shots hit, but Tyrant saves.

In west the Vituperators swarm is next and they double moving out to support fire positions.

The lone Raider with Warriors of Syndicate marshall in Dark Eldar end and moves towards west.

Then the Nexus swarm engage the Vessels of Pain. They shuffle about to bring them all into fire fight range and blast away. The battle goes for two rounds. In the end the Tyranids lose 4 Raveners, 2 Gargoyles and Malfactor while Vessels lose all fields and 2 damage is caused to one of the ships. However Tyranids lose and Nexus swarm surviving synapse move behind the Vituperators swarms remains.

End Phase

The Ravens move out without problems.

Syndicate 2 rallies with Supreme Commander, while Talos fail. Rest rally normally.

Attack (<30cm, mindless) fails to spawn. Nexus (<30cm, mindless, spore) spawns 4 Termagants. Biovore swarm (<30cm, spore) spawns Gargoyle. Dactylis (<30cm) spawns Gargoyle and Termagant.

The Attack and Biovore swarms are being surrounded by the Dark Eldar.

03-07-2007, 17:13
Turn 3 "End Game"

Nexus swarm takes control of the Vituperators swarms remains.

Initiative: Dark Eldar

Once more the Eldar goes first. They start with engage from the Syndicate 2 against the Attack Swarm with support from the Tormentor. They move towards the Tyranids and spread out from the Barge of Pleasure. However the saves of the Tyranids are too good and none of the hits penetrate. In return the Dark Eldar lose the Barge and two warriors and break fleeing towards the Dark Eldar end. Attack swarm consolidates into forest. Muttering darkly the Dark Eldar retain with the titan and engage the Biovores. The Tormentor goes into the swarm taking 8 units into close combat. However this time the dice is still against the attacker and 3 saves with 5+ and one with 6+ is made saving all but two TK hits. In return the titan suffers 3 points of damage and all shadowfields are stripped by supporting Attack swarm. This amount of damage is too much and the titan loses breaking as well fleeing towards the Dark Eldar end.

Suddenly the Tyranids are back into the game. First the Dactylises sustain targeting the two Vessels of Pain. Both centres are on DE craft and the second one takes 1 damage and is destroyed. This is enough to break the second as it took disrupting hit as well. Retaining the Nexus swarm engages the Flotilla into fire fight. Tyranids get all within range and blast away. Once more the Tyranids save 2 hits from 5 (with 5+ and 6+) while Eldar evil cousins lose 2 Raiders and 1 DC on Vessel of Pain. The resolution is on the side of Tyranids (+3) and the rest end up wiped away leaving the Nexus swarm sole survivors. They consolidate ahead a bit.

Dark Eldar day isn't getting better as Slavebringer informs that the engines power coils are damaged by bioacid and they cannot lift off yet. They stand down.

This causes Biovores to sustain at the last remnants of the Syndicate 2. The spores hit accurately for once and all the units are wiped out by BMs. The Syndicate then engages the Genestealers hiding within a building into a fire fight. The Dark Eldar showing their poor luck end up missing all shots. However it's a draw. Second round and one Genestealer unit is killed and another draw is rolled. Third round and the Broodlord is shot down and the last two Genestealers are killed by the resolution.

In Tyranid end the Meiotic Spore hold. This causes the last activation for the Dark Eldar to be done by the Ravens and they swoop out to fire at the Biovores. However only one hit is caused and that is saved by the invulnerable Tyranid beasts ...

Then the Attack swarm marches towards the Syndicate and the blitz.

End Phase

We end up not rolling the spawning and the rallies. The Tyranids win at least 2 - 1 with "Break Their Spirit" and "Defend The Flag". Potentially, if Dark Eldar fails to rally, Tyranids also would get "They Shall Not Pass". Dark Eldar had "Break Their Spirit".

03-07-2007, 20:20
Wow the Tyranids pulled it out in the end turning the game on its head pussing the Dark Eldar from the field. Another great Batrep Hena.

P.S. If you would like someone to look over/edit your Batreps I am willing to help you out (word doc probably best if you do).

03-07-2007, 20:54
This one was written rather fast. One evening instead of the usual two to four. So the textual quality might suffer a bit :D. I wanted to post this to TacCom before being off from comp over the last weekend.