View Full Version : Vets warhammer world trip 23/8

17-08-2005, 00:28
So, who is all going to the vets warhammer world trip on tuesday the 23rd of this month?

Primarily aimed at the scottish people who are going on the bus from glasgow and edinbrugh, but the londoners are more than welcome to reply :)

Insane Psychopath
19-08-2005, 16:13
I'll not be attending due to I've just came back from the UK Grand Tournament & I do not like going on yet another 8 hour bus down & then 8 hour back up. Also lack on money & just fact I hate small games (it 750 doubles), need to be big 1500pts to get a game against me.

Any way to those going good luck & looking forward to seeing a report.


19-08-2005, 23:07
Im teaming up with a Biel-tan eldar army, I have no idea of whats in it and I plan to use Ulthwe Strike Force. So I can see this going rather pear shaped.