View Full Version : >300 point ogre warband? is an effective one possible?

05-07-2007, 05:39
hello, I'm just getting introduced to fantasy Ive been playing 40k. A bunch of my friends are making small point games (no more than 300) and i was wondering if an effective ogre warband can be made. mostly I will be playing 2 sets of dark elves, wood elves, and a set of dwarfs. my first draft consists of 3 bulls with ironfists, 3 ironguts, and 18 gnoblars for my meat sheild. any and all help would be great thanks.

05-07-2007, 09:04
An effective ogre warband doesn't generally happen, too few units to be strategic. You'll get eaten by the dark elves if he takes shooting (which he should as iirc in warbands everyone skirmishes?) and you won't ever get bull charge. IF you're using normal rules but just at absurdly low points you might have a chance. Lose the ironguts and spam gnoblars, really. In low points, gnoblars are the only thing with a rank bonus and that wins fights. Take two units of 30 at least. Elves won't have enough ranks in 300 points. Dwarfs might but you get a whole lot of shooting with sharp stuff to consider.

06-07-2007, 22:23
thank you but just starting i don't wanna spend 90 bucks on 40 more gnoblars. :cries:

07-07-2007, 06:53
Any way, arn't gnoblars a minimum unit size of 20? So 18 wouldn't be legal.

07-07-2007, 09:24
Its Warbands, thus, its 25x20 mm bases (I believe?) are minimum 3 models per squad. Cavalry is minimum 2, and Ogres are 1. (Kill me if I'm wrong).

09-07-2007, 15:36
@Fideru: Your right, but it's based on base size.

They can be very effective, i currently use 4 ogre bulls, 2 iron guts and 2 units of 15 gnoblars in >300 points, the gnoblars are good one turn tar-pits to get off flank charges and iron guts eat most unit champions (commander's) alive.

Edit: corrected some punctuation, and added that the force i described can be made from one box of bulls and the extra gnoblars can be gained from the ones on the bulls sprue's. It works for me at least.

10-07-2007, 10:12
i trust the bulls are in 2 separate units because you need 1 unit of bulls per unit of gnoblars.

10-07-2007, 15:00
Because you're just getting introduced to fantasy, I'm going to let you know (just in case you don't) that armies don't start balancing out in power until 2,000 points.

Good luck with your fights!

11-07-2007, 07:10
@Psychomonkey: Sometimes, As you only need three to get the unit champion, I tend to deploy one as an individual far down a flank, march him for two or three turns the run him at the back of hopefully thinned down units (His Bull charge always wounds, no matter what it hit's :))
Either that or my opponents use more points than he's worth to try and deal with him early on.