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05-07-2007, 12:35
Ok, im kind of making rules for chaos cults at the moment in necromunda and wondering, is it worth making the rules, do people still want to use them? I remeber a few years back they had a bit of popularity round my area(SW cornwall,UK) but i don't know about the rest of the world at all.

Is it worth making rules for cc with the intention of sending them to SG to be officialafied?

05-07-2007, 14:09
To be honest, the old Cult rules were a little overpowered. Most folk stick with Redemptionists or Scavvies to count as Cults.

Damien 1427
05-07-2007, 19:46
The old Cult rules were horrendous. I have them in a drawer somewhere and they were essentially Redemptionists with more advantages tacked on. Every attempt since has been a variation of that theme.

If you want an actual cult, I'd invest in a regular gang and just theme them. Maybe throw in Wyrd or two.

05-07-2007, 21:52
I would be interested in seeing new rules for a Chaos cult actually.

The old rules were in indeed hideous (and complicated). As Damien says, most new versions are similar attempts that are also hideously complicated and cheesy.

I think my main gripe with most Chaos Cult lists is that they invariably try and include options for every Chaos power and for every aspect of Chaos (sorcery, cheap troops, elite troops, big gangs, mutations, aliens, deamons, etc). To my mind, that is what makes most Chaos lists (even the 40k ones) so powerful; that much variation is bound to create loopholes that lead to cheese.

I would use the Scavvies or Redemptionists as proxies, and maybe start with those as a base if you want to write your own lists. Remember though that you need to change elements of the lists, not just add to them, and the current Redemptionist list is still pretty unbalanced. Above all keep it simple and avoid lots of new rules.

06-07-2007, 20:29
Thats pretty much what im doing. I dont have the old chaos rules for cultists and have seen some pretty odd ones on the net (CSM and beastmen in necromunda?) im kind of starting with the basis of redemptionists (without the rules that people see as easily abusable i.e. the income rolls and the free people) and building them into a more what i believe would be a necromunda force. I see them as having possibly a few mutants and if they are lucky and a strong gang a demon in tow.

I am one who understands the general hatred of the long rules that can pervade these type of lists(one list i just read had about 3 pages just for demon rules!). As such I will attempt to keep it simple!

As for the whole different marks/dedications etc that would come after the initial list has been proved to have worked unless there was a great demand for it. No point in trying to run a marathon when you are jade goody after all.:)

10-07-2007, 14:13
Around my area we have two chaos cults playing, and both use the rules for "unknown warriors", and they work absolutely fine. Just come up with fluffy explanations for stuff and you're fine.

(For example, my Nurgle Gang have a lot of grapplers, filter plugs and the like, not because they are wearing such stuff, but instead having claws, no noses, tentacles and the like, because of the fact that they are...you know, Nurgle.)

10-07-2007, 20:44
I would love to see new Chaos Cult rules. Personally i would like to see a liitle choice in the leaders advancements. Like 5 seperate skill tables 4 god specific and 1 undivided. Allowing the leader a roll on his powers table if he rolls 2 or 12 on the advancement table. Also if your interested in using daemons there are rules for them in the chaos gate campaign on the specialist games website.

11-07-2007, 00:14
wait how can a chaos cult have the heavy hitters and the big bang stuff it's just a cult as in pathetic humans and mutants

personally i see a chaos cult as the disposeable wannabe's of the chaos gods, lackeys, toadies you know bootlicks
anyway only humans and a few mutants offcourse they should be able to get mutations later on like chaos gifts and stuff like that but nothing huge

they should never be comparable to CSM ever

24-07-2007, 00:50
I actually have a beastman gang Made. Of course, I have gotten very lazy and only have like 4 or so of them painted but the new plastic beastmen make for great gangers. My thought was to just use the make your own gang rules for thier rules. Actually, I posted about them a while back in here.
Sorry, never could get the buggers photoed good. I have that trouble with most of my models as I use a heavy gloss and it seems that even putting the "dulling spray" on them has not helped with it.