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The Laughing God
06-07-2007, 20:56
I have seen AI for a while and want to play but kept my money for my nid project but now that I have more thought, I should try something new.

I know that AI is a small skirmish game, and I want to try eldar, Is there any planes that I should get first or anything?

And can someone give me a rundown on there strengths and weaknesses?


-The Laughing God-

06-07-2007, 21:43
Eldar aren't too bad since being the most expensive point-wise, you don't need as many models; I just got a pretty good sized force myself. For real basic games you can probably start with 2, maybe 3 packs of Nightwings (for a total of 4-6 fighters) and a Vampire Raider for ground attack/troop landing scenarios and be good for a while there, and add in the other types of craft and Firestorms for ground AA as you like. Just be careful if like me you've never screwed with resin before, since these things are kinda fragile.

In-game Eldar are pretty strong individually, hence the high point cost. They have the highest manueverability in the game overall, the highest base pilot skill, and a decent mix of weapons. Not to mention a holofield save. Their main difficulty I see with Eldar is inevitably being outnumbered due to the aforementioned point costs, which means the enemy is quite likely to be able to swarm your super-ships with lower cost fighters and get some to tailing position, whereupon they can concentrate enough firepower to send your awesome planes into the ground. Every loss you get is going to hurt you more VP-wise, so be sure to use that awesome flight ability to take the fight on your terms. Overall they seem very fun, and in my somewhat biased opinion have the prettiest models in the game :D.

The Laughing God
07-07-2007, 20:16
Thanks MDM,

Hmm if they are a lot of points does that mean less ships? Which would help me out money wise:D

08-07-2007, 17:25
Thanks MDM,

Hmm if they are a lot of points does that mean less ships? Which would help me out money wise:D

Yep, that's the case; they're about 2X the cost of most other race ships of the same type, varrying a bit (Chaos and Orks as the "horde" air forces are like 12-16 points vs. a little under 30 for a Nightwing). To give you an idea on points, the one provided scenario in AI that had an Eldar force was 4 Nightwings and 2 Vampire Raiders vs. 7 Chaos fighters and 2 Chaos bombers. And thankfully the higher point cost doesn't translate into higher $ cost, they are about the same price as all the other models.

08-07-2007, 18:13
If money is a problem you can even use the slightly cheaper and smaller Epic metal Eldar models!
They have sufficient range to cover the current FW types of Eldar planes!

I know several people currently using exactly that to compete without too much expense.


09-07-2007, 01:58
You dont exactly need much for an Eldar force. Two packs of Nightwings will set you up for a while, for the basic dogfights etc. You can go for a bomber/troop carrier too if you want. Your opponent shouldnt mind if you use the Vampire as either of the variants.

From the perspective of someone playing against Eldar with Imperials, they are very frustrating. For only a few more points, the basic fighters have significant higher maneuverability, a holofield save, and decent close-range fire. In the hands of an adept player they are absolutely brutal. You would have more luck against them if you outnumbered more than Imperials do, I think.

And even though they are expensive, in some scenarios they will outnumber Imperials (Bombing mission etc), in which case they are VERY hard to beat.

However, due to their relatively high points cost and eliteness, losing planes hurts a lot more for them. And being AI, this can happen very easily with a lucky/unlucky roll of the dice (or the holofields can make them nigh invincible. Ive seen both extremes happen).

09-07-2007, 18:17
If you're not playing the scenarios (some of which have limitations on the types of aircraft allowed) I'd highly recommend the Vampire Hunter (or the Raider if you need the option of troop transport, or tend to only get to shoot at long range) - points wise it's the cheapest Eldar aircraft, but it packs a massive punch and is more resilient than the fighters. It doesn't have access to the 2 Very High cards, but other than is much more points effective than the fighters. In a 100pts game, for instance, you could field just 3 fighters and have enough points left for a Firestorm - or you could field 4 Vampires (with the equivalent of 8 fighters in Hit points!), and still take that Firestorm too :p